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Advertising Insight From FurnitureAdTracker #2: Labor Day Top 100 Ads

Furniture World News Desk on 9/16/2014

This past Labor Day retailers brought out their best offers to kick off the fall season. Retailers seemed more margin conscious this past holiday weekend, favoring shorter financing than Memorial Day and a range of customer choice offers.

Most furniture retailers promoted 2 – 4 year financing, shorter than what Memorial Day or July 4th featured (see 12 examples from major retailers below). A handful of retailers promoted 5 year or 2020 financing; including Ashley, John V., Kittles and Star Furniture.

This Labor Day, retailers offered customers more choice than July 4th of how they wanted their holiday value served up. One choice was a buy more, save more story that offered tiered offerings with increased discounts and longer financing. Good execution of this story relies on clear and quickly distinguishable offers across the tiers – a customer needs to know the two or three options they have.
The second customer choice is an either / or offer, generally split along finance or discount offers. In the best cases, the choice is readily evident and both offers are the best in the market. By mitigating the double margin hit, these either / or retailers extended both offers and offer both the finance minded customer and the discount minded customer excellent value. One example offered by both Art Van and Ashley was 20% or 60 months, both with a high perceived value.

Free delivery seemed more common this holiday weekend. The perceived value continues to be high across not just brick and mortar retailers but department stores. A few retailers offered this as a choice, but many retailers offered it as an add on offer.

About FurnitureAdTracker: Sherief runs FurnitureAdTracker – a service that tracks print, web and TV ads across the top 100 furniture retailers. Prior to that he was the Marketing Director at a top 100 retailer and ran an import and wholesale furniture company. For more info on the ad tracking service, contact him at sherief@furnitureadtracker.com.

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