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Love Furniture Profits Tip: 11 Ways To Get More Out Of Each Client

Furniture World News Desk on 2/12/2015

By David Love
Love Furniture Profits

Let’s all agree on this: it’s easier to sell more to an existing client than it is to get more clients. It’s been reported that she is worth at least 10 times her initial purchase.

Here are some ways to do this.

  1. Offer more products and services
  2. Make offers to them more often
  3. Reward frequent purchasers
  4. Reward high volume purchasers
  5. Create a “VIP” Club with privileges for your best clients.
  6. Learn more about each client. Tailor offers to match
  7. Communicate with them with information, education, fun, stories. i.e. don’t just make offer after offer.
  8. Communicate consistently
  9. Communicate more often 
  10. Become “the place” to buy what your clients want
  11. Periodically ask/survey/ your clients to find out what else they want and would buy
  12. Give them want they want, not what you think they want.

Here’s to boosting your profits in 2015.

These little weekly articles can only scratch the surface. To find out more, go to www.lovefurnitureprofits.com to download your $97 (but free to you) Special Report. “5 Long Lost Secrets of Scientific Furniture and Mattress Advertising that work like magic in today’s economy to get you more customers, more sales, more profits.” David can be reached at david@lovefurnitureprofits.com. Phone: 803.764.3977.

About David Love and Love Furniture Profits. Love Furniture Profits is an advertising consulting and coaching firm which works with a wide variety of furniture and mattress stores to help them slash advertising waste and pocket more profits. His typical client is someone who is good at what they do. Buying, display, sales training, deliveries. All the normal store functions. What they struggle with is getting enough people through the door. That’s where he can help.
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