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Help Your Furniture Customers Age Gracefully Tip #8: How to Call out to the Baby Boomer Population

Furniture World News Desk on 6/10/2012

If you've read the last two "Help Your Furniture Customers Age Gracefully Tips", you have discovered where there is tremendous opportunity in the growing Baby-Boomer market for specialized furniture items.

You also know how to identify their needs for home furnishings, and what types of products will fill those needs.

The next step to appeal to the Baby Boomer generation is the way you speak to them.

When marketing products that we know the Baby Boomer generation wants and needs, it is important that you call them out by name and write your advertisement specifically about them and their needs. Customers buy products they can relate to. Especially with this generation.

Baby Boomers do not want to admit to getting older. This is a generation is used to having it all and they will not consider the fact that age will slow them down. With this in mind, do not remind them they are getting old…they already know this! But rather speak about the product itself. Your ads and presentations should  tell a story about the product and its features, emphasizing that it  will make their lives easier as they age, only as an afterthought.

Stay tuned for next week's tip as we show you how “romance” a power lift chair to appeal to the Baby Boomer generation.

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