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Furniture Store Outdoor Ad Tip #9 From TruckSkin: Shout it Don’t Scream it.

Furniture World News Desk on 7/24/2012

Jordan White

When planning a design for your car wrap or truck graphics you want to get your message across in a clear and concise way. People tend to want to put a ton of information on their vehicle so they get the most info out to the public. Remember, most people will just have a few seconds to a minute to read and take in your message. Don’t overwhelm them with anything and everything you can think of, just the basics will do.

Who, what and where is really all that matters. Don’t worry about putting email addresses, lot’s of text and all the product photos you can find. It just makes it look cluttered and hard to read. Look around when you are out driving, what signs catch your attention? Lifestyle images (photos of people using your product) make a good impression and always catch people’s eyes. Don’t use too many different font’s, again, keep it easy to read. Be sure to use a QR code on your design, as these are gaining in popularity. Too much else is overkill. Bright colors always grab attention, but avoid white for trucks since it shows road grime.

Keep your message clear and recognizable. Your company name, what you sell, city, website and phone number along with a couple images is plenty. Name recognition is vital for your marketing efforts. The more your potential customers see your name, the more likely they are to think of you when looking for the products or services you sell, so let your vehicle graphics shout your name out there in a clear and professional way.

When designing truck graphics, who, what and where matters. Lifestyle images attract attention.

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