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Tip #6 From The Furniture Training Company: This Re-approach is Easy

Furniture World News Desk on 4/28/2017

Mike Petersen, PhD, co-founder of The Furniture Training Company

A while back I visited several furniture stores. Each time I entered a location I was approached by a friendly salesperson, to whom I declared that I was just looking. I quickly left their presence and wandered around the showroom. In every case I stopped at a sofa and sat down to rest for a moment. Within just a few seconds I was re approached by the salesperson who’d greeted me at the store entrance. In every case, the salesperson walked up to the sofa, reached for the tag, read me the price and assured me that the price could be beaten by virtue of a sale that was happening. I was truly shocked.

The trick to a successful re approach is actually very easy. When the customer exhibits interest in a piece of furniture you should simply share the benefits of the piece of furniture and ask a supporting, open-ended question.

When I sat on the sofas during my recent visits, the salespeople should have approached me and said something like. “That is a great sofa. It's made with a really nice microfiber fabric. Each fibre has a diameter smaller than a strand of silk so it looks beautiful and is extremely durable and easy to clean. How do you like the feel of it?”

Such an approach including: 1) sets the salesperson up as an expert the customer should rely on, 2) starts to develop rapport with the client, and 3) encourages the customer to share the need they are trying to fill.

Mike Petersen, PhD, co-founder of The Furniture Training Company, has over 20 years of training experience and would love to help with your company’s training issues.
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