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Help Your Furniture Customers Age Gracefully Tip #9: How do you “Romance” A Power Lift Chair To Make It Appealing To the Baby Boomers?

Furniture World News Desk on 6/19/2012

Last week we discussed that appealing to the Baby Boomer generation is all in the way you speak to them.

Selling a token ticket such as a power lift chair is all about wording, and how you place the product off the bat in your customers' eyes. Although you and I know that the target customer for a lift chair is the elderly, that doesn’t mean that you have to present it to them that way!  Do not sell the lift chair to them in the way that medical equipment retailers sell it… as a way to help old folks out of their seats. But instead romance this chair up a little.

Show the Baby Boomer population that this chair is really a power recliner that so happens to have the benefit of a lift mechanism to help the Baby Boomer out of their sitting position and onto their feet without extra wear and tear on the knees or hips. Now doesn’t a power recliner sound a lot more enticing than a lift chair?  

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