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Help Your Furniture Customers Age Gracefully Tip #10: Why Discounts For Cash May Be More Attractive To Boomers Than Financing.

Furniture World News Desk on 6/23/2012

We know that the Baby Boomer population is large and continues to grow. But why else should you market to them… Because they have money!

“Households headed by older adults have made dramatic gains relative to those headed by younger adults in their economic well-being over the past quarter of a century” – according to a new Pew Research Center analysis of a wide array of government data.

In some cases, advertising special financing programs are not meaningful for this generation because they have discretionary income to make purchases without long term financing plan commitments. In fact, depending on the audience, a retailer should test a discount for cash on certain Baby Boomer targeted products versus a NO NO NO financing program.

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