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SSA Announces 30 different brands and Manufacturers at Las Vegas Market

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The Specialty Sleep Association (SSA) recently announced that it will host 30 different brands and manufacturers in Showroom 1565 of Building C at the World Market Center, July 29 – August 2, 2018. SSA Executive Director Tambra Jones confirmed that the SSA has once again sold-out all its exhibit space with 25 returning exhibitors and 5 brand new exhibitors reaching out to retailers at the Las Vegas show as members of the Specialty Sleep Association (SSA.) “We continue to serve as an advocate, a marketing platform for new companies, and support for expanding entrepreneurial companies,” says Jones.

The summer 2018 Las Vegas SSA Showroom will feature a wide range of innovative technologies and designs including adjustable beds, ergonomic bed designs, engineered foams, fibers and polymers, infusion technologies, display and racking systems, knock down foundations and frames, comprehensive private label programs, health and wellness products, point of sale and inventory programs, accessories, as well as a broad array of “natural”, “all natural” and “certified organic” products including mattresses, pillows, sheets, protectors and other top of bed products.

The five new exhibitors include:

Coolist Sleep Technology of Katy, Texas , who report they are helping the world recharge with a more restorative night's sleep, thanks to their revolutionary technology that provides comfortable, cool and customized pillows. The company will feature three major lines of pillows – BioLite, BioMate, and BioLux: each line with three types of thickness – Classic, Cloud, and Dream – to suit different types of sleepers.

Dreamzy Mattress will exhibit mattresses featuring only the finest European foams and fibers, which they say provide luxury at an affordable cost. The company reports their mattresses feature cooling technology to help customers sleep cooler than other foam mattresses in the market, while helping to increase bloodflow with Bio-Ceramic textile fibers. Better posture during sleep comes from double layer memory foam that adapts to the sleeper’s body. Flippable, Dreamzy allows customers to select firm on one side and plush on the other giving the marketplace a mattress made for every body..

Gotcha Covered “Fine Linens for America” is a USA Manufacturing company providing sewn in the USA bedding products featuring high quality cotton, Tencel, organic, linen and protectors. Private label and drop shipping programs are available.

Grand Rapids Bedding from Michigan, which has been providing sleeping comfort since 1889 , has now partnered with CuTEC® Fabric and Mountain Top Foam to bring consumers copper-infused fabric and copper-infused latex in a mattress the company calls a “Copper Infused Sleep System.” Copper is used for its health and wellness properties, antimicrobial protection, and restorative effect on skin texture. The CopPure Collection harnesses the power of copper by infusing Coppergel™ into the Continuous Comfort™ Cu29 latex comfort layer of our mattresses, as well as in the top fabric. These copper-infused mattresses transfer heat away, provide good airflow, and offer soothing pressure relief and support for a better night’s sleep.

J P Products, LLC, which is a wood foundation manufacturer with over 50 years of experience, will show four new products. The first two items are heavy duty knock down foundations and bunk frames engineered with quality craftsmanship. The third new product is the ultimate folding metal foundation perfect for all mattress types. Rounding off their new products is the form fitting mattress cover for those customers who need a new look for their old box spring.

In addition to these five new exhibitors, Jones invites retailers to visit 25 returning companies and organizations featuring new, refined or expanded sleep products in the SSA Showroom. Some of these participants submit the following:

Aximon Sleep Products/Rest-Medic will present their new highly ventilated open cell foam which they say is perfect for airflow through the mattress. They also have far-infrared material for mattresses known for providing health and blood circulation benefits. The company also offers a “100% safe for human beings bedbug eliminating” material on their mattresses.

Baltica Natural Products, LLC, which “promotes only the finest quality natural and organic bedding” will present their Arcusbeds a new line of luxury mattresses from Europe, which are robust and largely handmade, of certified natural and organic materials.

Bio Sleep Concept will feature natural and organic bedding products with private label and drop ship programs available.

Danican will be featuring the company’s expanding private label products and programs for clients whom they serve in over 30 countries worldwide. Danican takes care of the complete process: design, production, quality control, shipping, and all details in between for the private labeling of mattresses and bedding accessories.

Naturepedic invites retailers to come see their collection of organic mattresses and learn more about their products at the Vegas Market. Naturepedic specializes in the design and manufacture of the highest quality organic mattresses; so mattress and bedding customers never have to compromise their well-being for a good night’s sleep. From crib mattresses to “big kid” and adult beds, the company provides everyone in the family their best night’s sleep.

Remarkable Pillow by TMI will feature their revolutionary pillow line up emphasizing private labeling for more profitability.

Sleep & Beyond, is a third generation family-owned business, whose Organic Merino Wool Toppers were awarded Top Three in US by “Sleep Like the Dead” reviewers, as well as “Top Choice Award 2018” by Baby Maternity Magazine. They make a full array of natural and organic bedding products including wool blankets, wool comforters, and wool mattress pads since 1992, and they will feature three new products. These are the company’s myWoolly Side® Pillow, the myComforter Light® and their myProtector® for mattresses and pillows.

Smartwerks Point of Sale is excited to introduce 'Easy Sales,' the company’s new web-based point of sale app. Retailers can create sales quotes, pay with third party financing, exchange items on a single ticket, and complete sales faster than ever before. Smartwerks invites retailers to enter the prize giveaway.

Swiss Bliss Mattress Company will be introducing its new container program to help meet the needs of its larger customers. Retailers will see the most technical foam cores available at market. Swiss Bliss Mattress Company is proud to announce its partnership with CIT Finance. They will offer on the spot approval decisions for all new orders received at market.

TFSleep and The Futon Shop will display natural and organic products which they have been manufacturing in California for over 40 years. After searching the market for a bed that did not contain petro-chemicals or flame retardants proved unsuccessful, Suzanne Diamond went into her garage where she made her first mattress for her son in 1976. This led to a simple sign at EREWON health food store in Los Angeles that said, "want a natural bed, no petro chemicals, no fire retardants call Suzie " and The Futon Shop was formed. Every pound of organic wool, organic cotton, organic latex cores, and coconut fiber is accompanied by transactional certificates that can be traced back to the Control Union or the USDA. TFS reports processing every bat of organic wool and organic cotton used in their mattresses and bedding products giving them the ability to control the quality and consistency of all ingredients.

For more information on the Specialty Sleep Association (SSA) Showroom C-1565, Membership, or on BEDFAX.org, contact Tambra Jones , SSA Executive Director at: ssadirector2013@gmail.com;

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