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Top Fifteen Furniture Signage Tips

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The best way to "dress" your store for success!

  • Handmade promotional and display materials communicate a lack of planning, sloppiness, and insensitivity to the visually aware shopper. Do not use them.
  • Make your signs look consistent. A customer should not be surprised with a new look or typestyle on each sign.
  • Sign your high margin items. Most customers will buy a product that is signed instead of a non-signed item in the same category. So why sign only your sale items?
  • If you hear the same customer questions over and over, provide great service by putting the answer on a sign. Then ask your sales people for other common questions.
  • Make a sign that welcomes individuals or groups to your store. Keep aware of what's happening in your area, then promote and sign your store accordingly.
  • Be specific in your ad, flyer and sign copy. "Sofa, $424.95" doesn't say very much. What is unique or special about the item?
  • Make your pricing easy to understand on signs. Do the math for people.
  • Help your customer buy the best product by signing similar items with an increasing number of features.
  • Don't say the obvious, such as "Assorted Colors." Customers can see that for themselves.
  • Sign beyond your advertising. Customers often trade themselves up to better, higher margin items.
  • Instead of saying "50% Off" on your sign, flyer or coupon, use a dollar amount. "$20 Off" may give you as big an impact and cost you less.
  • Signs are for your employees, too. Use them to inform and motivate.
  • Promote and sign every one of your services.
  • If the store has done something special, put it on a sign. Do the same for employee achievements.
  • Use signs to ask for customer feedback. You will get many good ideas. After all, they are future buyers too.

List from from Insignia Systems, a supplier of in-store display and sign producing hardware and software.

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