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Easy Furniture Web Tip #49 - Age of Web Site is Important

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By Katherine Andes 

If you are one of the furniture retailers that still doesn’t have a website — and you would be surprised to find out how many still don’t — you might want to get one started now. Even if it’s just a few pages. 

This is because the “age of a web site” is taken into account by search engines when determining how high a ranking to give your pages.  

In turn, your ranking is part of the calculation that determines how well you’ll do in search results. 

So if you’re waiting for better times to build a really good site, you might want to at least get a domain name and a few pages up and running.  

Easy Furniture Web Tip #47: Even if you don’t think you need a website, yet; at least, get a small one up and running to start the time clock for page rank. 

Katherine Andes is a consultant who specializes in web content development, including search engine optimization, and landing pages — especially in the home improvement market. You can phone her at 559.589.0379 or email at kathy@andesandassociates.com. 

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