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Furniture Store Ad Tip #12 From TruckSkin: Big And Blank Is Bad

Furniture World News Desk on 8/20/2012

Do you have a big blank side of your store or warehouse that faces the street? Why not turn that empty space into a billboard? With outdoor vinyl graphics you can easily turn any outside wall space into a billboard that can be seen by anyone passing by your location. Don’t just rely on your store sign to catch your customer’s eye, make sure they can’t miss you from any angle! Outdoor vinyl graphics are an excellent way to display your advertising message outdoors, on any surface.

Unlike a traditional freestanding, this type of graphic is attached with a rail or conduit system that is attached directly to the wall on virtually any outdoor surface including brick, and metal. The graphic slides into these rails and is held tight against the sides of the building and stays put, even in the wind and rain. These outdoor signs are printed on a heavy-duty vinyl that is designed specifically to wear in all types of weather conditions, and is completely removable. Outdoor graphics are covered with a heavy-duty, waterproof laminate making them extremely durable in any environment including extreme heat or cold.

This type of outdoor advertising can be quickly changed out and updated and the vinyl panels and rails are all re-usable. You can have a special graphic for the holiday season, one for big sale events and anything else you can think of. Highlight specific events in your community, certain audiences or products at a fraction of the cost of other advertising mediums. You may even be able rent out your billboard space for extra income. Team up with your local schools or other organizations. As always, you will want to check with your local zoning department for any restrictions.

Don’t spend all that money renting a billboard from someone else, use your own space, inexpensively and add some visual interest to your building. High resolution, seamless graphics can depict logos, photographs, illustrations and more in great detail, providing excellent outdoor marketing. Take advantage of that big blank billboard!


Above are examples of outdoor signs that can be seen by customers who don't approach your store from the front entrance.

These weekly "Furniture Store Graphics Tips" are written by Jordan White, Marketing Manager for TruckSkin, LLC, a company that tells furniture retailers' stories in a big way with high resolution, seamless graphics that provide cost effective marketing exposure. For more information contact TruckSkin Fleet Graphic Solutions, Toll Free: 1–877–866–7546, Phone: 231–932–0286, jordan@truckskin.com or visit www.truckskin.com.

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