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Weekly Furniture Management Tip # 104 - A Good Leader...

Furniture World News Desk on 8/6/2013

by Roy Miller, President
Country View Woodworking


  1. and values the fact that the marketplace is constantly changing and realizes that yesterday’s performance is not a template for tomorrow’s successes

  2. the impact of online shopping

  3. the increasing cost of operative business overhead and growth

  4. the changing market trends

  5. the potential and ramifications of new social networking

  6. the value of staying in step with changing technology

  7. the benefit packages necessary to respond to and retain meaningful associates

  8. that the best laid plans frequently require review and modification 

These weekly “Monday Morning Management Tips” are jointly provided by both Country View Woodworking and Furniture World.

About Country View Woodworking: Did you know CVW contracts pieces and parts from a broad selection of suppliers to expand the myriad of styles and sizes offered and to expedite delivery on custom requests? Comments about these weekly tips can be directed to Roy Miller (Country View Woodworking http://www.cvwltd.com) care of editor@furninfo.com.
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