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Advertising Insight From FurnitureAdTracker #1: Independence Day Furniture Marketing

Furniture World News Desk on 7/28/2014

Above, Pilgrim's July 4th ad offers two discount offers and ties them together simply (see more examples below).

July 4th is one of the biggest sales of the year. Often, retailers take their Memorial Day sales and tweak them to optimize the offer and results. So what can you learn from the top companies’ advertising this past independence Day?

Many retailers waited for Memorial Day to unleash 2020 financing, offering customers exceptionally long financing to drive traffic and larger purchases. However, many of those same retailers switched back to more traditional extended financing offers for the 4th (eg 60 months or 5 years).  

The problem is that customers may not readily understand the benefit that 2020 offers them. Consider breaking down some of your financing offer into low monthly payments that explain how little customers have to spend to decorate their home.

Whether you’re a value advertiser featuring sharp pricing on furniture, a discounter offering free tax or a percentage off across your selection, it’s important that your advertising is straightforward for a customer to consumer. Some of the best discounts go unnoticed if they try to do too much. You also need to adjust  the financing offer to your different customer segments.

For example,  a 299 sofa is a great starter deal, but remember that it doesn’t pair well with a 5 year finance offer that requires a spend that’s 20 times that amount.  You can feature both, but be sure to incorporate a mid-tier or luxury sofa that highlights the benefit of the extended financing.

Finally, for big holidays, remember that more is not necessarily better. Doorbusters, great pricing, financing, discounts, free delivery, brand reinforcement and enter to win are great tools. If you’re going to present layered offers like many retailers, be sure that they’re easy to understand so that customers give you credit for them.

About FurnitureAdTracker and Sherief Khalil: FurnitureAdTracker is a service for furniture retailers that tracks print, web and TV ads across the top 100 furniture retailers designed to help them make more informed and effective advertising decisions. Sherief has broad experience as the Marketing Director at a top 100 retailer and ran an import and wholesale furniture company. For more info on the ad tracking service, please contact Sherief Khalil at sherief@furnitureadtracker.com.

Above, Weekends Only highlighted savings on featured items.

Above, Rooms to Go highlighted their broad selection. 

Above, Art Van’s Independence Day offer – good example of breaking up lots of information.

Above, El Dorado’s Independence Day – three offers listed but good separation.

Above, Hudson’s uses one number in its three major offers.


Above, Mealey’s offered an extra 10% over its sale markdowns of up to 50%

Above, Jennifer Convertibles shows the customer’s monthly payment and item price.

Above, Ashley July 4th Event featuring 60 months.

Above, Ashley Memorial Day Event featuring 2020.  

Advertising Insight From FurnitureAdTracker

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