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Flex-A-Bed Dual King Features

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"Dual King" Flex-A-Bed

Flex-A-Bed "Dual King" Features
Separate controls provide comfort without disturbing your bed partner. Flex-A-Bed fits all headboards and is not different in appearance from any quality bed when flat. Whether you simply like to read a good book or watch television before dropping off to sleep, Flex-A-Bed is the easy way to do it. No stacks of pillows-no piles of covers. You have a choice of any variation of support so that you can enjoy in complete comfort.

Two Twins used as a "Dual King" and the optional vibrator will convince you that you have never known relaxation before. Flex-A-Bed is a surprisingly affordable luxury.


Note: Sheets for the Dual King should be Twin 80" fitted sheets on the bottom and King 76" x 80" top sheet, blanket, and bedspread.
  • Read: Fully contoured, Flex-A-Bed lets you read, watch TV, or doze in completely supported comfort.

  • Lounge: With head raised, you can dine from a tray, use a typewriter, take a snooze or just sit and talk.

  • Relax: With the foot up, Flex-A-Bed lets you stretch leg and back muscles for relief from tension and fatigue.

  • Sleep: Flex-A-Bed can be every bit a standard bed with the best supportive sleeping surface they've ever tried.