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Easy Furniture Web Tip #260: Now You Can Write Longer Description Tags

Furniture World News Desk on 3/19/2018

Google has made a change in how many words they are showing in the description snippets for a Google search.

The description is what shows below the blue title. For example:

As you can see, with the longer snippet you have the opportunity to increase your product benefit message and, perhaps, get more folks to click through to your website.

Google can pull your description from either what you write in your description tag field or from other content on your website. Google will try and match the description content with the perceived “intent” of the search keywords.

In the past, I’ve found that Google will usually use a well-written description. So it’s worth spending some time developing these tags.

At this time, I am not recommending everyone rewrite all the description tags on their websites. In fact, some folks are saying that when Google uses longer tags, it will pull from the page content, not the description tag field. However, since it’s still early in the game and most folks haven’t written longer tags, we really don’t know. I’m recommending a little experimentation.

Try writing lengthier descriptions on new pages or any pages you may be revising. And then monitor your results to see whether Google is showing your new description and is the page getting more traffic.

I am trying them out with a few of my clients and I will let you know my results at a later time.

Keep your new description tags to about 320 characters, including spaces (before it was 160).

Easy Furniture Web Tip #260: Take advantage of Google’s new standards and write longer description tags.

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