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A Tale of Two Talents

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Light-dark, soft-hard, up-down, yin-yang, right-left. Neither can exist without the other. Likewise, great furniture businesses cannot exist without a vibrant creative side, people who love home furnishings design; as well as those with business talent, reps, buyers and managers whose heads swim with thoughts of GMROI and the next big sale.

In our industry, plenty of resources are invested to bring along the next generation of business talent, but more can be done to nurture great furnishings design. Supporting furniture design schools like Kendall, SCAD and Appalachian State, plus design resources such as the Bienenstock Furniture Library in High Point, are a good place to start.

The Furniture Library is THE PLACE for furniture and interior designers to do research, and develop the next great furnishings ideas. It supports creative talent through its design competition awards and programs.

The Library needs help to continue this work. In 2015, it hopes to raise $100,000 to expand the collection and fund the preservation of important and rare furniture design books so that they will be available for future generations. You can support this effort by becoming a Friend of the Library at any level. In High Point, please check out it’s facilities for research, educational seminars and events at 1009 North Main Street. Visit furniturelibrary.com

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Russell Bienenstock
Editorial Director/CEO
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About Cathy Finney: Cathy Finney, effervescent sales educator, motivator and  management consultant was a longtime contributing editor to FURNITURE WORLD Magazine. Cathy helped retail furniture store sales and design associates to turn customers (she called them Fred and Ethel) into clients. An enthusiastic mentor and friend to up-and-coming salespeople, she told them to remember that they are skilled professionals and that “Ethel” needs them to get the best possible result for her room or project. 

Finney got her start in the furniture business with Ethan Allen where she worked closely with Furniture Hall of Fame member Nathan Ancell. Her company, Ancell Affiliates \"T 'N T" resulted from that close relationship. She passed away at 59 years of age after a long struggle with Multiple Sclerosis. For more information about Cathy and here work email editor@furninfo.com.