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Editor's Corner: September/October 2012 Issue

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In the September/October 2012 issue’s lead article, Larry Mullins writes about a psychological space called the Fifth Quadrant. It’s a place, he writes, where great salespeople learn to be “perfectly balanced between aggressiveness and compassion, between self-interest and client interest.” How many Furniture World readers wish that the people they manage had the capacity to represent their stores in just this way? Quite a few I imagine. 

Unfortunately, hoping for, or insisting that people ignore the stresses in their daily lives so they can engage co-workers and customers in a balanced, healed and professional way won’t get us very far. 

That's why Furniture World Magazine has asked George Chen, founder of Mindful Skills (www.mindfulskills.com) to write a series of online tips and columns in upcoming issues. Besides being a well-respected meditation teacher, George has substantial experience in high-level corporate negotiations, and has spent decades applying the principles of mindfulness to business situations.

George will offer tools and techniques, supported by up-to-date scientific research, to help your people become more positive, empathic and effective, both at work and in their personal lives. He will also answer questions about how to approach challenging work-related situations at http://forum.furninfo.com/Topics/40205.

Click here to read his first installment, "Furniture Retail MIndfulness Skill Tip #1: The Science & Practice of Smiling In Retail Sales".

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