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Bryte Launches Sleep Concierge, Powered by OpenAI

Furniture World News Desk on 11/17/2023

Bryte has unveiled its Sleep Concierge service, integrating artificial intelligence through OpenAI's GPT-4 to offer a more tailored sleep experience. This feature adapts to individual users over time, aiming to enhance the company's adjustable comfort and sleep tracking mattress capabilities.

Rex Harris, CPO of Bryte, stated, “We’re launching Sleep Concierge based on direct customer feedback to enhance our mattress’s adjustable comfort and sleep tracking capabilities. With the rapid advancements from OpenAI, we are excited to introduce these new features to our customers at no extra cost.”

AI-Enhanced Mattress Expertise for Dynamic Comfort

The Sleep Concierge service, powered by Bryte's Restorative AI™, offers real-time adjustments to the mattress's comfort settings, responding to changes such as injuries or illnesses. This service is designed to evolve and provide continuous comfort customization.

Advanced Sleep Insights with AI-Driven Analysis and Coaching

Bryte's Sleep Concierge goes beyond basic sleep tracking by analyzing user data to uncover behavioral trends and their effects on sleep. The service serves as a virtual life coach, offering guidance and support tailored to personal wellbeing.

Continuous, Complimentary Feature Enhancements with Every Mattress

Bryte emphasizes its ongoing communication with customers and dedication to the enhancement of its Restorative Sleep Platform, offering this update to all current customers free of charge. The purchase of a Bryte Balance mattress includes a lifetime of complimentary updates, promising a consistently improving sleep experience.





About Bryte
Bryte is a leading innovator in sleep technology, creating an AI-powered smart mattress that harnesses the power of technology to optimize your sleep. Founded in 2016 in Silicon Valley with its headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Bryte is the first technology platform for restorative sleep. The Bryte Restorative Sleep Platform includes features that actively sense and remove pressure imbalances, allow for personalized firmness on each side of the mattress, and provides a library of sleep content that combines head-to-toe motion in the mattress with curated audio to help you destress during the day or unwind at night for deeply restorative sleep. For more information, visit bryte.com.