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Barton Bienenstock To Receive First David Druckman Lifetime Achievement Award

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Barton I. Bienenstock has been named the first recipient of the David Druckman Lifetime Achievement Award. The Award will be presented at the Greater NY Home Furnishings Association's Dinner & Dance on November 20, 1999 at Terrace On The Park. When told about the award, Bienenstock who is Publisher of FURNITURE WORLD Magazine said, "What is this award really about? This is not the David Druckman Made a Billion Bucks Award. This is not the David Druckman Clawed His Way To The Top Award. This is the David Druckman Lifetime Achievement Award. It is a memorial to the way David lived his life. "It's a achievement go to work every day for over 40 years, because you like the people, the work and the effort. "It's an achievement to bring a business through tough times and find a way, with the help of others to add value to a changing industry. "It is an achievement to help your customers who become your friends to pursue their dreams --even if this defies common sense and prudent business practice. "It's an achievement to be fortunate enough to see the next generation step into your shoes and more than fill them. "It's an achievement to not let your business life become all of your life – to never become so impressed or enamored with success that you forget more important possibilities. "These were among the many achievements that defined David Druckman's life. I'm honored, to have enough in common with him to be first recipient of the David Druckman Lifetime Achievement Award." Bienenstock who has been at the forefront of furniture industry communications for over 40 years resides on a restored antique boat in New Rochelle NY. He is on the Board of Directors and a past president of the American Furniture Hall of Fame and a Director of the Bernice Bienenstock Furniture Library founded in 1970 by FURNITURE WORLD. The library contains the largest collection of books on furniture design and construction in the world and awards 30 scholarships annually. He has also served on the Board of the Greater New York Home Furnishings Association for many years. He has been the recipient of numerous awards including the Meadoff Award for Sportsmanship and the Gold Brotherhood Medallion from the National Conference of Christians Jews. For more information on attending this dinner which will also honor Steve Halper of Seamans furniture who will receive the Jerry Gans Memorial Award for Distinguished Service contact russ@furninfo.com HISTORY: FURNITURE WORLD was founded in 1870 by several prominent furniture retailers. It is the oldest continuously published trade magazine in the US. Back then, its newspaper format and regional content focused on the major centers of furniture commerce in Boston, New York and Philadelphia. In 1922 FURNITURE WORLD was purchased by Furniture Hall of Fame member Sandy Bienenstock who guided the book for the next 40 years. The editorial format and distribution of the magazine expanded along with the western and southern growth of the furniture industry. FURNITURE WORLD became the premier national monthly home furnishings magazine, which offered regional advertising to manufacturers through its sister publication FURNITURE SOUTH. In 1970 FURNITURE WORLD founded and endowed the Bernice Bienenstock Furniture Library, which contains the largest collection of books on furniture in the World. Now a Public foundation, the Library offers 30 scholarships annually, and contains more than 8,000 books; many rare and of great historical value. In the 1980s, the regional publication of FURNITURE SOUTH was discontinued and the editorial format re-designed to become less news oriented. This format consists of articles on retail marketing, operations management, finance, retail sales management and sales education. Furninfo.com, the electronic version of FURNITURE WORLD provides complimentary home furnishings industry content to internet users worldwide.