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Furniture Store Graphics Tip #7 - How Far Does Your Advertising Dollar Go?

Furniture World News Desk on 7/11/2012

Jordan White

Thinking about putting graphics on your trucks? Worried about the cost? The investment you make in vehicle graphics goes farther than any other typical advertising medium.

Think about it…
  • Newspaper ads… if the customer happens to notice it, how long do they focus on it? Seconds? Typical run = 1 week.
  • Local Radio ad…what station? Do all your customers listen to the same station? What time of day? Tough to nail it down and you may waste a lot of money trying to figure that out.
  • Local TV ad? Same situation as radio. It plays for seconds and then it’s gone and so is your money.
  • Stationary Billboard’s are great, except you are only renting that space and only reach those that happen to drive down that exact street. Contracts are expensive and lock you in even if the ad doesn’t work. Typical contract length is 2-3 months.
  • Yellow page ad? Ask yourself, are your customers still using the actual old yellow pages much? You’ll probably need to pay extra to get a large ad to get your potential customers attention over the other ads in the same category. Contract = 1 year.
  • Truck Graphics… Your ad goes everywhere your customers go. Your ad is right in front of them at signals, in the parking lot or driving down the street. Don’t rely on your potential customers finding your advertisements; take it directly to them so they can’t miss it! Once you buy it, you own it…No contracts, no time limit and they can last up to 10 years!

All these advertising venues are great, if you can afford all of them. The more you get your name out there, the better, of course. The goal these days should be to use your advertising dollars as effectively as possible and truck graphics will give you the best “bang for your buck”. You can reach the most people, for the longest time, with the least expense. Truck graphics are seen by thousands of eyes every day, so don’t miss out on this kind of exposure!

These weekly "Furniture Store Graphics Tips" are written by Jordan White, Marketing Manager for TruckSkin, LLC, a company that tells furniture retailers' stories in a big way with high resolution, seamless graphics that provide cost effective marketing exposure. For more information contact TruckSkin Fleet Graphic Solutions, Toll Free: 1–877–866–7546, Phone: 231–932–0286, jordan@truckskin.com or visit www.truckskin.com.
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