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Industry Veteran Sales Trainer Offers To Coach Furniture Salespeople For $5 Per Day

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Veteran sales educator and author Peter Marino announced that as part of his retirement plan he will be offering his services to home furnishings retailers which include: weekly sales meetings, one-on-one sales coaching and seminars on topics ranging from professional presence to qualifying customers to closing.

Says Mr. Marino, "My goal is not merely a philanthropic one, but one in which I can spend my years of retirement doing the things that have so much meaning to  me: teaching the concept of total customer service, passing on ethical selling skills, interactive listening skills, and other people skills. And there is one other reason. I would also like to escape the cold Minnesota winters. There are many stores today that desperately need professional help. The furniture industry has been kind to me  and I would like to give back what I can. All I ask is a token $5 per day and that retail owners cover modest travel expenses."

Marino whose motto is, "Knowledge is not truly yours until you are prepared to share it with others," says that he can customize programs to meet the needs of specific furniture and bedding retailers. In addition to his many articles (posted to the www.furninfo.com website) and books, "It's Buying, Silly!", "Golden Rules of Selling Bedding", "Winning Bragging Rights" and "Don't Lose Those Bedding Sales",  he can converse in Italian and Spanish, and is working on his French and German. Marino has a PhD in Latin and Greek,  has consulted for many furniture retailers and taught at the university level.

A few of his favorite seminar topics are: 

  1. Professional Selling  Skills (The structure of selling: The map is not the territory.)
  2. Total Customer Service: An Endless Journey (In addition to the seminar on this topic, he's written a booklet with topics for discussion on total customer service.
  3. Handling Objections As Either Implied or Stated Needs.
  4. Interactive Listening Skills.
  5. All the Thinngs They Never Taught You About Probing.
  6. Telephone Skills
  7. Interpersonal Managing Skills
  8. Cooperative Delegating
  9. The Interdependence of Product Knowledge, Attitude, and Skills
  10. The Relationship between Selling and Customer Service 

For more information, contact Peter Marino at 218-987-2050 or email him at  pasadag@paulbunyan.net.