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Kafene Partners with Furniture Marketing Group to Widen Access to Flexible Leasing Options

Furniture World News Desk on 11/7/2023

Kafene, a point-of-sale leasing platform that helps retailers offer underserved customers more flexible purchase options through lease-to-own ("LTO") agreements, announced a merchant partnership with Furniture Marketing Group ("FMG").  FMG is a furniture networking and buying group comprised of market-leading home furnishing retailers throughout North America, with nearly 1,000 storefronts and approximately $5 billion in collective annual sales. 

As FMG's newest preferred LTO partner, Kafene delivers several key benefits to FMG's membership network by helping retailers satisfy growing demand for durable goods, with an industry-leading tech-enabled platform that prioritizes consumer experience. Uniquely, through proprietary underwriting methods that look beyond traditional credit scores, Kafene focuses on providing greater affordability for customers based on risk-based and tiered pricing programs.

Kafene also brings FMG members a leasing option that is flexible by design, transparent, and frictionless at the point-of-sale, offering a win-win partnership for both retailers and their consumers.

"We're extremely proud to announce FMG as a flagship national partner alongside more than 1,000 merchants we already serve today. This marks a significant step forward in our growth trajectory," said Tony Cerino, Senior Vice President of Partnerships at Kafene. "We've proven in just a few short years that we have a solution that is truly differentiated in the market and can be resilient across varied market environments. We couldn't be happier about growing within FMG's large footprint as we continue to scale to new heights as a brand."

"FMG is excited to have Kafene as its newest preferred lease to own partner and with its support, we see the ability to better provide tailored solutions that are nimble, and benefit from the most competitive pricing possible for each customer," said Mike Herschel, President of FMG. "Consumer wallets are stretched at present, with significant macroeconomic headwinds affecting the businesses of retailers large and small. Forward-thinking retailers know they must pull out all the stops to ensure their ability to preserve sales from interested customers that otherwise might not be able to complete transactions. In Kafene we see an emerging difference-maker that we're thrilled to work with."

For more information on Kafene please visit www.kafene.com.



About Kafene
Kafene is a leading point-of-sale leasing partner dedicated to empowering flexible ownership solutions for underserved customers nationwide. By enabling our retail partners to offer flexible LTO purchase options for prime and nonprime consumers, Kafene helps merchants grow their customer base, and meet growing demand for furniture, appliances, electronics, tires and other durable goods. Utilizing cutting-edge AI and machine learning technologies, our platform creates a best-in-class experience for both merchants and customers. Kafene has generated more than $150 million in incremental sales for its retailer partners in less than four years since launch. For more information, visit www.kafene.com, and to learn more about Kafene's commitment to customer experience and consumer protection, visit https://kafene.com/consumer-friendly-commitments.

About Furniture Marketing Group (FMG)
Furniture Marketing Group is the largest furniture networking and buying group in the U.S. by volume. FMG comprises more than 100 retail members with nearly 1,000 storefronts and approximately $5 billion in collective annual sales. Our members span across 49 states within the U.S., as well as in Canada.