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Ads That Get Results - Part 2

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New A.T.T.I.T.U.D.E.S Survey shows where you should advertise to reach consumers who plan to purchase dining room furniture in the fourth quarter.

Here is the second installment of one of the most useful resources of the year. The Lance Benefield & Co. A.T.T.I.T.U.D.E.S. survey of prospective buyers in the marketplace for the Fourth Quarter of 1997. The report is divided into three different sections, the first of which was featured in the October 1997 issue of FURNITURE WORLD.

This month, television viewing preferences for consumers who are planning to purchase the most important product category for the November selling season will be covered... dining room.

Is the survey 100% accurate? Nothing is. Is it close to being accurate? Yes! How do we know this? Because we have placed the vast majority of our client's media investment against the survey over the past five years and their sales have increased substantially.

Prime Time: The number one program to advertise on is "The Simpsons" on FOX, Sunday evenings. The index of this program is 46% above the norm or average. "Ellen" (ABC-Wednesday) is second, slightly ahead of "Suddenly Susan" (NBC-Monday). "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" (CBS-Saturday) is fourth, while "E.R." (NBC-Thursday) ranks fifth. "Family Matters" (CBS-Friday); "America's Most Wanted" (FOX-Friday); and "Drew Carey Show" (ABC-Wednesday) rank sixth, seventh and eighth respectively. "Fraiser" (NBC-Tuesday) and "Seinfeld" (NBC-Thursday) are tied for ninth. These are the top ten prime time programs to advertise on if you are trying to sell the category of dining room furniture up to $499 during the fourth quarter, 1997.

Prime Time: Continuing in Prime Time, the number one program in this category within this price point is "Beverly Hills 90210" on FOX, Wednesday evenings. It is 80% above the norm or average. Second is "Cybill" (CBS-Monday) followed by "Law & Order" (NBC-Wednesday). In fourth is "Ellen" (ABC-Wednesday) followed by "E.R." (NBC-Thursday). Sixth is "Chicago Hope" (CBS-Wednesday); seventh is "3rd Rock From The Sun" (NBC-Wednesday); while two NBC shows are tied for eighth, "Friends" (Thursday) and "Caroline in the City" (Monday). Rounding out the top ten is "The Simpson's" (FOX-Sunday). There is one other program to look at in prime time for this price point within this category..."X-Files" (FOX-Sunday). It also performs very well.

Prime Time: The number one prime time program to reach the audience who wishes to purchase dining room furniture in the upper end of the price point range is ABC's "NYPD Blue" (Tuesday) with the highest index of nearly 75% above the average program. Second is "Mad About You" (NBC-Tuesday). Tied for third are the NBC powerhouses "Friends" and "Seinfeld", both on Thursday evenings. Fifth is "Fraiser" (NBC-Tuesday), followed by "Caroline in the City" (NBC-Monday). Seventh is "X-Files (FOX-Sunday), followed by CBS's "Touched by an Angel" (Sunday). Tied for ninth is "E.R." (NBC-Thursday) and "20/20" (ABC-Friday).

Morning/ Daytime/ Syndicated TV Shows: If you want to sell dining room in this category, "Geraldo" is far and away the leading program with an index 178% above the norm or average program. This syndicated program is seen Monday through Friday in most markets. Second is "Rickki Lake Show"; third is "Maury Povich"; fourth is "Roseanne" reruns; fifth is "Sally Jesse Raphael". Sixth is "All My Children (ABC-Mon thru Fri) followed by "CBS This Morning". This is the only morning television news program to be ranked in this category. Eighth is "General Hospital" (ABC-Mon thru Fri), while "Simpson's" reruns and "Family Matters" reruns are ninth and tenth.

Morning/ Daytime/ Syndicated TV Shows: There are only six programs to consider within this price point and category. "All My Children (ABC Mon-Fri) is the leader followed closely by "Young & Restless" (CBS). "Oprah Winfrey" follows in third, while "Good Morning America" (ABC-Mon thru Fri) tops all news programs in this price point and category for fourth. In fifth is "Wheel of Fortune" and in sixth "The Simpson's" reruns

Morning/ Daytime/ Syndicated TV Shows: In the high end, "Family Matters" reruns places first but is closely followed by "Good Morning America" (ABC). These two programs dominate this price point category for morning/daytime/syndicated programming. In third is "Seinfeld" reruns in syndication. Fourth is "All My Children", the top rated high end soap (ABC) while in fifth "Home Improvement" reruns capture a good portion of this audience. In the final and sixth position is "The Simpson's" reruns. It continues to perform well in all price points, but especially in the middle to high end.

Remember, this survey was conducted with over 25,000 respondents and is good for only the fourth quarter 1997. Next month....Bedrooms and for the first time Bedding.

Lance G. Hanish is the President of Lance Benefield & Co., Inc. Worldwide, a leading marketing communications firm serving home furnishings retailers. Questions on any aspect of television media management or production can be direct to Mr. Hanish care of FURNITURE WORLD Magazine at lhanish@furninfo.com.