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Social Media Room - Part 3: Leveraging YouTube to Promote Furniture Sales

Furniture World News Desk on 8/24/2013

By Mary Lou Denny, Executive Vice President
Walt Denny Inc. 

Photo Caption: Opportunities to use YouTube to promote your company are nearly endless, and range from product demonstrations to customer testimonials. Results can be terrific, as shown by companies whose YouTube videos have attracted millions of views.

Have you ever thought, “If only people could see a video showing how nice this furniture is, we would sell a lot more inventory!” And wouldn’t it be great to demonstrate how quick and easy it is to put together ready-to-assemble tables, chairs and other home furnishings? If you answered “yes,” videos posted on YouTube could be among the most valuable assets in your marketing toolkit.

80% of product manufacturers and retail stores now include YouTube in their marketing arsenals, and utilization of video showrooms, as well as “how-to” product training has helped swell the hours of YouTube video viewed to over four billion monthly.

Many people wrongly assume that producing a YouTube marketing campaign requires tons of time, money and advanced video equipment. In fact, using YouTube can be comparatively quick, simple and affordable.

A classic example is blender maker Blendtek’s first YouTube effort, titled “Will It Blend?” For under $50, they produced a video featuring company co-founder Tom Dickson making a smoothie of salsa, tortilla chips, Buffalo wings and Budweiser. Posted on YouTube, it garnered 6 million views in five days.

Optimizing results requires a grasp of YouTube marketing fundamentals. Here are some tips to help you maximize YouTube’s benefits:

  • Prioritize your brand. Make sure brand recognition results from YouTube exposure by prominently displaying your company’s name and logo at the beginning and end of each video posted. Maintain a brand appearance consistent with your other marketing materials by utilizing the colors, type fonts, “voice” and messaging you use in ads, brochures and direct mail. 

  • Not too slick, not too amateurish. Injecting too much artistry can add unnecessary costs and distract viewers from your message. On the other hand, too sloppy a production hurts your brand image and may make messages difficult to understand. Be careful not to cut corners on audio quality. Viewers will click off your marketing video if they find it difficult to hear what’s being said.

  • Use keywords liberally. Make sure prospective customers can find your video. Incorporate your keywords everywhere, from the title to the description and tags. 

  • Don’t miss chances to utilize video. There are more ways to leverage YouTube videos than many initially realize. Look for ways to illustrate product benefits by emphasizing quality production processes, offering how-to videos on using your products, or showing them how stylish your furniture looks in a home or office. 

When you sum it all up, using YouTube can be a great way to literally put your marketing into motion. For more on leveraging YouTube to promote your company’s products and services, contact Walt Denny Inc. at 708-246-4211, email walt@waltdenny.com or visit www.waltdenny.com.

Since its founding in 1989, Walt Denny Inc., a full service public relations and advertising agency, has been The Home Products Agency, working with a national client base and building each organization’s positive brand awareness through bold results and individualized strategies. Client experience includes industry-leading organizations such as Whirlpool, KitchenAid, HomeCrest Cabinetry, Knauf Insulation, The Tapco Group, Johnson Hardware, Amerock, a division of Newell-Rubbermaid and Leaders Bank. Join Walt Denny Inc. on LinkedIn, Follow us on Twitter @waltdennyinc, or Like us on Facebook.com/WaltDennyInc.

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