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Flex-A-Bed's Standard Model

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Standard Flex-A-Bed Model

Flex-A-Bed Standard Model Features

  • Independent head and foot operation.

  • Optional 30-minute timed single massage.

  • Open frame construction.

  • Heavy duty ball casters.

  • Hotel quality, non-allergenic, easy to service Burlington ticking.

  • Offered in all sizes.

  • Each bed equipped with headboard brackets.

  • 5-year limited warranty on the entire bed.

The Standard Flex-a-Bed with a 5-year warranty is an excellent value at an affordable price. The 7" mattress is non-reversible, with a multi-needle puff quilted cover over soft foam for a plush feel on a single sleeping surface. It is not a promotional bed. It has the same high quality foam foundation, plywood platforms, and motors as the Deluxe. Quality has not been sacrificed to provide a low price, the Standard simply does not offer as many features as the Deluxe. Although the Deluxe is the bed you will sell most often, the Standard is needed to give your customers a comparison and choice. Also, you will not lose those customers who cannot afford the higher priced Deluxe.