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Are You A Furniture Or Technology Retailer?

7/10/2024, Furniture World Magazine

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, retail technology integration is not just an advantage but a necessity for every furniture operation.

What You Need To Know About EV Delivery Trucks

7/10/2024, Furniture World Magazine

Switching to EVs can be a smart solution. However, costs, incentives, timelines and other factors can complicate purchase decisions.

Published 2004 - 2024

Facilities Management: AI Boosts Efficiency—Part 1  - 7/10/2024

Smart building systems cut costs and help achieve sustainability goals.  

Hiring Hack: Recruit And Hire Better People In 2024  - 7/10/2024

O’Malley suggests creative ways and new tools to fill your next open.  

Reverse Logistics: A Strategic Retail Approach  - 7/10/2024

Reverse logistics is undeniably complex, yet it allows retailers to differentiate themselves through strategic operations and exceptional service.  

Metrics: Look Forward To Improve Performance!  - 6/9/2024

Focusing only on what already happened will have the unfortunate effect of making your business more reliant on economic factors beyond your control.  

Retail Success: Viridien is Hyper-focused on Outdoor  - 6/9/2024

Viridien’s Grant Henegan grows his slice of the outdoor category by maintaining a very high level of service and expertise.  

Retail Success: Chair King® Backyard Store  - 6/9/2024

With 53 Chair King® Backyard Store and Fortunoff® Backyard Store locations, the company’s next generation has plans to keep growing.  

Five Steps To Better Negotiating  - 6/9/2024

Lorri Kelley presents negotiating techniques guaranteed to help you get what you want more often.  

Sales Pipeline Management  - 3/18/2024

Traditional Up systems need to co-exist with innovative selling pipeline systems and processes.  

Retail Success: Old Brick Furniture  - 3/18/2024

Old Brick’s CEO, Michael Fiacco, doesn’t have sales events. His sales associates aren’t commissioned and he hires additional repair techs by reducing his ad spend.  

Retain or Retrain?  - 3/18/2024

Twelve ways to create a retail workplace environment where talented people want to work, that discourages turnover and that enhances bottom line results.  

HFA Reports: The Hidden Benefits Of Retailer Advocacy  - 1/8/2024

Joining forces in large or small ways with other retailers can have a big impact. Your advocacy can start in small ways by voicing support for industry-related bills, writing letters to legislators or engaging on social media platforms.  

Predictions & Insights: What’s in Store for 2024?  - 12/28/2023

Retailers will encounter useful opportunities and more than a few challenges in 2024. Here are some insights into what may be in store.  

Top 12 Retail Metrics 2024  - 12/28/2023

Twelve ways to prepare to maximize profitability and market share acquisition. 2024 will generate pent-up demand and be a time of opportunity.  

Better Bedding & Mattress Sales: If I Had a $1,000,000  - 12/28/2023

Can you guess who might buy you furniture for your house, maybe a nice Chesterfield or an ottoman? What if you really wanted to get a mattress store?  

When OSHA Calls  - 12/28/2023

OSHA’s new National Emphasis Program will likely increase warehouse oversight for furniture retailers in 2024. Here’s what you need to know.  

Editor’s Corner  - 12/28/2023

Forewarned and Forearmed. Planning for success in 2024.  

Appointment Power  - 11/30/2023

Scheduling appointments in advance with shoppers at multiple points throughout the sales process has proven to substantially increase close rates.  

HFA Reports: Retailers Speak about CSR  - 11/30/2023

Room & Board and Ashley Stores of Central Nebraska discuss the strategic significance of Corporate Social Responsibility reporting for home furnishings retailers.  

Not All Doom & Gloom  - 9/16/2023

News flash! Some furniture retailers continue to report increases in sales and profitability. Here’s how the best in our industry get above-average results.  

Hard Knocks Retail  - 9/16/2023

Your retail team doesn’t play in a helmet, but they can still play like winners if you follow the advice offered on HBO’s Hard Knocks Training Camp.  

Store Refresh On A Budget  - 7/1/2023

Nine low-cost, effective ways to spruce up your store.  

Traffic & Ways To Get More  - 7/1/2023

Seven traffic sources and 10 ways to boost your traffic numbers.  

Hiring Tips And Hacks  - 7/1/2023

Finding and hiring team members is a challenge. Here are ways to cope.  

Mastering Sales Follow-up  - 7/1/2023

Bill Kretz, Director of Sales of Hometrends; Matt Pridemore, Sales Trainer for HFA Sales Academy and owner of Badcock Home Furniture &More Stores; and Marc Evans, COO of Evans Furniture talk about proven strategies.  

13 Ways to Make the Most of Your Retail Traffic  - 6/1/2023

Working to improve the Sales Per Guest metric is one of the most important things a retailer can do right now to dramatically improve sales performance.  

Atlanta Casual Show Debut  - 6/1/2023

A new home for 130 outdoor furniture exhibitors will greet retailers at AmericasMart in July. Interview with ICFA’s Jackie Hirshhaut.  

Editor’s Corner: Matchmaker, Matchmaker  - 6/1/2023

Our industry could use the help of Al Roth, the Stamford Professor of economics and 2012 Nobel Prize winner, to help us match hiring needs with qualified candidates.  

Time to Refocus on GMROI  - 3/27/2023

Now is the time for furniture retailers to get back to monitoring and improving GMROI, a master measure of retail productivity, in an organization wide way.  

Store Refresh On a Budget  - 3/27/2023

Here are the first 6 of 16 low-cost, effective ways to spruce up your store if you are not yet ready to do a major showroom renovation.  

Warehouse Operations Tools & Tips  - 3/27/2023

Many retailers need to focus more on managing their warehouse cube. That requires identifying and updating poor performing systems. Many cost-saving fixes are low-cost or no-cost.  

HFA Reports: Hiring  - 3/27/2023

HFA-Member retailers explain how to modernize strategies to hire faster, better and reduce turnover.  

Retail Guest Productivity Metrics  - 12/30/2022

To compensate for the impact of declining traffic, retailers should consider using guest productivity metrics.  

Predictions & Insights: What’s in Store For 2023?  - 12/30/2022

Tom Liddell talks about credit lines, inventory reduction, bank covenants, manufacturer discounts, inflation, new competition worries and much more.  

Retail Real Estate Options for 2023  - 12/30/2022

As the cost of buying, owning and operating stores increases in 2023 there are still opportunities for retailers to create wealth.  

HFA Reports: Employee Engagement  - 12/30/2022

HFA members El Dorado Furniture and Badcock &more weigh in on strategies to keep top performers engaged and happy. ​  

Government Advocacy  - 12/30/2022

HFA’s government advocacy programs: looking forward to 2023.  

Retail Metrics: Cash Crunch 2023?  - 12/4/2022

David McMahon explains why, given current and expected business conditions, nothing is more important for retailers than understanding, measuring and preserving cash.  

HFA Reports: The Right Employee Compensation Strategy  - 12/4/2022

Ideas from the Home Furnishings Association to help retailers stay competitive and increase productivity​.  

Recession Planning  - 10/2/2022

Eight important strategies for maximizing profits during downturns.  

Retail Success: American Factory Direct Furniture  - 9/30/2022

In five short years, the Comeaux family has grown AFD from an idea to five store locations serving customers in Louisiana and Mississippi.  

In-Store Design Center Ideas- Part 2  - 9/29/2022

Now that you’ve decided where to position your design center and target it to meet the needs of specific customers types, it’s time to decide what to put in it.  

HFA Reports: Lessons From the Road  - 9/29/2022

The inventory shuffle & October Market.  

HFA Reports: Retail Benefit Plans  - 9/29/2022

Adapting to four generations in the retail workplace.  

Editor's Corner  - 7/14/2022

Changing times: terriers and weasels.  

In-Store Design Center Trends  - 7/13/2022

How to make design centers a bigger part of any in-store shopping experience and further differentiate your retail operation.  

How to Bring in More Traffic & Avoid Sales Slowdowns  - 7/13/2022

There are seven sources of retail traffic, but only four of them are pillars of traffic that can be managed to get positive sales results over short time frames.  

HFA Reports: The Sturdy Act  - 7/13/2022

One step closer to full senate consideration.  

HFA Reports  - 7/13/2022

Crafting the right benefits packages is good for business.  

Retail Automation - Part 2  - 5/15/2022

Whatever your business model, automation is needed to accomplish more with less time and allow your precious human talent to focus on what they do best.  

HFA Reports: Perspectives at HFA  - 5/15/2022

Building a retail culture of accountability and performance  

Re-Recruiting Works  - 5/14/2022

Consider the benefits of scheduling bite-sized meetings with employees. The value of these ‘stay’ or re-recruiting talks can be huge.  

HFA Reports: Talent Acquisition  - 3/21/2022

Nine important considerations for designing retail talent acquisition strategies.  

Different Perspectives at HFA  - 3/21/2022

Joining HFAs executive committee are RandiLynn Talsma, Salvador Llanos, Jared Simon and Eric Easter.  

Retail Automation  - 3/13/2022

Whatever your business model, automation is needed to accomplish more with less time and allow your precious human talent to focus on what they do best.  

Common Sense Approaches to Customer Service  - 1/10/2022

Remove six major roadblocks to providing great customer service that exist in the vast majority of retail furniture stores.  

Offer New Employees a 20 Percent Pay Increase  - 1/10/2022

Help to find your next $500,000 to $1 million dollar closer, organize your business and keep fully staffed in this tight job market.  

HFA Reports: What’s Keeping Retailers Up at Night?  - 1/10/2022

The Home Furnishings Association asked its members. Here’s what they said.  

Retail Funnel & Path Metrics  - 1/2/2022

Improve the effectiveness of systems and move customers from an initial inquiry to a repeat purchase.  

Trust & Delivery Accountability  - 1/2/2022

Steps you can take to provide truthful delivery time estimates by keeping vendors accountable, plus keep sales and delivery personnel informed.  

What’s in Store For 2022?  - 12/27/2021

There will be winners and losers this year. Industry observer Tom Liddell provides insights into potential problems and what if anything retailers might do.  

Funnels and Paths  - 11/21/2021

Funnels create customer experience paths that boost retention, generate positive word of mouth marketing and turn more customers into repeat customers.  

Holy Extended Terms, Batman!  - 11/21/2021

Create the options you need today, rehearse them with your sales team and keep your ‘Gotham’ safe, secure and viable.  

Outlet Store Design  - 11/20/2021

Retailers have increased the scale of their outlet areas and built freestanding outlet stores to meet demand and provide merchandising flexibility.  

Store Design: Customer Flow  - 9/25/2021

Store layouts influence how customers interact with your merchandise and how much they buy.  

Turnover Tsunami at Retail  - 9/25/2021

Can you keep nearly fully staffed in a very tight job market? A top furniture industry recruiter explains how.  

Top Ten Reasons to Call a Sales Meeting  - 9/25/2021

There are many reasons to get together with your team. From scheduled to impromptu, why, when and how you manage them is very important.  

Operations: Organize Your Service Experience  - 9/25/2021

Why is there a huge variation in the open service per million dollars in sales volume metric among furniture retailers? And, what can be done about it?  

Delivery: Two Guys and a Truck  - 9/25/2021

When a delivery driver is both the first and last person your customer meets after an online purchase, making a great impression is even more important.  

Halloween at Retail  - 9/25/2021

Slasher film characters like Michael Myers come back from the dead in sequel after sequel, but customer issue resolution need not be a series of horror stories  

Fourteen Ways to Find & Retain Employees  - 7/30/2021

Most retail businesses have systems in place to attract external customers. Why should processes to attract and keep employees be much different?  

The Delivery Tool Quandary  - 7/30/2021

How to reduce frustration and extra costs resulting from lost tools and touch up materials during delivery.  

Valuable Lesson at the Retail Resource Center  - 7/30/2021

Over the HPMKT five days, I learned a lot more about members who stopped by the newly redesigned Resource Center.  

How Independent Furniture Retailers Can Attract Quality Employees and Enhance Retention  - 7/30/2021

Independent retailers may not be able to afford to lure potential employees with large signing bonuses and substantial financial and benefits packages.  

Space Race: How to Negotiate Your Best Deal  - 7/28/2021

Leases on roughly 1.5 billion square feet of retail space will expire this year. That, combined with a high vacancy rate, make it a buyers’ market for home furnishings retailers.  

CXM Workflows Defined  - 5/9/2021

Retailers use CXM to automate sales and service processes. Automation triggers save time and produce meaningful results quicker.  

The Pay Raise You Didn’t Know You Wanted  - 5/9/2021

Ringing the register with incrementally higher sales tickets results in pay raises all the way around.  

Editor's Corner: Don’t Trip On The Dismount  - 3/20/2021

Nobody in our industry can deny that the past months have been grueling.  

HFA: Looking Forward  - 1/23/2021

After what we've seen this year, it's more important than ever to have a support system.  

12 Ways to Avoid the Coming Cash Flow Trap  - 1/22/2021

Twelve cash flow enhancing ideas for managing your retail furniture store pipeline in these chaotic times.  

The Repair, Replace or Refund Decision  - 11/20/2020

How to improve your service call decision-making in 2021 so that the resolution you suggest is also best for your profitability.  

Paid Leave Laws Put a Burden On Small Furniture Businesses  - 9/24/2020

A new law in Colorado is worrying some Furniture retailers.  

How Retailers Can Do More With Less  - 9/23/2020

In the coming months, retailers will need to do more with less. Here are 16 strategies to help you cope.  

New Front Doors: Customer Journey Management  - 8/4/2020

The new front door was not invented during the pandemic; however, it has become critically important for furniture retailers over the past few months.  

Employee/Customer COVID Safety Checklist For Furniture Retailers  - 6/29/2020

Frequent Furniture World contributing author David McMahon provides readers with a short checklist for mitigating COVID risks right now in your stores.  

New Front Doors to Home Furnishings Retail  - 6/6/2020

The source and the management of every door to your operation are critical elements for retail business success.  

Coronavirus-Related Furniture Legislation  - 6/6/2020

HFA member retailers push Congress for added PPP flexibility and other coronavirus related legislation.  

Retailers Prepare For Supply Chain Disruptions  - 6/6/2020

Jerry Epperson says retailers need to plan now for supply chain issues as the economy rebounds.  

Editor's Corner: Patience and a Bit of Luck  - 4/7/2020

Conditions change, but human nature stays more or less the same. That is a cause for optimism.  

How to Create Engaged & Functional Teams  - 4/5/2020

One of the defining qualities of a good leader is an ability to actively and consistently work to understand who your retail team members really are.  

What Do We Do Now?  - 4/4/2020

Five positive steps your business can take to deal with the COVID-19 crisis.  

The Power of Family Product Reporting  - 4/2/2020

Here's how one retailer adopted product family reporting to seize control of its inventory and increase GMROI.  

The COVID-19 Business Checklist  - 3/14/2020

Here's a quick checklist of things you can do to minimize the damage due to recessionary pressures on your business.  

Editor's Corner: A Delightful Sense of Mischief  - 1/6/2020

With the passing of 2019 Furniture World lost its good friend and retail editor Janet Holt-Johnstone.  

The Employee Application Challenge  - 1/4/2020

What can you do to make sure your retail operation attracts top talent?  

Point/Counterpoint: Gross Margin Rescue  - 1/4/2020

Direct and indirect retail strategies for rescuing gross margins in 2020.  

Coaching And Mentoring  - 1/4/2020

How one retailer used the GROW and Cascade of Change models to improve sales performance.  

Welcome to WHY2K20  - 1/3/2020

You only need to look at the innovators and disruptors in our world to see the value in asking WHY.  

HFA Reports: Retail Rules & Regulations  - 12/8/2019

A review of national and local legislative and regulatory activity.  

Editor's Corner: Your attitude Stinks Today... You're Fired!  - 12/8/2019

True FRIENDLY salespeople can turn a shopper into a friend by treating their store like a home and inviting guests to visit.  

The Turnover Challenge  - 12/7/2019

Tracking employee turnover will lead to greater sales and profit.  

HFA Reports: CEO Summit  - 12/7/2019

Retailers discuss strategies for recovering market share from giant online furniture vendors.  

Editor's Corner: Don't Fall Off the Roof!  - 10/14/2019

How the in-store furniture shopping experience can be more like going to the emergency room than urgent care.  

HFA Reports: Fall Means HFA's Retail Resource Center at High Point Market  - 10/12/2019

During High Point Market, HFA will present over two dozen educational seminars.  

HFA Reports: Garden City Furniture  - 10/12/2019

Garden City Furniture keeps its store image fresh. When is the last time your store received a makeover?  

HFA Reports: Sheely's Furniture  - 10/12/2019

New owners at Sheely's Furniture keep the retailer's 150 employees in the loop and fully invested.  

HFA Reports: Tepperman’s Furniture  - 10/12/2019

Tepperman’s newest store in Ancaster, Ontario goes by the "book".  

HFA Reports: New Online Sales Tax Legislation Affecting B&M Retailers  - 10/12/2019

After the Supreme Court decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair, many furnishings retailers still don't see a level playing field.  

Better Bedding & Mattress Sales: Exchanges  - 10/12/2019

What are the best ways, for both store and customer, to handle product exchanges?  

The Merchandising Matrix  - 10/12/2019

The Merchandising Matrix is the starting point for retailers to adjust square footage allocations for optimal results.  

Case Study: Marketing Effectiveness Metrics  - 7/15/2019

Retailer "A" has a bigger ad budget. Retailer "B" uses more digital media. Which one gets better returns?  

HFA Reports: Pop Up Store  - 7/15/2019

It’s time to pop the question. Is a pop-up store right for your furniture store? Kim Pellett tells all.  

HFA Reports: Government Regulations  - 7/15/2019

Tip-over problem warrants "highest attention".  

HFA Reports: Retail survival story  - 7/15/2019

Resilience keeps 114 year old Kurlancheek Home Furnishings in business.  

The North Star of Retail: Average Sale  - 5/30/2019

How one retailer grew sales volume by creating a strategy and a company-wide laser-focus based on average sale improvement.  

Nuts & Bolts Delivery Promises  - 3/24/2019

Sure fire ways to get to 99 percent perfect first time deliveries.  

Don't Get Hacked!  - 3/24/2019

Seven ways to protect any retail business from hackers.  

What's Your Store Worth?  - 3/23/2019

Why a formal valuation process can help to maximize long-term value.  

Crazy Bedding Promotions!  - 3/23/2019

Can you come up with an off-the-wall promotion to boost bedding sales?  

Employee Accountability in 2019  - 1/11/2019

Processes and checks must be put in place to ensure accountability in retail furniture workplaces.  

Independent Retailers: Let's Do This  - 1/11/2019

It's not all doom and gloom for independent retailers.  

How to Choose the Right Supplier  - 1/2/2019

30 Supplier Criteria that should be considered for potential suppliers.  

Warehouse Improvement Metrics  - 9/22/2018

Here are the metrics every home furnishings retailer needs to use to improve warehouse facilities and processes.  

The Changing Meaning of Sustainable  - 9/22/2018

A special section that looks at the evolution of demand for sustainable, healthy, and ethically produced furnishings.  

The Curse of 4 Percent Unemployment  - 9/22/2018

How to hire the best and most loyal employees in today's tight job market.  

Warehouse Improvement Checklist  - 7/4/2018

Scores of ideas to help furniture retailers improve facilities, processes and warehouse metrics.  

Your Employees: Do They Love Their Job?  - 3/23/2018

Getting your employees to fully engage in your company's mission and values takes focus and effort. But it's worth it!  

Machine Learning: The Next Big Thing  - 3/23/2018

Machine learning is, at its core, all about using data in order to remain ahead of your customers' buying behaviors.  

Case Study: Written & Delivered Sales  - 1/14/2018

Attention to written & delivered sales increased annual cash flow more than $100,000 for this average sized retailer.  

Who Cares About Service?  - 1/14/2018

Most of us retailers say we care about service, but isn't it mostly just for mottos, mailings, mission statements and group hugs?  

EDITOR'S CORNER: Workplace harassment... what can be done?  - 1/14/2018

I’m confident that many of you have given some recent thought to updating your workplace harassment policies and education.  

Inventory and Sales Performance Metrics 2018  - 11/29/2017

If you are a furniture retailer who wants to continuously improve, but needs to know where to start, this article is for you!  

Smarter, Faster, More Efficient Delivery - Part 2  - 9/23/2017

Discussion of self-driving vehicles, commingled delivery models, augmented reality & more.  

Cybersecurity: Ransomware Threats 2018  - 9/23/2017

Here’s how furniture stores can prepare to combat likely large-scale ransomware attacks in 2018.  

Disaster: Are You Ready?  - 9/23/2017

Lessons from Hurricane Harvey. No furnishings retailer is completely safe from disaster, natural or man-made.  

On Trend: Color & Style  - 7/7/2017

Use the process outlined in this article to translate your vision and ideas into great buying decisions.  

Retail Cyber Security Threats and Solutions  - 6/1/2017

Don't ignore this article. ALL of your business and customer data is at risk NOW!  

5 Tips For Shopping High Point  - 3/29/2017

A true retail partner will offer initiatives and programs to help you SELL.  

Smarter, Faster & More Efficient - Part 1  - 3/29/2017

Run-down of the most exciting opportunities for furniture retailers coming up in the area of transportation and logistics.  

The Future of Retail Decision Making  - 3/29/2017

The role of fast data, big data, artificial intelligence and business intelligence in retail decision making.  

Editor's Corner: Sitting on the fulcrum a changing industry.  - 3/29/2017

Some days I come to work believing that not much has changed in our industry. Other mornings, like this one, the world seems full of possibilities.  

Don’t Get Peppered With Efficiency  - 12/28/2016

They say “time is money”, but that’s not always true at retail.  

Kaizen Blitz  - 12/28/2016

A short-term Kaizen Blitz event will increase furniture store efficiency and effectiveness in 2017.  

EDITOR’S CORNER  - 12/28/2016

Customer Service & The Parable Of The “Horrible Dib Dib”  

Planning For 2017 And The Poetry of Robert Burns  - 11/29/2016

As we flip from this year to the next, it’s a great time to get advice from Gordon Hecht for 2017’s Game Plan.  

The Hiring Decision  - 11/29/2016

Should you hire employees or independent contractors for key positions in 2017.  

State of The Industry  - 9/30/2016

David and Wayne McMahon talk about furniture retailer profitability and ways they can do better.  

Under New Ownership  - 9/30/2016

How to grow your business by turning employee leaders Into owners.  

Offline-Online  - 9/30/2016

Advances in technology make it possible for medium-sized retailers to level the playing field with larger competitors.  

Dear Furniture Godfather  - 7/7/2016

The Furniture Godfather once again answers your tough questions about life in the furniture industry.  

A Recipe For Maximum Gross Margin  - 7/7/2016

Ten major ingredients in a tasty recipe that you can use to maximize your store’s gross margin.  

Taking the e-Commerce Plunge  - 7/7/2016

Survey suggests if you don’t dive into e-commerce soon, you won’t be able to give your customers what they demand.  

Should You Hire A VP of Trust?  - 7/7/2016

My suggestion is to look at how you and your company create trust at every touch point, and from every angle.  

Five Big Mattress Discoveries  - 6/2/2016

Many hardworking retailers struggle to earn the money and live the lifestyle they deserve. Here’s how to change all that.  

Your Retail Exit Strategy  - 6/2/2016

First part in a two-part series of articles concerned with the value of having an exit strategy in place before you need one.  

Editor's Corner: The day after tomorrow?  - 6/2/2016

I’m thinking about disruptive change, the type that could make furniture factories and retail stores as we know them obsolete; the kind that could do to furniture manufacturers and retailers what the last 20 years of the 19th Century did to cabinet makers.  

Lean Techniques Part 5: Case Study  - 3/25/2016

See how LEAN techniques took one retailer from losing money to more than 10% profit.  

Furniture Product Liability  - 3/25/2016

Latest on the product liability landscape for furniture retailers and manufacturers.  

Lean Techniques Part 4: Inventory  - 1/4/2016

Every furniture store needs a strategy for implementing LEAN and applying it to inventory. Here’s how.  

Lean Techniques Part 3: Marketing  - 11/27/2015

Every furniture store needs a strategy for implementing LEAN and applying it to the marketing. Here’s how.  

R-E-S-P-E-C-T  - 11/27/2015

You can’t get to nearly 100% first time delivery success in 2016 without it.  

Lean Techniques Part 2: Lean Sales force  - 9/28/2015

Every furniture store needs a strategy for implementing LEAN and applying it to sales force management.  

Trending Accessories  - 7/17/2015

Best practices for buying, merchandising and profiting from the category - Part 2.  

Lean Business Practices: An Introduction  - 7/17/2015

LEAN practices allow businesses to realize their potential. First of a multi-part series.  

Hall of Fame  - 6/9/2015

For those of you who haven’t given much thought to the American Furniture Hall of Fame lately, it’s time to take another look.  

Is An ESOP A Good Idea For You?  - 12/30/2014

Employee Stock Ownership Plans Deserve a Close Look for Business Transition.  

Woman To Woman: Female Leadership & The Furniture Consumer  - 12/28/2014

Retailers are still challenged by an inherent lack of understanding about what women want and how they shop differently from men. What can be done?  

An End To Replace, Return, Refund: How To Reach 100% Perfect Deliveries  - 12/28/2014

If you are interested in 100% first-time delivery, read this article, but note: Unless you and your managers are willing to demand nothing less than perfect, don’t bother.  

What To Do When The Competition Enters Your Market  - 12/27/2014

Retailers across the country are asking what they should do to prepare for well known chain stores and others that are entering their marketplaces. Here’s the answer to those questions.  

The Customer Service Challenge  - 11/21/2014

Challenge yourself to find at least five opportunities in each example presented in this article to turn good into great customer service!  

Reverse Supply Chain Logistics  - 9/29/2014

Reverse supply chain logistics is the practice of controlling resources that are returned, repairable, reusable or recyclable. It’s a catchy phrase for business activities that turn normally wasteful occurrences into profit.  

Sweating The Retail Details - Part 2  - 9/29/2014

Here are ten, non-negotiable, must do items. If you do them you will succeed. If you don’t do them, you will continue to struggle and achieve far less than your company is capable of.  

Better Bedding & Mattress Sales Series: What’s On Your Floor?  - 7/9/2014

Ideas for merchandising your mattress showroom so you can show enough beds, the right beds, and the ones your customers want to buy.  

Retail Success Story: Art Van Furniture  - 7/9/2014

Art Van Furniture is the top family owned furniture retailer in the Midwest and the fifteenth largest in the United States.Get the story about how “Mr. Van” made it happen.  

Managing Change: The Transformative Power of Performance Group  - 5/22/2014

This article describes a number of powerful practices that act as a catalyst for retail growth. Each can help make your business operations more efficient, and maximize sales, profitability, and cash flow.  

Managing Change: Follow Up Strategies For Success  - 5/22/2014

Six follow-up strategies to help keep change initiatives on track to grow your furniture business.  

Editor's Corner: Taming power of the small.  - 5/22/2014

Often, organizational change is the result of exposure to big ideas that can transform the nature of a business and how its employees, customers and supplers interact.  

LED Lighting Update 2014  - 3/17/2014

Here’s the latest on price drops and quality improvements for the 4th generation of LED’s.  

Mattress Series: The Mattress Warehouse Part 2  - 12/10/2013

Here is a collection of ideas on how to arrange and run a mattress warehouse for optimum efficiency. This article can be useful as a check list when opening a new warehouse or as a training guide for new warehouse personnel.  

Selecting The Mattress Warehouse  - 11/11/2013

If you haven’t set up a mattress warehouse before, are looking for new/additional space, or want a quick review of important considerations, read on.  

Your Retail Liability From Online Exposure.  - 10/2/2013

Do you need protection against hackers, data loss, theft of intellectual property, extortion, defamation or infringement?  

Dropped Call  - 9/30/2013

Are you losing sales to competitors who offer a better mobile experience? Find out if your website measures up and what you need to do if it doesn’t.  

New Trucking Regulations  - 9/30/2013

Reduce the impact of new driver rules that promise to cause higher costs and delivery delays for retailers.  

Risky Business - Part 3: Insuring Your Store & Stock  - 7/11/2013

Everything you should know to protect your assets including your store, showroom, warehouse and the stock/inventory contents contained therein from loss.  

Repair Solutions For Matte Finishes  - 7/11/2013

Quick and easy repair for matte finishes solutions -- that aren’t.  

Dealing With Retail Bottlenecks  - 7/11/2013

The difference between operations that run smoothly and those that are chaotic is often the number and severity of operational bottlenecks.  

Operations Checklist: Receiving  - 7/11/2013

Dealing with receiving issues that compromise customer service and profitability.  

Transportation Cost Cutting: 7 Steps  - 5/30/2013

When shipping choices – including setting rates, choosing carriers and assigning classification codes – are left to your vendors, you have little control over the inflow and transportation charges related to your goods. By using the seven steps outlined in this article, even smaller retailers can achieve savings of tens of thousands of dollars per year.  

Risky Business - Part 1  - 4/1/2013

With extreme weather on the rise, take a close look at your store’s insurance coverage, especially the policy exclusion endorsement.  

Use The Furniture Warehouse Cube  - 1/10/2013

If your operation is positioned for growth in 2013, you may need additional warehouse space. Before you build or expand, try these strategies for increasing efficiency.  

Chain Of Operations 2013  - 1/10/2013

David McMahon presents a checklist for eliminating weak links to help you improve retail furniture store efficiency in 2013  

From Trash To Treasure  - 7/12/2012

Habitat ReStore and Louisville area furniture stores Haverty’s and Ashley Furniture Homestores create a win-win-win for the retailers, customers and the community by encouraging furniture donations and pick up.  

Give Without Borders  - 6/6/2012

Jenny & Dennis Jones offer advice to fellow retailers based on their experience helping rug weavers in India through the Alternative Education Program.  

Employee Theft  - 4/6/2012

Theft is a big problem in our industry. Here are simple ways to protect your business.  

Time For Furniture Store LED's  - 3/20/2012

Today we can give a direct answer to the $64 question, “Are solid state lighting systems ready?”  

Moving On Can Be Hard To Do. Planning Your Move  - 5/3/2004

Forward thinking retailers are taking advantage of current market conditions to relocate and expand store operations.  

Fix Import Repair Problems  - 6/10/2004

Imports come with several key advantages, like better profit margins; more adventurous finishes, shapes and styles; and a wide range of prices. Choosing furniture at markets based on looks and repairability means that you will be able to make repairs whenever necessary, turning damaged goods back into first quality rather than sending them to the clearance center.  

Warehouse Upgrade For O'Coins  - 6/10/2004

As O’Coins grew, the store purchased supplemental warehousing from their delivery contractor. This solution created a challenging situation solved by purchasing a nearby facility, upgrading systems and processes.  

It's Your Move - Moving, Renovating, Expanding  - 6/10/2004

Forward thinking home furnishings retailers are taking advantage of the competitive landscape by moving, renovating and expanding store operations. Bill Blake presents two case studies and provides a checklist of essential points to consider before you make that big move.  

Beat The 80/20 Merchandising Rule  - 6/10/2004

Buying decisions are often unplanned reactions to special deals, the newest hottest item, or something that a buyer has fallen in love with. Merchandising processes should instead rely on detailed information, and be well planned.  

Touch Up Old Repair Techniques  - 6/10/2004

You can save time and money by taking a critical look at your repair and deluxing operations. New touch up products and the challenges of imported goods have changed the way store and delivery people should perform their jobs to maximize customer satisfaction and bottom line performance.  

New Regulations To Impact Retail Transportation Costs  - 6/10/2004

Now is the time for FURNITURE WORLD readers to review scheduling and receiving operations in light of new United States Hours-of-Service (HOS) regulations. Those companies that make their pickup and/or delivery experience more driver friendly will see the least affect on their bottom line and may actually reduce their costs.  

Warehouse Fire Compliance  - 6/10/2004

Nationally recognized fire protection code expert Elley Klausbruckner, supplies general practical information on fire protection requirements for furniture warehouses. A bit of attention to this area before you build or refit your warehouse can save substantial sums.  

Broken Furniture Repair Departments  - 6/10/2004

Third party repairs, in-home repairs and poorly managed in-house operations can drain your budget dry if you’re not careful. These situations can usually be avoided with proper planning and equipment.  

Top Ten List For Customer Pick-ups  - 6/10/2004

Have you recently looked at customer pickups and carry home purchases from the customer’s perspective? You may find, that you need to re-evaluate and improve the whole process. A modest investment can yield big dividends.  

The Four C's Of Leadership  - 6/10/2004

Learn how to communicate your vision, boost productivity and lift morale through effective coaching, cooperation, counseling and correction.  

Excess Furniture Inventory Puzzle  - 6/10/2004

Regaining control over inventory puts more cash in the bank, more room in the warehouse and reduces damage. Five inventory categories are presented in a way that makes looking at them less of a puzzle.  

It's Time To Prepare Your Organization  - 6/10/2004

Great business leaders have a goal that benefits society and inspires a workforce to do its best. They foster on-the-job growth in self-knowledge, wisdom, and relationships. Finally, they are engaged in creating a product that does more than just generate revenue.  

Delivering To Expanded Market Areas  - 6/10/2004

Retailers like Bob’s Discount Furniture, Haverty’s, and Arhaus Furniture accrue tangible and intangible benefits in their warehouse, prep and delivery departments by using an innovative transportation system.  

Leveraging Retail Technology  - 6/10/2004

The time when retail managers could grow their businesses by simply adding more bodies is past. Today, the best retailers leverage the efforts of the people they already employ by using technology.  

City Furniture: A Retail Profile  - 6/10/2004

Outstanding trucking, logistics and warehousing practices. These add value to customer transactions and have contributed to the 500% growth of City Furniture since 1994 to $220 million.  

How To Re-merchandise Your Sales Floor  - 6/10/2004

Dealing with the challenge of adding new products, clearing out losers and maximizing sales per square foot can be complicated. Bill Blake simplifies the tools, techniques and suggests a few tricks to help you master this process.  

When Credit Is Due (Crediting Your People)  - 6/10/2004

This isn’t an article on the financial management of credit and collections. This month, Peter Marino looks at why giving your people credit for the jobs they do, is an easy and effective way to motivate and keep good employees. This is especially true for jobs outside of the sales department.  

The Less Than Perfect Furniture Delivery  - 6/10/2004

This article describes five basic approaches used by most retailers to handle delivery problems. Each of these will be carefully examined so that you can craft a policy to help you find your place among the best of the best.  

Top Ten Warehouse Benchmarks  - 6/10/2004

Since meaningful direct comparisons between retailers are difficult to make, most should track warehouse productivity trends in their own operation. Here are the top ten performance measures that have proven to be useful in many retail home furnishings operations.  

Casting Off The Inventory Blues  - 6/10/2004

This is not another article about GMROI. This installment provides information on inventory age and the impact it has on the logistics and profits of a furniture store.  

Managing Inventory Theft  - 6/10/2004

Although theft of goods is on the rise in furniture retail establishments nationwide, it is a problem that is too often ignored. Most of your products are easily sold by thieves, stolen by employees to meet specific requests from their friends, or even to furnish their own house!  

Crisis Of Values At Retail  - 6/10/2004

Leaders have lied to their people, the public, and themselves. But things will turn around. Use this transition period to rebuild... and start by looking at MetaValues™.  

Retail Space Planning - Part 2  - 6/11/2004

This series devoted to store planning and visual merchandising continues with a discussion of financial components and budgetary considerations.  

Managing Inbound Freight  - 6/11/2004

Some home furnishings retailers treat inbound freight as a non-controllable expense but it is absolutely manageable. Benefits achieved by close control of inbound freight include increased operating margins, improved transit reliability and reduced damage.  

Computer Delivery Routing Initiative  - 6/11/2004

Until the spring of 2001, Morris Home Furnishings manually routed their trucks. A year after switching from manual routing, all efficiency measures including driver performance have improved.  

Hiring & Keeping Salespeople - Part 8 - Job Descriptions  - 6/11/2004

Without them you can’t develop effective recruiting, selection, performance appraisal, compensation, and training systems. Simply put, without job descriptions your organization is just not organized!  

Effective Warehouse Planning  - 6/11/2004

If you are about to build a new warehouse or renovate an old facility, you may be thinking about purchasing expert advice. The February/March issue presented a checklist for evaluating your existing operation. This article looks at the consultant’s role and planning considerations.  

Retail Space Planning - Part 1  - 6/11/2004

Space planning and visual merchandising are perhaps the most important factors affecting your sales per square foot and the efficiency of your store. Bill Blake deconstructs the entire space planning process in this series of articles.  

Outsource Decision: Warehouse, Delivery, Deluxing  - 6/11/2004

In the quest for improved profits and competitive advantage, furniture retailers are more frequently reviewing their options for warehousing, deluxing and home delivery. Decision making tools plus a list of sources will help you to make an informed decision.  

Guide To Fraud Prevention - Part 4  - 6/11/2004

The fourth installment in this series on preventing employee and customer fraud examines ways you can fraud-proof your documents and forge-proof your signature.  

Measure And Improve Warehouse Performance  - 6/11/2004

There’s an old saying that you can’t improve perfomance until you measure it. This article will provide the tools you need to quickly assess your warehouse and delivery operation. Included is a checklist you can use to identify problem areas and create a plan for continuous improvement.  

Guide To Fraud Prevention - Part 3 - Preventing Theft  - 6/11/2004

If you are like most furniture store executives, you spend a good percentage of your time trying to get the best merchandise into your store, but next to no time at all preparing your people to recognize fraud. The third article in this series will look at ways to prevent company and customer information from being stolen.  

Warehouse Consolidation Case  - 6/11/2004

ApplianceMart found that a single distribution facility would result in many economic advantages in areas of inbound freight, manpower, product damage, time spent preparing and loading trucks from multiple warehouses, service costs plus capacity to grow the business.  

Guide To Fraud Prevention - Part 2 - Internal Fraud  - 6/11/2004

If you are like most furniture store executives, you spend a good percentage of your time trying to get the best merchandise into your store, but next to no time at all preparing your people to recognize fraud. The second article in this series will look at internal or employee fraud and how you can detect and prevent it.  

The Mouse That Moves Furniture - CAD  - 6/11/2004

Installing A CAD System to do showroom layouts saves labor, cuts expenses, improves displays and provides valuable management information.  

Inbound Transportation Savings  - 6/11/2004

Dan Bolger presents a number of ideas that can add 2 to 4 points to your profit margins. Every area of your business needs periodic review and transportation is no exception. Check for opportunities for additional discounts, delivery consolidation and the real value of manufacturer “guaranteed” freight programs.  

Guide To Fraud Prevention - Part 1- External Fraud  - 6/11/2004

If you are like most furniture store executives, you spend a good percentage of your time trying to get the best merchandise into your store, but next to no time at all preparing your people to recognize fraud. This series will look at external and internal fraud and present practical tools you can use to preserve bottom line profits.  

Furniture Import Strategies: Consolidation Overseas  - 6/11/2004

Industry executives are considering moving their logistics process upstream. That means transferring consolidation, distribution and quality inspection duties to where the products are produced.  

No New Warehouse For Riley's Furniture  - 6/11/2004

Riley Griffiths has positioned his company for 40% growth without investing in additional bricks and mortar. He simply rearranged his showroom and warehouse spaces for greater efficiency and flexibility.  

Improve Delivery Satisfaction  - 6/11/2004

If your post-sale service calls are running more than 3% it may be time to take a close look at your product handling and deluxing procedures.  

Should You Direct Import?  - 6/11/2004

The pace of furniture importing is accelerating. Tom Craig looks at some of the language, opportunities and risks associated with bringing in merchandise from overseas.  

Chinese Furniture Imports  - 6/11/2004

Chinese furniture export activity has increased dramatically, with more than 20 percent per year increases in raw volume. There has also been a recent surge in the number of Chinese companies seeking export opportunities in North America.  

Store Lighting - Light Up Sales!  - 6/11/2004

You can trim electricity costs, labor costs and dramatically improve displays by completely revamping your store lighting. Take time to do it right or you will both waste money and lose sales. Monte Lee also looks at ways the lighting industry boosts their own profitability at your expense.  

Warehouse Expansion At Seldon's  - 6/11/2004

Selden’s overall project planning and use of experts to supplement internal skills were important elements for the success of their warehouse expansion.  

Profit Boosting, Cost Cutting  - 6/11/2004

The economic picture for 2001 appears to be lackluster with key furniture retailer indicators trending flat to moderate sales gains. Sales increases may be harder to come by, so it's time to look at other ways to boost the bottom line.  

Delivery: In House Or Outsource?  - 6/11/2004

Many retailers are providing outstanding delivery with their own employees but there is substantial growth in outsourcing delivery services by furniture retailers. The keys to success are professional management, solid procedures, equipment and most of all, thoroughly trained delivery people.  

Squeezed For Warehouse Space  - 6/11/2004

Samsen Furniture's 1994 warehouse was built with future racking in mind with clear roof height of 15 to 20 feet and a clear span. Here's how planning ahead has made updating their warehouse systems to accommodate increased sales easy.  

A Case For Oursourcing Delivery  - 6/11/2004

When a furniture retailer is considering whether or not to outsource his delivery operation, the issue of "loss of control" is often a primary objection to contracting with a third-party provider.  

Energy Saving Warehouse And Exterior Lighting  - 6/11/2004

Replacing light bulbs and fixtures in showrooms, warehouses and store exteriors, can save energy, improve lighting quality and redirect maintenance labor from changing light bulbs. Dan Bolger offers ideas which can provide an ongoing stream of benefits with ultra quick payback periods  

Solutions For Problem Warehouses  - 6/11/2004

Here are some affordable solutions for Home furnishings retailers with jam-packed inefficient warehouses that have clear heights of 12 to 16 feet often awkwardly stack furniture several units high.  

Computer Operating Systems - A Primer  - 6/11/2004

An operating system is a program that allows computers to run application programs such as word processors, spreadsheets, accounting, and database managers. Paul Hooverson, Chief Software Architect, EasyChair Software explains the differences and advantages of popular systems.  

Internet Furniture Stores Face Delivery Challenges  - 6/11/2004

Surveys report significant customer dissatisfaction with many Internet purchases, particularly in the areas of delivery and customer service. The logistical challenges of home delivery are far more difficult and costly than many recognize. It just isn't valid to compare the delivering of books to case goods or upholstery.  

Power Struggle In The Family  - 6/11/2004

Everyone has heard of families divided and thrown into dysfunction and resentment by the stress resulting from low trust and respect. How can these problems be avoided or resolved?  

Pickups And Carry Home Purchases  - 6/11/2004

Have you recently looked at pickups and carry home purchases from your customer's perspective? Improvements in handling carry home purchases and pickups can dramatically boost your customer service image.  

ApplianceMart Delivers  - 6/11/2004

Wisconsin retailer Appliancemart with 2 store locations and 6 warehouses has fine-tuned delivery procedures to make the process flow smoothly.  

Managing Receiving  - 6/11/2004

Tip and methods for managing receiving, minimizing damage and maximizing return on claims when necessary.  

Central Distribution At Andreas Furniture  - 6/11/2004

Independent retailer Andreas Furniture builds a consumer & employee "friendly" distribution center.  

Delivering Big Value  - 6/14/2004

Bejnar's Fine Furniture is competing against the big guys. Efficient operations including excellent warehousing and delivery does make a difference.  

Preparing For A Recession  - 6/14/2004

Are we in for a recession? Most experts say no, but it couldn't hurt to monitor for danger signs of decline take preventive measures now.  

Transportation Cost Containment - 1999  - 6/14/2004

A look at recent developments with an emphasis on cost containment.  

Choosing The Right Furniture Delivery Truck  - 6/14/2004

Choosing the "right" truck for your particular operation is a real challenge today with so many styles and brands to choose from. This is the first in a series of articles on home furnishings retailers who Love Their Trucks.  

Delivery And Service Scheduling  - 6/14/2004

Advances in computer technology have impacted one of retailing's major challenges, delivery and service scheduling. This technology can significantly improve your productivity and customer satisfaction.  

Transportation Savings 1998  - 6/14/2004

This year's transportation outlook is much different. It has changed from a buyer's market to one where the carriers are holding more power.  

Planning For Retirement  - 6/14/2004

If you are an owner, manager, or valuable salesperson, you might not know about this way to build wealth and avoid taxes. Split-dollar life works as a supercharged retirement account without any cap on how much goes in yearly. Both the company and employee contribute, and the company gets its initial investment back!  

Tax Relief For The Family Business  - 6/14/2004

Without up to date estate planning, heirs to many retail furniture operations have been forced to sell real estate or a substantial portion of their assets or actually liquidate the business to meet estate tax obligations. Here are some tax tips and strategies, plus the implications of new family business "tax relief" measures.  

Building That New Warehouse  - 6/14/2004

This article is for you if you are considering obtaining existing warehouse space or building a warehouse from the ground-up. If you are not currently considering warehouse expansion, put this material away until the need arises (it surely will!).  

Reduce Non-Saleable Inventory  - 6/14/2004

4-15% of total inventory dollars are tied up in non-saleable merchandise. Problems include manufacturing defects, missing parts, freight claims and damage caused by poor warehouse handling practices. Shop areas also typically have some customer merchandise in for warranty repair.  

Selling Your Furniture Store  - 6/14/2004

Middle market furniture store owners can convert their companies into the wealth they deserve if they don't operate under misconceptions and delusions. Instead, they must understand their shortcomings, plug knowledge gaps, and most importantly be willing to pay the price required to convert their company into the "gold mine" it can be.  

Hiring A Great Warehouse Manager  - 6/14/2004

Furniture retailers are used to hiring sales and office staff. Most are not nearly as strong on the warehouse and delivery side of the business. As a result, they often do not hire the best people for these critical jobs. Here are tips and techniques for hiring the best warehouse manager.  

Transportation Savings  - 6/14/2004

Dan Bolger explains how you can save by paying attention to fuel surcharges, header rates, miscellaneous charges and freight charges added to merchandise invoices. Also discussed are how you can use the internet to find the best furniture freight rates.  

Be Prepared For A Fire  - 6/15/2004

Fires that destroy whole businesses are front page news but more typical is a small fire after hours with considerable smoke. Following the tips in this article will speed fire department response and possibly save thousands of dollars.  

Home Furniture - Part 1 - Big And Independent  - 6/15/2004

Dealer owned Canadian furniture giant packs $3.5 billion worth of purchasing power punch. With more than 70 furniture stores, the furniture division of Home Hardware is poised for rapid growth.  

Data Warehouses For Furniture Retailers  - 6/15/2004

Retailers are turning to data warehouses to help them sift through the vast amounts of data across the company and filter out meaningful information that will help them compete more effectively and respond more quickly to consumers' demands.  

Worker's Compensation Costs  - 6/15/2004

Almost every business is aware of the amount spent on workers compensation but most make mediocre efforts at control. The typical approach is to compare rates available based on their own safety record to those available through a group. It is a rare company that really looks at preventing accidents in the first place and managing the situation when an accident does happen.  

Warehouse On Wheels At Good's Furniture  - 6/15/2004

Star Furniture in Houston, Texas, solved their warehousing problems at a new Austin site with modular truck bodies. Good's Furniture, Inc.Good's uses the modular bodies in another configuration.  

The Furniture Repair Decision  - 6/15/2004

Approximately 50% of US furniture stores maintain some type of in-house repair department. This is only one of the options, however, that furniture retailers can consider when making a decision on how to handle repairs.  

Annual Retail Technology Survey  - 6/15/2004

This highly informative survey compiled by Computer Sciences Corporation and Retail Info Systems News highlights the accelerating rate at which home furnishings retailers are embracing technologies as diverse as customer databases, EDI, POS terminals, executive information systems and interactive multimedia.  

No Fault Computers At Nebraska Furniture Mart  - 6/15/2004

R.C. Willey & Nebraska Furniture Mart recently underwent a technological upgrade with the installation of high-end no-fault computers.  

Warehousing Receiving Tips  - 6/15/2004

Dan Bolger of the Bolger Group looks at additional ways you can avoid paying for merchandise that you never got or for damages you didn't cause. Good written procedures and management oversight will help gain efficiency and reduce the chances for fraud.  

"Sorry About Your Mailbox" - Delivery Stories  - 6/15/2004

Contributing Editor Dan Bolger changes gears this month by presenting a whole bunch of ways home furnishings retailers can promote driver safety and reduce run-away delivery costs  

Trucking Regulation Update For Furniture Retailers  - 6/15/2004

From 1935 until passage of the Motor Carrier Act of 1980, the ICC exercised almost total control over trucking rates, routes and entry of new carriers. It was a huge bureaucracy with unique accounting requirements and it was impossible to accomplish anything without using specialized transportation lawyers. Now it is gone, opening up a new era for shippers.  

Guard Against Trucking Overcharges  - 6/15/2004

Update for furniture retailers on balance overcharges and new state regulations. Also covered are LTL rate hikes scheduled for 1996.  

Computer Installation Destined To Fail?  - 6/15/2004

This month, instead of tackling the big issues of sales management, the Shepherd Group looks at why most new computer installations are destined to fail. But don't worry. A step-by-step plan for insuring success is also presented.  

Effective Time Management - Part 3 - Meetings  - 6/15/2004

Part 3- In the September and October issues we discussed time management. Meetings, too, but peripherally. Let's zero in now on the 90s greatest potential time waster.  

Case Study: New Warehouse For Coconis  - 6/15/2004

Growth was causing challenges for Coconis Furniture and Coconis Carpet the largest independent home furnishings retailer in south eastern Ohio. Here's a case study on how they successfully planned for showroom & warehouse growth.  

Effective Time Management - Part 2  - 6/15/2004

Janet-Holt-Johnstone, the busiest editor in the home furnishings business, finishes her series which will help you get the most out of each day.  

Effective Time Management - Part 1  - 6/15/2004

Time. you can't beg, borrow or steal it, but you can learn to make the time you have more productive and rewarding. Janet-Holt-Johnstone, the busiest editor in the home furnishings business, presents tips and techniques which can help you get the most out of each day.  

Delivery Statistics  - 6/15/2004

NHFA's Annual Operating Experience Report data is presented to help you compare your business to others. Charts include compensation data for typical positions and insight on emerging trends.  

Data Processing vs. Management Systems For Retailers  - 6/15/2004

Acquiring computer hardware and software does not mean that you are installing a management system. Furthermore, the price of a system is not necessarily an indication of its completeness.  

Warehouse Space Case: Sherman's Furniture  - 6/15/2004

When Sherman's Furniture lost the lease on their outside warehouse, they considered building a new facility, leasing another building or upgrading their existing space. Luckily, Jack Sherman, having read the March issue of Furniture World undertook a diagnostic study of his warehousing and logistics before he took any action.  

Timely Home Furnishings Trucking Tips  - 6/15/2004

Dan Bolger reminds you to check your freight bills, pay attention to how your delivery trucks look and take a close look at how the efficiency of your warehouse and your entire operation might be improved.  

How To Control Warehouse Shrinkage - Part 2 - Screening Employees  - 6/15/2004

Hiring practices which include using background checks and pre-employment testing are helping many progressive retailers to reduce warehouse 'shrinkage."  

Inventory Control  - 6/15/2004

The first thing that most retailers do to increase store profitability is to try to raise sales revenues. They do this by advertising more, increasing their sales staff, expanding display space, enlarging the store, or running a sale. Every one of these actions increase cost. This article focuses on the real cost savings of reducing excess inventory.  

Furniture Damage And Repair  - 6/15/2004

Entertainment centers, book cases and armoire, require special attention when maneuvering from one location to another. If precautions aren't taken, joints may break or crack, causing permanent damage. Here are seven rules which will reduce repair costs.  

Warehouse Shrinkage And Security - Part 1  - 6/15/2004

Since you cannot operate your warehouse like a bank vault, what steps can you take to protect your investment?  

EDI And Special Orders  - 6/15/2004

Special orders give a tremendous boost to a retailer's bottom line. You sell goods you never had in the first place, get a deposit, never carry them in inventory and never have to take a mark down! EDI can help streamline the process and create additional sales and profits.  

Warehouse Space: Do You Have Enough?  - 6/15/2004

If an apparent space shortage is pushing you to consider the option of a new warehouse... then read this article first.  

Tips For Avoiding Bad Checks  - 6/15/2004

Houston: based TeleCheck Services Inc., a company that provides check acceptance, check guarantee, new account services and recovery services, suggests that retailers follow the following check acceptance procedures this coming holiday season.  

Don't Get Loaded Down With Administrative Tasks  - 6/15/2004

If the owner/manager is loaded down with administrative tasks that could be effectively and economically automated... then that is a real waste.  

Managing Receiving More Efficiently  - 6/15/2004

Steps you can take to evaluate and improve the efficiency of your receiving department. Presented are ways to gain efficiency by eliminating steps and reducing chances for mistakes or fraud.  

Manage Inventory And Boost Profits  - 6/15/2004

On average, the typical retailer has 25% of his inventory tied up in goods that are slow moving to dead. Here are some tips on how you can more effectively manage inventory and boost profits.  

The Eight Worst Hiring Mistakes  - 6/15/2004

You can avoid much employee turnover by streamlining and organizing your hiring practices. Laura Laaman of Executive Training looks at the problem and the solutions.  

Employer Substance Abuse Policies  - 6/15/2004

What type of training should your managers and first line supervisors receive regarding the administration of your company- wide drug and alcohol abuse policy?  

Retailer's Guide To Furniture Repair  - 6/15/2004

Damaged furniture is a retailer's worst nightmare. Here are some tips to help you avoid damage, a list of repair tips and advise on when you should call a professional repair service.  

Managing Inbound Freight  - 6/15/2004

Managing inbound freight positively contributes to bottom line profit improvement, reduces damages and claims, smooths receiving and boosts your ability to successfully serve the customer.  

Consumer Delivery - Part 1 - Make Sure It Fits  - 6/15/2004

(Delivering The Goods Series) When you take salespeople out for a ride on your delivery trucks they become better at heading off delivery problems before they occur.  

Consumer Delivery - Part 2 - The Windex Windup  - 6/16/2004

(Delivering The Goods Series) The finishing touch operation will probably take your men no more than a minute or two. Yet this demonstration of your store's pride and concern never fails to impress customers.  

Consumer Delivery - Part 3 - Set It Up  - 6/16/2004

(Delivering The Goods Series) The finishing touch operation will probably take your men no more than a minute or two. Yet this demonstration of your store's pride and concern never fails to impress customers.  

Consumer Delivery - Part 4 - Take The Ted Lewis Apprach  - 6/16/2004

(Delivering The Goods Series) He also knew his customers" and the value of taking their pulse. He would frequently and dramatically ask: Is everybody happy?"  

Consumer Delivery - Part 5 - "I'll Just Leave The Key"  - 6/16/2004

(Delivering The Goods Series) Even if a customer gives you written authorization, this kind of delivery is fraught with legal risk.  

Consumer Delivery - Part 6 - Delivering Your Image  - 6/16/2004

(Delivering The Goods Series) Low-cost efforts work well once crews come to understand they're not just delivering the goods -they're delivering your image too.  

Consumer Delivery - Part 7 - Sweet Talk Isn't  - 6/16/2004

(Delivering The Goods Series) When you're delivering the goods, little can sour a sale as surely as "harmless" sweet talk- -because, from strangers, sweet talk isn't.  

Consumer Delivery - Part 8 - Cure For Squeeks  - 6/16/2004

(Delivering The Goods Series) "Oil" your delivery operations with check in calls, immediate problem reports and end of day debreifings.  

Consumer Delivery - Part 9 - Delivery No-Shows  - 6/16/2004

(Delivering The Goods Series) If you agree that delivery is the close of your sale, put yourself in your customer's place. You'll see that most customers are anxious about furniture deliveries... and for good reasons.  

Consumer Delivery - Part 10 - They Don't Know Beans About Delivery, But...  - 6/16/2004

(Delivering The Goods Series). Nobody pays more attention to your delivery people than your customers.  

Consumer Delivery - Part 11 - Contract Carriers  - 6/16/2004

(Delivering The Goods Series). When should you consider hiring a contract carrier?  

Consumer Delivery - Part 12 - Turn Turnoffs Around  - 6/16/2004

(Delivering The Goods Series). Fortunately, inconvenient delivery is one customer turnoff which can be turned around quickly and easily-and without increasing operating costs.  

Consumer Delivery - Part 13 - Another Kind Of Manual Dexterity  - 6/16/2004

(Delivering The Goods Series). Being good with your hands is one kind of manual dexterity. Having a written manual that aids "common sense" actions is another.  

Consumer Delivery - Part 14 - Manual Dexterity Revisited  - 6/16/2004

(Delivering The Goods Series). Why you need a written manual for your delivery people.  

Consumer Delivery - Part 15 - Singular Cellular  - 6/16/2004

(Delivering The Goods Series). Why you need a written manual for your delivery people.  

Consumer Delivery - Part 16 - One Equals A Dozen  - 6/16/2004

(Delivering The Goods Series).When your customer tells you before she tells a dozen or so friends, you have a chance to make things right-a chance to give her something better to tell people about your store and your service.  

Consumer Delivery - Part 17 - Too Many Cooks...  - 6/16/2004

(Delivering The Goods Series). Too many cooks in your delivery "broth" can spoil the soup.  

Consumer Delivery - Part 18 - Delivery A La Carte  - 6/16/2004

(Delivering The Goods Series). Delivering furniture to your best customers to make a lasting impression.  

Tie A String Around Her Finger  - 6/16/2004

(Delivering The Goods Series). Tips for alleviating the "not-at-home" and other delivery problems.  

Don't Leave Home Without It  - 6/16/2004

(Delivering The Goods Series). Head off delivery problems with beepers.  

Consumer Delivery - Part 21 - Pre Delivery Calls  - 6/16/2004

(Delivering The Goods Series). Tips for pre-delivery calls and delivery day pre planning.  

Consumer Delivery - Part 2 - Dress Codes  - 6/16/2004

(Delivering The Goods Series). Discussion on dress codes for delivery people.  

Consumer Delivery - Part 23 - Insurance  - 6/16/2004

(Delivering The Goods Series). Sometimes, choosing not to make a delivery will be in the best interest of your customer and yourself.  

Consumer Delivery - Part 24 - Don't Make The Delivery  - 6/16/2004

(Delivering The Goods Series). Sometimes, choosing not to make a delivery will be in the best interest of your customer and yourself.  

Consumer Delivery - Part 25 - Better Late Than Never  - 6/16/2004

(Delivering The Goods Series)."Potius sero quam nunquam"- better late than never-has been an enduring truism. But, in delivering the goods, better late than careless seems a better idea.  

Strategic Thinking For Furniture Retailers  - 6/22/2004

Joe Capillo takes looks at the benefits of taking the time to develop and implement strategic goals. Aspects of this important topic have been developed in the past several issues of FURNITURE WORLD.  

Hiring & Keeping Salespeople - Part 7 - Classified Ads  - 6/25/2004

It seems that it will continue to be a tight labor market for furniture retailers in 2001. That means that you have to have a recruitment program in place. Everyone uses classified ads... and the response can be discouraging. Here are ways to make the most of your classified budget.  

Hiring & Keeping Salespeople - Part 5 -Employee Termination  - 6/25/2004

Of all the responsibilities that business owners and managers have, none is likely to be more distasteful and distressing than having to fire someone. To do it right, communication and documentation are essential.  

The Role Of Vision In Togal Customer Service  - 6/25/2004

Total customer service requires that an organization have more than a sense of goal. It requires that it have a sense of vision as well. The reason why organizations need to have a sense of vision is that total customer service is not a final destination. It is an endless journey.  

Hiring & Keeping Salespeople - Part 4 -Care And Feeding Of Good Managers  - 6/25/2004

Nobody in a retail organization has a stronger impact on success or the lack thereof, than a manager. In the store or the warehouse, the right manager can transform a dull, drab workplace into a vibrant one where people are excited about their work.  

Mission Statement Possible  - 6/25/2004

Goals and the system for developing, managing and tracking them when tied to clear and understandable living missions can begin to drive your company toward the liberation from reactively dealing with urgent issues.  

Your Most Important Asset - Shared Values  - 6/25/2004

Ted Shepherd looks at why many owners have not been able to transfer the very beliefs that were the foundation of their company to the people responsible for taking the business to the next level; their employees.  

Pity The Poor Delivery Driver  - 6/26/2004

Stupid drivers! Honestly, can they ever manage to deliver something without tearing it up? Don’t blame the driver without first looking closely at other areas of your business that may cause or contribute to failures recognized at the time of delivery.  

Get The Most Value From Your Warehouse Consultant  - 6/26/2004

Is the operations side of your company supporting your overall business strategy? Some common indicators that operations improvement is needed are overcrowded warehouses, damaged merchandise, customer complaints, service calls, even exchanges, labor costs and order cancellations.  

Think Outside The Warehouse Box  - 8/10/2004

Unusual circumstances called for a creative solution when Grace Furniture found that they needed to expand and upgrade their warehouse facilities. The old warehouse was used while the new facility was built over it.  

Creating & Managing A Lean Supply Chain  - 8/10/2004

Even smaller home furnishings retailers can cut wasted time, inventory and costs by implementing a “pull” approach to supply chain management.  

The New Delivery Trucks  - 10/5/2004

It may be time to check out your trucks and then visit truck dealerships to see how you may benefit from updating and/or replacing some or all of your vehicles. Dan Bolger describes the features and benefits of the new models.  

Retail Furniture Business Process Redesign  - 10/5/2004

Most retailers look for improvements in stock turnover, sales revenue and value of ticket to name but a few. All these performance metrics are important, but if the basic process is flawed then anything following will be flawed as well. Philip Pugh presents tools and techniques that can help you to identify the best ways to foster continuous improvement in your business processes.  

Retail Groups: Path To Continuous Improvement  - 12/17/2004

A proven model for retail networking in the furniture industry -- retail groups meet regularly to benchmark key indicators with the goal of learning best practices.  

Every Associate A Leader- Part 1  - 12/17/2004

Larry Mullins looks at the organization that does the best job of developing leaders and examines ways to promote integrity, excellence and caring in future retail leaders.  

Every Associate A Leader - Part 2  - 2/8/2005

Test way to develop leaders who can see your company and services the way that they ought to be.  

Transportation Costs & Delays 2005  - 2/8/2005

You can minimize overall transportation cost increases and may actually improve service in 2005.  

Big Employee Theft Problem  - 4/6/2005

Warehouse shrinkage, missing deliveries and customer - employee collusion are a reality. Often these problems go unreported because of insufficient oversight.  

Store Lighting - Part 2 - It’s All About Color!  - 4/6/2005

This long awaited follow-up by Monte Lee shows how lighting with the right CRI and temperature can boost sales, while making the wrong choice might make your store look like the corner grocery.  

Deliver It Right!  - 6/8/2005

It doesn’t matter if you run a distribution center and deliver with your own drivers or use an outside company for all or a portion of these functions. You will, in either case, take the heat or the credit for the arrival condition of furniture you place in your customers’ homes.  

Warehouse Expansion Case  - 8/11/2005

Coconis’ lastest round of expansion was preceeded by careful warehouse planning. Steps taken to better manage people and processes boosted efficiency and made the transition to dealing with increased sales volume easier.  

Retailer's Guide To Lean Logistics  - 8/11/2005

Lean supply chain management is a challenge. Being lean means removing waste from operations. For furniture retailers, time really is money in the form of increased costs including those associated with carrying inventory.  

Time Tested Furniture Repair Techniques  - 8/11/2005

There are lots of good books that will tell you how to repair solid wood furniture, but what about imported furniture built from particleboard and resin? Repairing these products requires a special way of thinking, and some special techniques.  

Better Lighting - Lower Cost  - 10/5/2005

Energy costs are rising, but home furnishings retailers can cut overall costs with new lighting technologies. Part 3 of this series by Monte Lee from FURNITURE WORLD's article archives shows you how to conserve without sacrificing the showroom appearance.  

Beautiful Truck Contest  - 10/5/2005

FURNITURE WORLD readers who “love their trucks” sent photos and filled out questionnaires. Entries were judged on the graphic approach used as well as special modifications and maintenance procedures.  

Supply Chain Management - Part 2  - 10/5/2005

The future of our industry will not belong to any one size company, marketing channel or country of origin. It will belong to manufacturers and retailers that embrace Global Lean Logistics.  

Boston Inc., Plans For Warehouse Growth  - 12/12/2005

Boston Inc., Plans For Warehouse Growth Case study of a family owned chain of four stores that built a centralized warehouse with expansion capabilities to support a high level of customer service during times of rapid sales growth.  

Retailer’s Guide To Managing Hyper Change  - 12/12/2005

Managing organizational change is more important and difficult than most retail managers believe. Ren Baker looks at how focusing on change can help to drive extraordinary performance improvement in retail home furnishings stores.  

Boost Employee Productivity - Part 3  - 12/12/2005

Once you’ve found the factors affecting employee productivity that need improvement, you are ready to make performance improvement a reality. This installment looks at ways to improve individual performance and provide support systems for your employees.  

Warehouse/ Delivery Survey Results For 2006  - 2/14/2006

FURNITURE WORLD readers were asked to identify their most pressing retail operations /inventory management/ warehouse and delivery challenges for 2006. This article offers tools and tips retailers can use to achieve performance improvement in these areas.  

Lean Logistics - Part 3  - 2/14/2006

Lean benefits with compressed cycle time and increased inventory velocity can be had by any firm that is willing to take a serious look at what they do (from a sourcing and logistics standpoint) and how they do it. This installment looks at lean international logistics and value stream mapping.  

Compensation Strategies For Rewarding Top Performance  - 4/17/2006

The compensation methods used by furniture retailers are often ineffective or create a high comfort level for non-performers. Some workers are penalized for performance beyond their control, while others are rewarded for results they have nothing to do with.  

Let's Talk About Trash  - 4/17/2006

It may be time for you to take a close look at how you handle the processing, disposal and recycling of trash and packaging materials such as corrugated, old mattresses and furniture.  

Being Held Hostage By Your Repair People?  - 4/17/2006

Store owners are losing control of their repair departments. Easily fixable imported goods are going to clearance or being written off as junk. It’s a problem that negatively impacts profitability and customer satisfaction.  

Compensation Strategies For Top Performance - Part 2  - 6/9/2006

The second part of this series provides practical advice on how to craft a compensation system that does not reward workers for performance beyond their control or reward them for results they have nothing to do with.  

Beat Back Electricity Hikes With Efficient Lighting  - 6/9/2006

Monte Lee looks at ways to reduce your lighting and electricity costs without sacrificing the quality of your displays. Rates, government regulations and cost saving opportunities are discussed.  

Driving Sales: Consumer Finance Programs - Part 4  - 6/9/2006

This series continues its discussion of financing sources with a look at in-house financing. Strategies and best practices are presented to help you to create additional and larger sales while boosting margins.  

Thinking About Building A New Warehouse?  - 6/9/2006

With about 2,100 decisions to make when creating a new warehouse facility, you need to concentrate on areas where mistakes or omissions are most likely to occur.  

15 Ways To Boost Your Customer Service Competence  - 8/1/2006

All associates involved in customer service are your “ambassadors”. They can make a sale; break a sale; bring customers back or drive them away. Here are the results of a new study that can help you to boost your customer service efforts.  

Seven Step Program To Cut Delivery Costs  - 8/8/2006

Higher fuel prices, the new truck engine specifications, and the changeover to ultra-low-sulphur diesel fuel (ULSD) will certainly affect your delivery cost structure this year. Here are seven ways to keep overall costs in check and get better control over your delivery operations.  

15 Ways To Boost Customer Service - Part 2  - 10/2/2006

This installment looks at specific behaviors sales and customer service associates need to exhibit if they are to provide a high degree of customer service.  

Highly Accurate Inventory  - 10/2/2006

Checklist of policies and procedures that will help you to get accurate inventory counts, reduce theft and boost employee productivity.  

Are You Preparing Frog Soup?  - 10/2/2006

Small, inconvenient problems can add up. Store owners who were “just fine” yesterday, may end up being frog soup tomorrow. The frog soup story provides an insight that many FURNITURE WORLD readers will find both amusing and disturbing.  

Define Your Retail DNA  - 12/7/2006

Harnessing brand power for positive results requires sound strategic thinking. Brand strategy affects everything a store does, and defining yours is worth the time invested. This is the second article in a series by Martin Roberts of GRID2.  

Finding The Perfect Delivery Index  - 12/7/2006

Most successful furniture retailers carefully track sales metrics, but don’t apply the same level of attention to their warehouse operations. The “Perfect Delivery Index” presented in this article, is an effective management tool that lists key data easily pulled from your daily paperwork.  

Preparation For Fixing Your Repair Department  - 12/11/2006

Once you decide to stop sending repairable furniture to clearance, you need to prepare your staff and managers to be fully engaged in the process.  

Dynamic Inventory Management - Part 2  - 2/27/2007

This series looks at tools and techniques you can use to measure and improve the health of your inventory over time.  

Preparation & Response To Disasters  - 3/9/2007

One fire, local storm or water/ sprinkler pipe failure can cost you millions of dollars in property and lost business. Here are three “disaster” case studies and a checklist for preparedness and recovery.  

Are You Inventory Rich and Cash Poor?  - 5/11/2007

Poor buying practices, supplier performance issues and insufficient attention to lean inventory practices are among the major causes of having too much inventory and too little cash.  

2007 Retail Furniture Transportation Update  - 7/17/2007

Recent International Furniture Transportation and Logistics Council conference tracks trends and advances that will affect furniture retailers.  

Dynamic Inventory Management - Part 3  - 7/27/2007

Buyers, who aren’t involved in the inventory management process, produce lower GMROI. It is, therefore, critical that they become expert inventory managers and that their duties don’t end with the filing of a purchase order.  

Delivery Survey 2007  - 9/13/2007

More than 400 readers participated in a FURNITURE WORLD Magazine/ furninfo.com survey on delivery problems and solutions.  

Ask The LightingExpert: Halogen & Heat  - 9/13/2007

Contributing Editor & lighting expert Monte Lee tackles a tough lighting question posted to FURNITURE WORLD Magazine’s furninfo.com message board.  

Turn Your Repair Shop Into A Leather Profit Center  - 9/14/2007

Someone stands to profit from your damaged and defective leather furniture. That “someone” should be you!  

Why 20% Inventory Is Too Much!  - 9/14/2007

You can escape the excess inventory trap before you become too entangled, or avoid it altogether if you understand the reasons why so many otherwise good companies get caught.  

Markdown Strategies That Work!  - 11/9/2007

Part 4 of the Dynamic Inventory Management Series presents the Five Golden Markdown Steps. This efficient markdown system has a considerable impact on profitability and cash flow because it greatly increases turns, improves gross margin, sales and cash flow.  

Tips For Moving Oddball Inventory  - 11/9/2007

If a piece is clearance, then technically, you are getting whatever you can for it, right? Well, why not consider other more profitable options?  

Second FURNITURE WORLD Beautiful Truck Contest  - 1/4/2008

FURNITURE WORLD readers, Majors and Independent Stores entered their amazingly beautiful trucks this year along with advertising, maintenance and delivery tips. Winners are presented in a number of categories including a new one, Retail Show Trucks.  

Add 250,000 Gross Margin $$ Without Raising Prices!  - 3/8/2008

Clearance sales may have their time and place, however, there are many other more productive ways to increase GMROI. You can do this without increasing prices or holding inventory clearance sales.  

Foam Packaging Recycling Basics  - 5/9/2008

Recycling EPS now makes sense for furniture retailers. There are a number of processing alternatives that can change its disposal from a big expense to one that can actually generate a payback.  

7 Steps To Easily Reduce Fuel Costs  - 7/14/2008

Now is the time to look at your delivery systems, in-home service/sales calls and driver education.  

Modern Ways To Maximize Your GMROI - Part 1  - 7/14/2008

This article will highlight some modern ways to increase your GMROI by using technology to pull in extra customers and move merchandise while minimizing costs.  

Build Loyalty Before 5PM With Same Day Service Calls  - 9/10/2008

Roomful Express Furniture improves key operations metrics with new program.  

The Driver’s Role In Perfect Deliveries  - 9/11/2008

Now is the time to look at your delivery systems,in-home service/ sales calls and driver education.  

Top Ten Things Furniture Retailers Need To Know About Lighting  - 9/11/2008

Ten ways to improve your displays, save on your electricity costs and avoid the most common lighting mistakes.  

How To Increase Delivery Fuel Efficiency 25% Or More  - 11/20/2008

Regardless of the brand of trucks you use for delivery, you have the opportunity to save thousands of dollars annually through driver training and motivation.  

A Case Of Stolen Furniture  - 1/14/2009

Max Morgan always thought employee theft was something that happened to others – until it happened to him. This article outlines a plan to catch a furniture store thief working an inside job.  

When Times Are Tough, Use A Warehouse & Delivery Checklist  - 1/14/2009

For most furniture retailers it is virtually impossible to increase sales this year, so you need to focus on items you do control, such as warehouse and delivery.  

Twelve Step Program To Get All Employees On The Same Page  - 1/14/2009

Take these twelve steps to organize your business and you will dramatically increase the focus and accountability of your people.  

Why It Pays To GO GREEN NOW  - 4/6/2009

Most of your customers are not dyed in the wool environmentalists, and most of your best selling products won’t meet their standards. So here’s how you can get started with a small scale sustainable furniture program that can help you to differentiate your brand, and appeal to the majority of your customers.  

Dollars In The Trash Warehouse & Delivery Service Calls  - 4/6/2009

Business is tough, but don’t be your own worst enemy by cutting corners in the warehouse, prep and delivery. Read this article to find tips on reducing costs and improving customer service.  

The Absurdity Of Family Business Decision Making  - 6/12/2009

This is the first installment of a new series by David Lively that deals with family business issues of critical importance to furniture retailers. In this issue, David looks at the pitfalls of making decisions based on a consensus to avoid familial discord.  

Furniture Warehouse Injury & OSHA Data  - 6/12/2009

Fines for improper racking, lift truck problems, electrical issues, hazardous materials and equipment lockout procedures are just some of the most common that furniture retailers have received over the past year. Dan Bolger looks at these issues and provides guidance on how FURNITURE WORLD Magazine readers can reduce injuries as well as avoid running afoul of OSHA regulations.  

Retail Compensation Winners & Losers  - 8/19/2009

Family business owners often struggle with fair compensation for their children who work for them. Either they pay the children too much, or they pay them below market rates. Either extreme is incorrect and can provoke conflict while undermining their self worth.  

Warehouse Case Study  - 8/19/2009

Central Illinois furniture retailer continues to grow by taking advantage of back end operations efficiencies.  

7 Common Characteristics of Profitable Furniture Businesses  - 8/19/2009

What are the characteristics that separate the best operations from the worst?  

Sorry Ma’am, But These Are Factory Standard Defects  - 8/19/2009

Retailers can remedy their sagging sales with something that has nothing to do with sales—and can cost very little as well.  

Path To Sustainable Retail Lighting. LEDS & More  - 10/4/2009

Retailers place great emphasis on sustainability in new construction projects, But what can be done in an existing store to move toward sustainability?  

Avoid Pitfalls While Moving Your Warehouse  - 10/4/2009

Complete your warehouse move with minimal business interruption and cost.  

Is Your Furniture Business Ready for Renewed Growth?  - 11/19/2009

Most retailers interviewed for this article believe business conditions have bottomed and modest growth is here or coming soon. Some are very enthusiastic. Included are their comments, plus tips on how to get your back-end operations in shape so you will be ready to grow as the economy strengthens.  

The Family Furniture Store Business Path  - 11/19/2009

The first generation founds the business. The second generation builds it. And the third generation ruins it. This sounds harsh, but consider that a scant three in ten businesses make it to the second generation. A miniscule one in ten of these makes it through the third. David Lively looks at the steps family business can take to avoid this fate.  

Top Ten Tips To Hire Great Furniture Delivery & Warehouse Managers  - 1/19/2010

The failure rate for new warehouse and delivery managers in retail furniture stores is high. Retailers that promote from within often run up against the Peter Principle. When an outsider is selected, his or her individual style may conflict with your corporate culture or they may have flat out lied about their experience. Here’s how to avoid these problems.  

Special Anniversary Issue: Furniture Industry In The Great Depression  - 3/29/2010

This is a story of missed warning signs, failed furniture industry initiatives and impossible consumer buying behavior.  

Special Anniversary Issue: The Good Old Days 1960-1975  - 4/6/2010

Mike Dugan compares the current decade with those good old days... an era when the Baby Boomers were just entering their furniture buying years.  

Getting Caught In The Cheap Furniture Trap  - 6/7/2010

Retailers like COSTCO don’t lose customers when they sell furniture that fails to live up to customer expectations for quality. The same cannot be said for local furniture retailers. Here are five ways to avoid the cheap furniture trap.  

Major Retailers Share Thoughts On Home Delivery Programs  - 6/7/2010

Topics discussed in a Home Delivery panel discussion at the 2010 International Furniture Transportation & Logistics Council (IFTLC) conference provides Furniture World readers with tips on how to improve operations.  

A Time To Speak About Generational Change  - 7/9/2010

Most family furniture businesses are not prepared to handle wealth transfer. In fact, the majority have made few or no provisions for turning the business over to the next generation.  

The End For Your T-12 Fluorescents?  - 7/9/2010

Major legislation was just passed that affects T12 fluorescent lighting.  

Let's Simplify Your Inventory  - 7/9/2010

David McMahon shows you the core practices that the most profitable businesses follow to achieve the highest return on their inventory investment.  

New Approach To Furniture Delivery Truck Safety  - 7/9/2010

Here's what retailers, manufacturers, importers and specialized carriers need to know about compliance issues related to the new CSA2010 regulations to avoid difficulties.  

Retail Solutions For Preventing Employee Theft  - 9/22/2010

Theft by trusted employees is a big problem for furniture retailers. So what kinds of employee monitoring and process controls should you consider?  

Essential Tool For Furniture Stores: Family Boards  - 11/24/2010

To achieve generational success, families must implement an organized process that allows each key family member to discuss relevant business issues, and express their ideas.  

Pay For Performance!  - 11/24/2010

A prime reason why top performing companies out perform their average performing peers is because they pay people extra when they perform better. Here is how to go about taking this path to success.  

Costly Retail Headache: Buyer's Remorse  - 11/24/2010

Two to ten percent of furniture deliveries result in a return or exchange when there is nothing wrong with the furniture. This fact points to opportunities to drastically reduce returns by attending to a few details before, during and after delivery.  

Five Smart Steps To e-Tail Inventory Management  - 1/5/2011

Today, consumers initiate their shopping experience. If they find you through Google, you have a chance to get their business. Here’s how to manage your e-tail inventory to make the most of an initial website contact. Included is a 12-step process that will help to make their buying decision easier.  

Outlook For Furniture Industry Transportation 2011  - 1/5/2011

There will be significant challenges for furniture transportation in 2011 and beyond.  

Nine Lessons On The Proper Use Of Retail Authority  - 1/5/2011

Retail furniture leaders wield authority and must submit to it as well. Here’s how to do both in a way that accomplishes key goals.  

Manual Techniques For Moving furniture  - 3/16/2011

In our current era of robotics and other high-tech solutions, it is easy to overlook the necessity and importance of smart manual handling.  

How to Escape From The Entitlement Trap  - 7/12/2011

Sometimes thoughts of entitlement grow so entrenched that family members believe they have the right to use company resources without permission or to direct company employees even though they have no direct management responsibility in the organization.  

Prevent Warehouse Bed Bug Infestations  - 10/5/2011

Practical steps to minimize risks of warehouse infestation, negative media attention and frivolous consumer lawsuits.  

Quick & Easy Furniture Repair  - 10/5/2011

Do you have a backlog of damaged stock? Are your quick and easy finish repair solutions turning out to be neither quick nor easy?