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Ads That Get Results - Part 3

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A.T.T.I.T.U.D.E.S Survey shows where to advertise to reach consumers who plan to purchase bedroom furniture and bedding in the fourth quarter.

As the final installment of this quarter's long anticipated A.T.T.I.T.U.D.E.S Survey, we will look at bedroom furniture and for the first time, bedding (the first two installments ran in the October and November 1997 issues). Bedroom furniture has not been on the top of the shopping list of the North American woman during the past three years, however, bedding certainly has continued its growth cycle during this "upholstery" dominated period.

This survey is designed to help you make the best television advertising program choices. It will also help you to select ad messages that tell your customers that you have the very products they are interested in purchasing. With the inclusion, this quarter, of recliners and now bedding, the categories are nearly complete, thus helping any retailer understand and use television to its fullest locally.

BEDDING PROMOTIONAL - TO $499: Prime Time: The number one ranked show is on the WB network believe it or not. With an astounding 96% over the norm performance, "Sister, Sister" takes the number one position in the category at this price point. ABC's "Boy Meets World" ties with "Beverly Hills 90210 on FOX for the second position. In fourth, NBC's "Sunday Movie" and CBS's "Step By Step" are tied. In sixth, CBS's "Diagnosis Murder" and FOX's "Melrose Place" are just slightly ahead of the eighth place, "Monday Movie" on NBC. Tied for ninth on the top ten are ABC's "Drew Carey Show" and "Sabrina". All of these shows perform well above the norm. Remember, this listing is for people who are planning on purchasing in the promotional "bedding" category, with price points up to $499 in Prime Time, only and only during the fourth quarter 1997.

BEDDING MID TO UPPER - $500-$999: Prime Time: The number one ranked show for this price point is on CBS and it is "48 Hours", a Thursday evening show which is pitted against the number one show in the land, "E.R." It just goes to show that not everyone watches just one show and that there are hidden gems in the other programs scheduled. Plus, in this case, the price is right. In second is NBC's "Law & Order". In third, ABC's "Sunday Movie". "Primetime Live" on ABC is fourth just ahead of FOX's "X-Files". In sixth, NBC's "Dateline-Tuesday" followed by "Homicide" also on the Peacock network. In eighth is CBS's "Cybill", in 9th "NBC's "Dateline-Friday" followed by CBS's "Sunday Movie". It's interesting to note the number of news and information shows along with movie nights women interested in this category are drawn to.

BEDDING UPPER END - $1000+: Prime Time: Sure, people say...nobody watches television if they are in this price point. Baloney! People are people. It's just the programs you have to select to reach the people at these price points. In this listing, we are going to narrow down the selection for those above average programs which will reach your audience.

In the number one position is ABC's "20/20", a powerful Friday program which continues to be the beacon for the audience who wants to be informed. "E.R." is the number two choice, by a narrow margin. This NBC Thursday blockbuster is the number one show on television and this year's brilliant start with the show being shown live to most of the country drew record numbers. If you were there with higher end bedding product, you won. NBC's "Seinfeld" (Thursday), "Friends" (Thursday) and "Fraiser" are third, fourth and fifth.

But the real interesting point of all this is, if you are interested in selling higher end bedding product, consider Thursday and Friday evening. It sure gets the audience prepared for their weekend purchases.

Now, we shift to other significant time periods which can also reach an audience for bedding.

BEDDING PROMOTIONAL - TO $499: Morning/Daytime/Syndicated TV Shows (Non-Prime Time): The number one show in this category for this price point in this time period is the syndicated "American Journal". It's the fourth highest indexed show for this price point in this category. And, the price will probably be a little lower than the prime time programs which dominate this price point and category. Number two is the syndicated "Sally Jesse Raphael". In third is the CBS daytimer, "As The World Turns". "Leeza", a syndicated show is fourth, followed by CBS's "Guiding Light" tied with the syndicated "Hard Copy" for fifth. In seventh, "Jeopardy", followed by "Married With Children" in syndication. Tied for 9th is CBS's "Bold & Beautiful" and the syndicated "Simpsons". Hint: Doesn't CBS daytime look good for this price point in this category?

BEDDING MID TO UPPER $500-$999: Morning/Daytime/Syndicated TV Shows (Non-Prime Time): "Sally Jesse Raphael" is a gigantic number one followed closely by syndicated show, "Maury Povich", CBS's "The Price Is Right" and ABC's "General Hospital" (1 through 4). These shows so dominate this category at this price point that they all register over 150% greater than the norm. If you are selling bedding at these prices, look to these programs. If they are too rich for your blood, then consider, in fifth, "Good Morning America" on ABC; "All My Children" on ABC; the syndicated version of "The Simpsons"; "Wheel of Fortune"; CBS's "Young & the Restless" and the syndicated version of "Family Matters". Although all of these programs are usually stripped Monday through Friday, consider running on Wednesday and Thursday, as the HUT levels (Households Using Television) are higher on those days in daytime.

BEDDING UPPER $1000+: Morning/Daytime/Syndicated TV Shows (Non-Prime Time): We are going to consider five programs because they are big performers in this category at this price point. The number one show, and by a good margin, some 80% above the norm, is "The Simpsons", syndicated at various times throughout the nation. Choice number two is the syndicated program, "Family Matters". "Wheel of Fortune" is number three. "Married With Children" is number four, but the one show to watch, now in fifth place but on a steadily rising upward trend is, "Rosie O'Donnell".

BEDROOM FURNITURE PROMOTIONAL - $499: Prime Time: The Number one show is NBC's "Homicide", followed by ABC's "Drew Carey Show". In third is CBS's "48 Hours) followed by NBC's "Third Rock from the Sun"; ABC's "Primetime Live"; CBS's "Nash Bridges"; "Family Matters" and "Step By Step". In 9th is NBC's "Mad About You" and it's "Monday Movie".

BEDROOM FURNITURE MIDDLE TO UPPER $500 - $999: Prime Time: The top five shows to consider are NBC's "Friends", "E.R.", "Fraiser", "Seinfeld" and FOX's "X-Files". In the big picture, these are the big five of television today. It might be too costly for some, but for others in smaller markets, zero in.

BEDROOM FURNITURE UPPER $1000+: Prime Time: Something very unique in the survey came to light in this category at this price point. Notice the top programs and think about the demographics of the audience. #1: "Melrose Place" on FOX. #2: Beverly Hills 90210" also on FOX. #3: "Drew Carey Show" on ABC. #4: NBC's "Fraiser". #5: "Mad About You" on NBC. #6: NBC's "Caroline In The City". #7: NBC's "E.R.", followed by "Friends", "Law & Order" and "Seinfeld". Notice the top programs are all geared to the twenty to thirty year old. They want better product and THEY WILL PAY FOR IT. Attention Retailers. The Blue Light Special Does Not Turn This Audience On.

BEDROOM FURNITURE PROMOTIONAL - $499: Morning/Daytime/Syndicated TV Shows (Non-Prime Time): #1 is "Maury Povich", followed by another syndicated show, "Geraldo". "Sally Jesse Raphael" is in third. ABC's "All My Children" is fourth, followed by the syndicated "Rikki Lake"; "Leeza"; "Hard Copy"; "CBS's "Bold & Beautiful"; ABC's "One Life To Live" and finally the syndicated version of "Family Matters".

BEDROOM FURNITURE MID TO UPPER $500-$999: Morning/Daytime/Syndicated TV Shows (Non-Prime Time): Powerfully number one is the syndicated version of "The Simpsons". "Family Matters" is number two followed by "Entertainment Tonight". "Oprah" is fourth; followed by "Sally Jesse Raphael"; "Roseanne" reruns; "Seinfeld" reruns; "Good Morning America" on ABC, just ahead of NBC's "The Today Show", with "Hard Copy" and "Married With Children" tied for tenth.

BEDROOM FURNITURE UPPER END $1000+: Morning/Daytime/Syndicated TV Shows (Non-Prime Time): If there is one program that you should be advertising on to reach this type of customer for this price point, look no further than ABC's "Another World". It ranks some 160% above the norm. The network's "Good Morning America" is a solid number two in this category.

"Seinfeid" in the syndicated version is number three followed by CBS's "The Price Is Right"; ABC's "General Hospital"; "Entertainment Tonight"; "Rosie O'Donnell"; "Roseanne", "The Simpsons" and finally, NBC's "The Today Show".

With this issue, the new A.T.T.I.T.U.D.E.S Survey, has been completed (please review the October and November issues). The A.T.T.I.T.U.D.E.S Survey is an exclusive service of Lance Benefield & Co., Inc. WORLDWIDE. The complete survey is intended only for the Lance Benefield Master Member Dealers, the firm's clients who have received this and other materials corresponding to the client's business in assisting them with their growth, well in advance of the Fourth Quarter. Remember, this survey was conducted with over 25,000 respondents and is good for only the fourth quarter 1997.

Lance G. Hanish is the President of Lance Benefield & Co., Inc. Worldwide, a leading marketing communications firm serving home furnishings retailers. Questions on any aspect of television media management or production can be direct to Mr. Hanish care of FURNITURE WORLD Magazine at lhanish@furninfo.com.