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IKEA Introduces Line of Air Filled Furniture -- IKEA a.i.r

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IKEA a.i.r furniture is furniture fit for the 21st Century. Quite simply, it is a furnishing collection made of air-filled plastic cells housed in a high-quality fabric slipcover. How does IKEA a.i.r differ from other air-filled furniture? The IKEA a.i.r collection differs in many ways from other air-filled furniture. One of the biggest differences is that IKEA a.i.r is made up of several separate, air-filled cells that contour to the body ... unlike other inflatable furniture. Is IKEA a.i.r more durable than other air-filled furniture? The air cells that make up IKEA a.i.r furniture are produced from a soft recyclable plastic called polyolefin plastic, which has a longer life span than the plastic used in traditional inflatable furniture. And, after fill-up, the air cells do not need to be refilled for approximately three years. Does IKEA a.i.r look different than other air-filled furniture? Most definitely! Because the furniture comes in a variety of washable slipcovers, including funky patterns and colors, the IKEA a.i.r collection looks like conventional furniture (in an "unconventional" way). What pieces make up the IKEA a.i.r furniture line? DEJLIG armchair and sofa ROLIG chair TROTSIG footstool INNERLIG sofa POPPIG lounger Is IKEA a.i.r furniture easy to assemble? Absolutely! Assembly is a "breeze." The air cells can be inflated by using cold air from a hair dryer or vacuum cleaner, and an entire furniture piece should take no more than a half hour to inflate. Once all of the air cells are inflated, they can be slipped into the slipcover, which, after being zipped up, is ready to be sat on, lied on or relaxed in! What happens if a sharp object pierces the air-filled furniture? This furniture is pretty tough. But, if a puncture does occur, IKEA will replace the damaged air cell with a new one. IKEA a.i.r furniture has a 10-year guarantee. Tell me four things that make IKEA a.i.r furniture so great... It's so light that it can be easily moved from room to room at any time. And, if you want to vacuum tinder it, the furniture is easy to pick up with one hand. It's durable AND comfortable! The advantage of IKEA a.i.r is the ability to inflate or deflate the air cells to make the furniture as firm or as soft as desired for different parts of the body. The furniture comes in a wide and varied assortment of slipcovers, perfect for every room in the home. And, with the slipcovers on the furniture, it looks just like conventional furniture (in an "unconventional" way). Because of its soft and round surfaces, it's perfect for families with children. How much is the IKEA a.i.r furniture and where is it available? IKEA a.i.r products range from $40 to $200, and will be available in select IKEA stores -- New Jersey in October '98 and Chicago, Burbank and Seattle in November '98. Lifestyle: IKEA a.i.r. is furniture for a youthful, unconventional lifestyle. For people open to new ideas. For people looking for simpler ways of living and furnishing their homes. For people keen to extend their horizons and eager to stretch their money to pay for more than just a 3-piece suite. And IKEA a.i.r. is for everyone wise enough to spare a thought for the environment as well. These are the sort of people who you will most often find in the major cities, where IKEA a.i.r. fits in well with new ways of thinking and living. The prices are less than the cost of sofas and armchairs manufactured in the conventional manner. The furniture is easy to take home. It all comes in flat packages and weighs only a fraction of what traditional upholstered furniture weighs. The armchairs and sofas are easy to assemble as well. The only tool needed is a hair dryer or vacuum cleaner. Fill the plastic air cells with air and in just half an hour the armchair or sofa is ready to sit down in as it shapes itself to the contours of the body. The furniture is easy to move around and put away, and the covers are machine washable. The armchair and sofa can be moved single-handed - inflated or deflated and neatly folded up. The premiere collection includes sofas, armchairs, a lounger and a footstool - plus a generous selection of covers in all the 'right' designs. IKEA a.i.r. also uses only a minimum of the earth's natural resources and has frames which are completely recyclable. To manufacture an IKEA a.i.r. sofa you need only about 15% of the materials and production resources required to make a traditional sofa. The savings become even greater when you look at transportation and storage. It all adds up to a substantial reduction in the total amount of energy consumed by a sofa during its lifetime. The soft plastic at the heart of the IKEA a.i.r. concept is one of the purest plastics there is. Polyolefin is 100% recyclable. In the event of fire it produces no toxic fumes at all. It burns in a slow and subdued fashion and generates little smoke. The entire collection meets the rigorous Swedish demands for durability, so you can be sure it will last long and wear well. Sorting prior to recycling is often a complex and costly process. For IKEA a.i.r., however, this cost is negligible. And last but not least - each piece of furniture consists almost entirely of a resource which is inexhaustible, 100% eco-friendly and also absolutely free - air!