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Furniture Store Graphics Tip #2 From TruckSkin: Ideas For Using Your Windows As Billboards

Furniture World News Desk on 6/3/2012

Jordan White

Looking for more inexpensive ways to advertise? A huge advertising tool that isn’t used nearly enough are your store windows.

Store windows can be used as huge billboards that your potential customers can see from the street. Yes, most places put their wares in the windows, but why not grab their attention while they are looking?

We have all seen the screaming neon hand painted signs at the local car dealerships, but there is a better, more professional way to get the word out. 

Window graphics can be printed with any images, logos and text in dynamic and eye catching designs. You can include images of your products, with brand names, prices, current promotions, etc., so your customers get an eye-full before they ever step into the store.

Transparent, low-tack graphics are well suited to showcase brands, products or promotions on any window or glass door, and can be easily applied and removed by store personnel.

These can be made to cover just a portion of a window, like the top section for example, or cover the complete window or glass door for maximum visibility.

Window graphics have many advantages:

  • Protects Interiors From Sun Damage
  • Reduces UV Rays Up To 75%
  • Helps Keep Interiors Cool
  • High quality perforated see through vinyl
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to remove
  • Can be installed by owner

Do you have city restrictions on window signage? Most places do not have rules against "indoor" signage. Interior window film can be applied on the inside of your glass, therefore it can be considered "indoor signage", however, do check with your local authority to be sure.

Sometimes called "second surface" film, this interior type of window graphic can also be reusable, and re-positionable.

Whether you choose... exterior or interior perforated window graphics, both offer a one-way view of vibrant imagery while maintaining the ability to see out of your windows. Window and glass door graphics are the perfect solution for many commercial and retail interior applications. Don’t make them guess what you have, tell them!

The cost is minimal, and once you buy them they are yours forever. No recurring costs, no contracts and no rate hikes to deal with and they can last for years. Makes sense doesn’t it?

So take a look at where you are spending those precious advertising dollars and change the way you think about your windows. Glass doors and windows can all be put to better use.

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These weekly  "Outdoor Advertising Tips" are written by Jordan White, Marketing Manager for TruckSkin, LLC, a company that tells furniture retailers' stories in a big way with high resolution, seamless graphics that provide cost effective marketing exposure. For more information contact TruckSkin Fleet Graphic Solutions, Toll Free: 1–877–866–7546, Phone: 231–932–0286, jordan@truckskin.com or visit www.truckskin.com

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