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Furniture Store Graphics Tip #6 From TruckSkin: Head’s Up… Look down! Don’t forget Your floors!

Furniture World News Desk on 7/2/2012

Jordan White

Looking for an inexpensive way to liven up your showroom? Take a look at your floors. What color are they? Are they bright and clean or worn and stained? Do you have dull pathways through the store? Floor graphics are a great way to brighten up your walkways. These can be used to guide people through the store to certain products, and to add visual interest to your store, restrooms and outdoor entryway.

All-purpose floor graphics are waterproof and fade resistant. When applied to a smooth, clean floor the material will typically last up to 6 months (depending upon foot traffic). It is a perfect material for retail displays & aisle markers, large floor stickers, and trade show graphics. Use them to guide your customers to sale items or “just in” products.

Gallery Furniture in Houston uses floor graphics for each of their special themed restrooms. Customers love it and it tell their friends they have to go there to see it, hence bringing in more traffic to their store. Brilliant idea! This is great way to take advantage of an inexpensive attention grabber. Any image can be reproduced on your floor. You can create anything from arrows pointing in a certain direction to putting green to the “Yellow Brick Road”. Have fun with it and get creative, you will catch the attention of your customers and create quite a buzz!

These inexpensive, slip resistant, full-color laminated graphics are tremendously effective in getting your customer's attention. Place them out in your entry or even in front of the door to your shop. The possibilities are endless so don't let precious advertising space go to waste!




Above, Gallery Furniture in Houston uses floor graphics for each of their special themed restrooms. Customers love it.

These weekly "Furniture Store Graphics Tips" are written by Jordan White, Marketing Manager for TruckSkin, LLC, a company that tells furniture retailers' stories in a big way with high resolution, seamless graphics that provide cost effective marketing exposure. For more information contact TruckSkin Fleet Graphic Solutions, Toll Free: 1–877–866–7546, Phone: 231–932–0286, jordan@truckskin.com or visit www.truckskin.com

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