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Classy Art Announces Delays Due to Severe Houston Storm

Furniture World News Desk on 5/17/2024

Classy Art announces delays in processing and shipping orders following the severe storm that impacted the Houston area on May 16th. The storm caused significant damage in the region and resulted in a power outage at the company's facility, with no immediate forecast for restoration.

All employees are safe and accounted for, and the facility sustained no major damage. However, the power outage has disrupted operations, causing delays in processing and shipping scheduled orders.

Currently, Classy Art is unable to process new orders or ship existing ones. The team is working remotely and is available to address customer inquiries via phone or email. The company hopes to have power restored by Monday and resume normal operations.

CEO Gabriel Cohen states, "We appreciate your understanding and patience during this challenging period. Our thoughts are with everyone affected by the storm. We are certain that the city will overcome the physical losses and we pray for the families of the four deadly victims and who lost loved ones during this time."



About Classy Art
Classy Art is a leader in the wall art/decor field catering specifically to furniture retailers across the country.  Their growth of 3,000% over the last 18 years is the result of products that have proven to sell faster at retail through their proprietary process of product research.  This higher rate of sale has increased customer retentions as well as new customer acquisition.  The company carries all subcategories of wall décor including framed prints, metal, clocks, canvas, tempered glass, and mirrors, and they pride themselves on single week lead times and guaranteed inventory. For more information visit www.ClassyArt.net.