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Smart Furniture Web Tip #2: SmartFurniture.com Finds Their Customers Are 10 Times More Likely to Purchase Using New Personalization Application

Furniture World News Desk on 3/2/2014

SmartFurniture.com announced that customers using its new web application are ordering at a ten-fold increase over other visitors. The new SmartProfile application presents a personalized or curated assortment of products to each customer by matching unique personality characteristics and preferences of the customer to the underlying attributes of furniture products. Using a process the company calls “prescriptive personalization,” the application presents each customer with a unique experience which is personalized and refined to match the customer’s style preferences, available space, and budget.

After nearly a year of development and testing, SmartFurniture.com released a beta version of SmartProfile in late 2013, during which the company states that the average SmartProfile user’s average order grew 27 percent. With positive early results from the beta test, the company decided to make the application available to all customers. “We found that customers who used SmartProfile were up to 10 times more likely to find what they were looking for than our typical visitors,” said T.J. Gentle, President and CEO. “So we wanted to make the application available to all customers as soon as we could.“

The company’s aim in developing SmartProfile was to create an intuitive shopping experience for customers. After a customer takes a short online quiz, the SmartFurniture.com site is completely personalized to that customer’s style and shopping preferences. The curated experience is derived from an algorithm that maps each customer’s profile characteristics to thousands of variables and product attributes established by SmartFurniture.com’s furniture experts.

“Retailers who are able to leverage their data to create personalized experiences that are truly relevant to their customers will have the competitive advantage,” said T.J. Gentle. “While web-based personalization may seem daunting, it is really the digital version of what good retailers have been doing successfully for hundreds of years.”

“As e-Commerce evolves, it will not be enough for retailers to simply show customers what they can buy,” said Debbie Hauss, Editor in Chief of Retail
TouchPoints. “Instead, e-Commerce sites will need to use all of the data, processing speed, and algorithms at their disposal to get to know each customer’s preference, then deliver the content and products that will motivate shoppers to buy.”

Recognized brands, like Netflix and Amazon, are known for their ability to create a personalized and relevant experience for individual customers. Success for these companies, and others like them, is showing in higher customer conversation rates measured by subscription renewals and repeat visitors.

As a growing number of retail furniture stores look to diversify into the ecommerce channel, companies like SmartFurniture.com are becoming increasingly more attractive, according to Retail Touchpoint’s Debbie Hauss.

About SmartFurniture.com: SmartFurniture.com is the pioneer of Design-On-Demand® which combines web based visualization technologies and mass customization to provide customers with personalized furniture products that are uniquely suited to each customer's needs and preferences. Through innovative technologies such as its new application, SmartSpace, Smart Furniture empowers customers to see how their personalized furniture will look in the context of their own spaces quickly and easily. Known across the industry for its innovative technologies and elite customer service, Smart Furniture continues to earn industry-wide acclaim and dramatic sales growth. For more information call 888-GO-SMART or visit http://www.smartfurniture.com.
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