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New Eames (tm) Paper Collection Inspired by Legendary Designers

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Neenah Paper has launched a dazzling, one-of-a-kind brand inspired by the design duo Charles and Ray Eames. Based on the designers’ ground-breaking work and philosophies, the EamesTM Paper Collection features three palettes and unique surface finishes previously unexplored on paper. The EamesTM Paper Collection was developed to give graphic designers a new toolkit of papers to inspire their printed promotions to greater heights. The colors range from primaries to brights, vivid whites to earth tones. “Both Neenah Paper and the Eames Office are committed to making a real contribution to the world of paper that uses the Eames designs, colors and genuine passion for good paper,” said Eames Demetrios, the couple’s grandson and Director of the Eames Office, which is committed to communicating, preserving, and extending the designers’ legacy and work. “Charles and Ray’s work was the result of looking at the world in a different way —a philosophy and process that is worth sharing in many different dimensions. By launching this remarkable new paper, we are extending a process of exploration that Charles and Ray started.” The finishes not only embrace the Eames spirit as principle, but also specifically connect to the textures, patterns and colors found in their architecture, design and photography. Papers in the Architecture Palette have a diffused finish, a rippled texture that is reminiscent of the movable panels in the Eameses’ home. The palette features excellent folding and scoring characteristics and offers six colors in 50 lb. Text weight, with matching envelopes. The Painting Palette is based on colors used in the Eameses’ artwork. The finish is a rich emboss similar to a painter’s canvas, which creates a dense surface that is easy to print on using traditional, specialty or digital technology. The finish is also available “primed” with a gesso inspired coating to enhance printing. Six colors with matching envelopes are available in four Writing, Text, Cover and Double Thick Cover weights. The Furniture Palette has a weave finish and was inspired by the vibrant colors of Eames plastic chairs. The weave finish is organic and subtly different as the weight or color of the paper changes. Six colors with matching envelopes are available in six Writing, Text, Cover and Double Thick Cover weights. “Graphic designers, like architects or industrial designers want interesting and functional materials to work with,” said Steve Sikora, Creative Director for Design Guys, the firm that developed the swatchbook and other ultra hip promotional materials for the cutting-edge brand. “The demand for something radically new in paper spurred us to look at the creative process in a different way, just as Charles and Ray Eames approached design with a new set of eyes.” Both the Furniture and Painting Palettes are made with 30 percent post-consumer recycled content. They are laser, inkjet and high-speed copier compatible in Writing, Text, Cover and Double Thick Cover Weights. “The EamesTM Paper Collection has endless possibilities,” said Gerry Rector, Senior Brand Manager. “In addition, we wanted to create a paper that was environmentally sensitive and also performed in all the ways that designers need. For designs that create impact, this collection is it.” Fun With Eames: Perhaps no other promotional sample better represents the creative genius of the Eameses than the Giant House of Cards, which has been re-issued using Neenah Paper. They are colorful panels to build with, each with a graphic design taken from the arts, the sciences and the world around us. Designers might want to also take time to spin the tops produced using the EamesTM Paper Collection. Based on the classic Eames film, it is a fun way to unwind. For further information about the EamesTM Paper Collection, please contact your local authorized Neenah Paper merchant or call 1-800-558-5061 and press “5.” You can also email finepaper@neenahpaper.com or visit www.neenahpaper.com/eames to learn more. A listing of local authorized Neenah Paper merchants is available at www.neenahpaper.com/findadistributor. About Neenah Paper, Inc. Neenah Paper manufactures and distributes a wide range of premium and specialty paper grades, with well-known brands such as CLASSIC®, ENVIRONMENT®, KIMDURA® and MUNISING LP®. The company also produces and sells bleached pulp, primarily for use in the manufacture of tissue and writing papers. Neenah Paper is based in Alpharetta, Georgia, and has manufacturing operations in Wisconsin, Michigan and in the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Nova Scotia. Additional information about Neenah Paper can be found at the company’s web site at www.neenah.com.