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Love Furniture Profits Tip: 5 Unknown Furniture Marketing Secrets You Can Profit From

Furniture World News Desk on 11/8/2014

By David Love
Love Furniture Profits

  • Is your store successful now, but you want to get to the next level?
  • Are you frustrated because you wish you got better results from your advertising efforts?
  • Are you frustrated because your business seems to be running you?
  • Are you frustrated because you don't have time to even think about marketing, much less know what makes it work or what to do next?

If you answered "YES" to any one or more of those questions, you’ll benefit mightily from the Five Secrets I’ll reveal here and over the next four weeks.

Here we go:

Furniture Marketing Secret #1. Being good at what you do is not good enough. You know you're good at running a store. You know you're good at training your sales people. You know you're good at taking care of your customers. You know you're good at controlling expenses. Your deliveries are top notch. And so on.

You know how to do everything about running your business probably better than I could ever imagine doing even on my best day. Except one thing: getting customers in the door. Unfortunately, everything you know how to do better than I could imagine doing even on my best day, is pretty much worthless if somebody doesn't deliver customers through your doors.

It doesn't matter if you're going a million or less, or 5 or 10 million or more. It doesn't matter if you have one store or 2 or 3 or more. If you do a good job, if you treat your customers right, if you have excellent products and services . . . IF, IF, IF . . . you'll make a lot of money. right? NOT NECESSARILY!

As you are acutely aware, today's furniture world is intensely competitive. Just look at the web sites of stores in your town. Everybody is selling essentially the same things. National chains. Big Box stores. On line marketers. Prices lower than low. Extended financing longer than long. All that makes it difficult for the small to mid-size independents. Even larger independents. It also presents lots of opportunities.

So . . . you run an ad. You mail a post card. You have a dynamite web site. Why should anyone call you or come in? Because you're good at what you do? Because you're such a nice person? SADLY -- NO.

Don't fall victim to thinking, "If I do everything right, people will beat a path to my door." In today's hectic world, nobody's beating a path to anyone's door.

So, what do you do?

To be revealed next week in Furniture Marketing Secret #2.

These little weekly articles can only scratch the surface of what you can do to more effectively market your goods and services. To find out more, get your free copy ($97, but free to any furniture or mattress store) of my breakthrough Special Report, “5 Long Lost Secrets of Scientific Furniture and Mattress Advertising that work like magic in today’s economy for any furniture or mattress store to get you more customers, more sales, more profits.” Go right now to www.lovefurnitureprofits.com. David can be reached at david@lovefurnitureprofits.com. Phone: 803.764.3977.

Do you have an marketing frustration you’d like me to address? Shoot me an email and I’ll talk about it in a future article.

About David Love and Love Furniture Profits. Love Furniture Profits is an advertising consulting and coaching firm that works with small to medium size furniture and mattress stores that want better results from their advertising.

David is a 42 year furniture/mattress, in the trenches, industry veteran. His background includes retail furniture sales. Manager of a retail furniture store. 22 years on the road making money for companies like Sealy Mattress and Best Chairs. His territory and his retailers achieved sometimes remarkable sales increases due to the expert advertising and sales advice he gave. He has also owned and sold his own profitable store and was a highly regarded sales manager of a top 100 furniture store.
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