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Tip #3 From The Furniture Training Company: Four Tips for Dealing With the “I’m Just Looking” Customer

Furniture World News Desk on 4/7/2017

Mike Petersen, PhD, co-founder of The Furniture Training Company

Failing to connect with ”I’m just looking” customers is the most frustrating problem people ask me about. They watch salespeople waste opportunities all day because they don’t know what to do when the customer tells them, “I’m just looking.”

The truth is that most of today’s customers really are just looking. Salespeople who can’t deal with this are a very costly, and serious problem. Afterall, visitors to furniture and mattress stores are going to make a purchase somewhere, and if they don’t get help in your store, they’ll move to the next. Store owners shouldn't pay to bring a customer into the store only to watch them head to a competitor.

Responding correctly really isn’t very difficult. Salesperson must think about and practice responding to customer who says, “I’m just looking.”

Follow this easy four step process:

  1. Tell your customer that it’s okay to look around the store.
    Say this: “Oh, I understand. Feel free to look around. We’re glad that you’re here.”

  2. Share something useful about your store with the customer.
    Say this: “Maybe it’ll help for you to know that the children’s furniture is over there, the mattress are over there, and the recliners are over there.”

  3. Encourage your customer to tell you the purpose of your their visit.
    Say this: “If you tell me what you’re looking for I can make your time here a little more productive.”

  4. Offer to help the customer when she needs it.
    Say this: “Oh, I see that you stopped at this beautiful sectional. It’s one of my favorites. You know, it’s made with a microfibre material that has a diameter smaller than a strand of silk. It’s extremely durable and very easy to clean.”

Mike Petersen, PhD, co-founder of The Furniture Training Company, has over 20 years of training experience and would love to help with your company’s training issues.
866-755-5996 or mikep@furnituretrainingcompany.com

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