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Deliveright Partners with Wix to Enhance Heavy Goods Delivery and Tracking

Furniture World News Desk on 2/7/2024

Deliveright, known for its AI-powered logistics and delivery platform Grasshopper, has announced a partnership with Wix.com Ltd. (Nasdaq: WIX), a global SaaS platform for creating, managing, and growing an online presence. This collaboration aims to simplify the shipping process for heavy goods for Wix merchants, facilitating better delivery experiences for customers through advanced automation technologies.

According to recent findings by Forrester, consumer preference leans towards brands that offer enhanced empowerment through their services. The partnership allows Wix merchants to manage the entire fulfillment process efficiently, offering instant shipping quotes and various delivery options, including curbside and White Glove services.

Doug Ladden, CEO and co-founder of Deliveright, emphasized the importance of a seamless delivery process that meets consumer expectations. "We’re thrilled to support Wix merchants with the most current shipping technology to help mitigate supply chain problems and improve customer experience with complete visibility needed to oversee shipments and meet consumer demand."

Shelly Cohen, Head of eCommerce Business Development at Wix, also highlighted the benefits of the collaboration. "This partnership with Deliveright will add true value to our merchant users," Cohen stated. "Deliveright are experts in heavy goods and special handling shipping, and this collaboration enhances our existing shipping solutions and adds more shipping coverage and options for our users."

For more details on the Deliveright and Wix integration, visit Wix.com.



About Deliveright
Deliveright connects domestic retailers to a network of local delivery companies in all 50 states, Canada, and Puerto Rico through its proprietary Grasshopper technology, the industry’s most robust AI-powered logistics platform. Grasshopper automates manual supply chain processes and complicated logistics from the first to the final mile. With a specialty in white-glove delivery of big and bulky goods, Deliveright’s Grasshopper technology enables real-time data and delivery tracking from the point of origin to the final destination for both shippers and consumers. Grasshopper combines order management (OMS), warehouse management (WMS), and transportation management services (TMS), to support the delivery-first era of commerce. Since 2018, Deliveright, headquartered in NC, has licensed its technology to delivery and freight companies across North America and Canada. To learn more about Deliveright and Grasshopper, visit www.deliveright.com and www.grasshopperlabs.io.