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Ode to HFA's retailer benefits... Texas style

In Texas, we like our colorful sayings. It is probably one reason much of the country thinks we Texans couldn't pour water out of a boot with a hole in the toe and the directions on the heel. Just don't treat us like we're dumb, because nothing puts a burr in a cowboy's saddle faster than some all-hat-and-no-cattle stranger putting us down. See what I mean about colorful sayings?

Anyway, it's no hill for a stepper to recognize that the benefits of being a member of HFA are as thick as fleas on a farm dog. What's that you say? You belong to a buying group or a performance group and don't see the need for another membership? Well, friend, that smells like the breeze from an outhouse to me.

You see, like many other HFA members, I also belong to a buying group and a performance group. The buying group helps me secure the best possible net price for the goods that I sell. The performance group allows me to dive deep into my company's details with other retailers to find operational gains. If either of these concepts has you as confused as a loose-boweled goat on AstroTurf, send me an email. I'll tell you how each has been essential to my businesses and help you make connections.

HFA has similar benefits to those groups but then goes well beyond. The leadership, education, and government relations programs HFA created during the pandemic highlight the value of membership. I like having folks around me with plenty of notches on their gun, and HFA provides that. Big chains, small locals, manufacturer reps (an enormous oft-overlooked resource), vendor execs, other industry organizations, and service providers of all types are there—each a phone call or email away. As the central hub, indeed our industry's voice, HFA has all these key players in their hen house.

How do you take advantage of this benefit? Call HFA at 800.422.3778. Tell them your question or need. They will connect you with others who might be able to help. It is slick as a whistle and faster than small-town gossip.

Take it from this Texan, membership in HFA is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. Check it out. You will be happy as a hog in mud that you did!

For more information on HFA visit https://myhfa.org/.

A  feature about Home Furnishings Association's retail members, legislation affecting the furniture industry and other retail news from HFA.