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Content about HFA member-retailers contributed by HFA.

In this year of change, HFA remains a source for retailers looking to grow

In October 2019, HFA held its inaugural HFA CEO Summit in California. We brought together 40 Top-100 retailers so that as a group we could discuss the issues facing every home furnishings retailer, no matter their size. Why is that important? Why focus on the largest retailers?

First, HFA is the association for ALL furniture retailers. We were founded to support members from the smallest to the largest. But even more important, HFA is about bringing all influence and insight to bear on issues and challenges faced by our industry. Little did we know that the relationships we built at CEO Summit would become so important this past March when the pandemic hit. Because of that first Summit, HFA was positioned to bring everyone together to share best practices, collectively promote our industry as essential and safe, and lobby for relief from city halls to Capitol Hill. None of that could have happened without influence and involvement from retailers of all sizes.

Our second CEO Summit in October could not happen in person because of the pandemic, but we were able to come together virtually for important business sessions. The struggles for these Top-100 attendees mirror what all members are going through, and much of it focused on the customer.

Their experience is being tested by product delivery delays.

Their frustrations are spilling out on social media, impacting how some retailers and their reputations are perceived.

Their shopping experience is forever changed by Covid, and retailers need to adapt.

There was also an internal focus, discussions on how to ensure employees feel whole and appreciated after many saw co-workers let go. Your employees communicate with your frustrated customers. They are a key resource between your brand and your customers. You need to support them emotionally and equip them to handle a range of issues they are facing in these unprecedented times.

We are already looking forward to our 2021 CEO Summit because change is a constant, never more evident than this year. That’s why HFA will continue to bring retailers together, listen to their needs, work to find solutions and share the best practices we learn along the way. Our industry’s future depends on it.

For more information on HFA visit https://myhfa.org/.

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