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Cylindo Introduces StyleShots - Interactive Room Scenes for Empowered Digital Storytelling

Furniture World News Desk on 6/9/2018

US-based product visualization platform for commerce - Cylindo recently announced its latest innovation, a versatile approach to building authentic room sets for furniture brands and retailers.

Two months after the analytics solution Intelligence was launched, Cylindo released a new component of the platform by introducing Styleshots. The platform now represents a powerful product visualization suite that is capturing customers’ imagination in new ways.

Cylindo Styleshots will augment the value of the 360 HD Viewer, adding interactive room scenes to enhance the overall shopping experience. Brands and retailers can now combine photorealistic 360-spin visuals and 4K zoom with dynamic in-context imagery.

“With the introduction of Cylindo Styleshots, brands and retailers are now able to show more by contextualizing their products in interactive room scenes. Styleshots seamlessly bridge a gap between single product visualization and room planning by giving the end user a fuller shopping experience straight from the product page” - said Jasna Trengoska, Head of Customer Success & Support.

With Cylindo Styleshots brands and retailers get engaging shopping experience with:

  1. Photorealistic visualization - The powerful rendering technology makes it impossible to distinguish a real room scene from a CGI.

  2. Flexibility - With Cylindo Styleshots brands and retailers can make the needed revisions and get the perfect room scene with zero effort.

  3. Unlimited customization - Cylindo gives businesses the freedom to customize angles, colors, fabrics, furniture layout and more, in order to create compelling experiences.

  4. Interactive experience - Cylindo Styleshots empower furniture businesses to trigger emotions by giving their customers a chance to customize furniture while visualizing the big picture.

  5. Controlled environment - No risk of unpredictable weather conditions, lighting, location limitations, transportation cost and expensive decorations.

  6. Cost savings - Brands and retailers can tell a better product story while saving time, money and resources.

“The implementation of Cylindo Styleshots has further implications for the entire customer journey and helps users to make quicker buying decisions with a greater visual experience” - explains Jasna Trengoska, Head of Customer Success & Support.

The days of expensive product photoshoots are long gone. Now furniture brands and retailers can enjoy thousands of photorealistic room scenes, offering an interactive experience to their clients, bringing them closer to the “add to cart” button.

More about Cylindo: Cylindo is the fastest growing visualization platform for commerce. Trusted by Global Top 100 furniture retailers and brands, Cylindo's platform provides photo-realistic visuals and tools to engage and convert audiences across channels.  Using the 360 HD Viewer companies can show any product from any angle in any variation, ultimately increasing conversion rates by +27% on average. For more information, visit www.cylindo.com.