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R&A Marketing Introduces New Mobile App

Furniture World News Desk on 11/27/2023

R&A Marketing recently announced the launch of its R&A Mobile App. With the new App, retailers utilizing a website through R&A Marketing can easily manage their online store and catalog.

Kevin Doran, Chief Product Officer, said that the App will give retailers “the unmatched convenience of creating products, processing orders, and tracking important statistics in real-time right from their phones.  It will save retailers precious time and give them the flexibility to manage their online store on the go.” This powerful tool is exclusively available to R&A clients with an R&A Website at no additional monthly cost. At R&A Marketing, we believe in providing comprehensive solutions without breaking the bank.”

Based on the insights from insiderintelligence.com, it is projected that the average US adult will dedicate over four hours of their time to mobile internet usage, with 88% of that time using various mobile apps.

According to Duran, here are some of the app’s features:

  • Create and update products on the fly. With just a few taps, retailers can add new items and edit existing ones.  AI (artificial intelligence) helps automatically generate product descriptions to rank product pages rank higher in search results and increase organic traffic.

  • Stay informed with real-time notifications. Receive alerts for new orders, customer inquiries, and important updates so you never miss a beat.

  • Process orders on the go. The App streamlines the entire order management process, from order fulfillment to shipment tracking.

  • Access information about store performance in real time. Monitor key stats such as sales trends, website traffic, and customer engagement.

For more information about the R&A Marketing Mobile App, visit: https://www.ramarketing.com/services/websites-technology/mobile-app/.



About R&A Marketing
R&A Marketing is a full-service advertising agency focused on helping independent furniture retailers. Since 1984, we have been helping independent furniture and mattress retailers across the country grow their businesses through comprehensive marketing plans and technology tailored to meet their specific needs and give their companies an opportunity to sell more.  For more information about the R&A Marketing Mobile App, visit: https://www.ramarketing.com/services/websites-technology/mobile-app/