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FLEX-A-BED is truly the Adjustable Bed Specialists!! We have a 54,000 sq. ft. factory in Lafayette, Georgia, which we built in 1979 solely for the manufacture of electric adjustable beds, and it is the ONLY PRODUCT we manufacture. Manufacturing the entire product (mattress, motors, frames) allows us strict quality control, and our 30 years experience helps us produce the best bed on the market.

Of all the beds on the market, Flex-a-Bed is the only company that MANUFACTURES the entire product. The other beds are offered by either direct sales companies, flat mattress companies, or assemblers. Direct sales companies are exactly that, sales organizations. They don't make any part of the bed (although oftentimes claiming to be the actual manufacturer), and either sell over the phone or in the home using high-pressure sales tactics.

Flat mattress companies buy a base from another company, put their mattress on it, and sell it as their bed. These beds usually have at least 2 warranties (one on the mattress and one on the base), and are limited in the sizes and options offered. At Flex-a-Bed, special sizes are no problem. If you were buying a flat bed, these flat bed companies would be a good choice since that's their expertise. But this is an ADJUSTABLE bed ... it moves, and the weight distribution on the mattress is different! When considering a product as specialized as the adjustable bed, go with the company that specializes in adjustable beds - FLEX-A-BED!


FLEX-A-BED is truly the Adjustable Bed Specialists!! We have a 54,000 sq. ft. factory in Lafayette, Georgia which we built in 1979 solely for the manufacture of electric adjustable beds, and it is the ONLY PRODUCT we manufacture. Manufacturing the entire product (mattress, motors, frames) allows us strict quality control.

The following are a few points on the Flex-a-Bed that show how our 30-years experience helps us provide the best bed on the market!

  • PLYWOOD PLATFORMS on all beds (no pressboard).

  • Fully wrapped WOOD TRIM PANELS with no rough painted wood showing on top. Doweled for easy replacement.

  • TOTALLY ENCLOSED MOTORS (no exposed threaded shaft), requiring no future maintenance.

  • Easy-to-use SLIDE SWITCHES on hand control (especially helpful for those customers with limited strength in their fingers).

  • HAND CONTROL HOLDERS for convenience and protection of hand control.

  • POSITIVE LINK MECHANISM (no belts or wheels).

  • HEADBOARD BRACKETS provided with each bed (no extra charge).

  • Attractive powder coated mattress RETAINER BAR (covered on HiRiser).

  • Both models available with or without MASSAGE.

  • All massage motors have 30-MINUTE SOLID STATE TIMERS.

  • SINGLE-SIDED and DOUBLE-SIDED mattresses available, with luxurious 1-1/2" puff quilting on each sleeping surface THREE MATTRESS FIRMNESSES available (no extra charge) THREE MATTRESS LENGTHS available (74", 80", and 84") Mattresses INNERTUFTED to prevent shifting or bunching, with no unsightly buttons showing.


  • DUAL KING or QUEEN BRACKETS, or LOCKING CASTERS available (for those folks worried about the beds moving apart).

  • SIDERAILS available (for those folks wanting a little more security or something to hang on to getting in and out of bed).

  • Warranties are TRANSFERABLE, non-prorated, and one warranty covers the entire bed.
  • SPECIAL SIZES or heights available (we can build to suit your needs).

    Twin: 38x80 Full: 53x80 Queen: 60x80



    It's a 15-year limited warranty on the Deluxe and a 5-year limited warranty on the Standard and Hi-Low models. Flex-a-Bed's non-prorated warranty covers every part of the product including mattress, motors, and frame, and is a transferable warranty (not limited to the original purchaser).

    The 30-minute solid state timer is automatically activated when the vibrator is turned on. With use of the vibrator switch, the vibrator can be turned off before thirty minutes are up, or reset for another 30 minutes.

    The new Flex-a-Bed arrives completely assembled and ready for use. The delivery person will merely un-carton the bed, put on the casters, and plug it in. A headboard can be easily attached with use of the headboard brackets that come with each bed. No periodic service is required.

    It may with a prescription from a doctor, but don't base the purchase on it.

    Flex-a-Bed is the oldest and largest manufacturer specializing only in adjustable beds and offers more quality, service, options, and experience.


Flex-a-Bed's mattresses have been tested using the Cornell and the Rollator tests, and we have been assured our mattresses have the best construction of any other adjustable bed mattress on the market, with the least amount of depression, and excellent firmness retention. Adjustable mattresses are used differently ... weight distribution is different (60% of the occupants weight is in the seat section) and they move, they bend. Therefore it is important special steps are taken to provide the best possible mattress on an adjustable bed. That's why when buying a bed as specialized as an adjustable bed you should go with the bed manufactured by a company who specializes in adjustable beds - FLEX-A-BED!


1. Our 336 coil heat-tempered Bonnell spring unit is the premium unit for adjustable beds. Each coil is 5-1/2" tall, with 5 turns per coil for maximum support. Spring units with higher coil counts may sound better, but the more coils, the smaller the diameter of each coil must be, with fewer turns and less support.

2. Our FLEXNET covers the top and bottom of our spring unit for strength and durability.

3. Flex-A-Bed's high quality 1-1/2" Comfortlayer provides firmness choices of soft, medium and extra firm. The entire mattress is innerbonded to insure durability and superb tailoring throughout the life of the mattress.

4. For that added feeling of luxury, we use plush 4-layer cushion on the sleeping surface of our mattresses ... but unlike the pillow top, our top is actually tape-edged all the way around to secure it to our mattress sides and bottoms, again to prevent shifting or bunching.

Always remember - this is a moving mattress and it is extremely important all components of our mattress are attached to each other to provide the customer with a quality mattress that will last.

WHAT ABOUT PILLOW TOP MATTRESSES? Although they look cushier, body depression is a definite problem in a very short time. Also, since it is a moving, bending mattress we feel it is extremely important to secure the puff quilting (or pillow top) on all four sides for better, long-lasting tailoring. Looks can be deceiving, and we feel our customers and dealers recognize quality and would prefer a mattress that is made for use on adjustable beds, and that they will not be experiencing problems with later on.

WHAT ABOUT REVERSIBLE MATTRESSES? We have single-sided and double-sided mattresses available, with luxurious 1-1/2" puff quilting on the sleeping surface of every mattress. Our single-sided mattress is nonreversible, and our double-sided mattress is fully reversible. We suggest rotating our mattresses head to foot on a regular basis for even wear and maximum durability.

CAN I GET DIFFERENT MATTRESS FIRMNESSES? Yes! In both models and all sizes! Our most popular firmness is MEDIUM, but we do offer SOFT and EXTRA-FIRM at no extra charge. We obtain our different firmnesses through our inner construction, so your customer can purchase two twins with a different firmness on each bed, and when put side by side as a dual king, they will be the same in height.

WHAT ABOUT LATEX OR FOAM MATTRESSES? We can provide natural rubber latex mattresses or Resilitex mattress through special order.


SWINGAWAY BRACKETS: When two beds are attached to a king or queen size headboard, they become stationary and it is difficult to change the inside corners of the fitted sheets. These brackets create a hinge between the customer's headboard and our headboard brackets so the beds can swing apart yet remain attached to the headboard.

DUAL KING OR QUEEN BRACKETS: Although the weight of each bed as well as the type of carpet casters we use prevent two beds from moving apart, we do make a U-shaped bracket that slips over the inside frame of two beds to hold the beds together. These would be used by people who don't have carpet in their bedroom or by those who are nervous that the beds will move apart.

SIDERAILS: We have siderails available for those folks who need a little more security or something to hang on to getting in and out of bed. We don't recommend displaying our beds with siderails as it would tend to make a potential customer think of a "hospital" bed, thus limiting your market. Don't worry, if they need siderails, they'll ask!

HIGHER BEDS: We can make our beds 2" to7" HIGHER by use of simple leg extensions.

LOWER BEDS: We can make our beds 2" lower by simply removing the casters and replacing them with caps. If the customer wants casters on their bed or after removing the casters need the bed lower still, we can accomplish this by using 2 or 3" foam in the foundation rather than our normal 4" high density foam.

SHEETS: Twin size fitted sheets in the 80" length, known as "twin long" sheets, are easily found in most department stores. Flex-a-Bed can provide you with sheets in odd sizes such as (30x80, 38x80. 38x84 or 53x80).

HEAT: There is no manufacturer that will make an adjustable mattress with heat built in due to the bending action of the mattress. The "heat" normally offered by direct sales companies is merely an electric mattress pad that can be found in most department stores.