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Bedroom Sales Tip #3 From Leggett & Platt: Battle of the Sexes: Redefining Today’s Bedroom Consumer

Furniture World News Desk on 6/30/2013

As the bedroom continues to see new changes and shifts within the industry, so too, does its consumer base. Bedrooms and home décor have primarily been associated with the behaviors of women, but such is not the case for today’s modern 21st century consumer. The age-old battle of the sexes has now moved into the bedroom, and a recent study suggests that a significant percentage of men actually are “Zen Masters” and view the space as a spa-like environment to enjoy in the privacy of their own homes.

Further, according to Unity Marketing’s “Home is Where the Luxury is” study, men put an emphasis on the functional, practical aspects of the items they choose to buy – and an adjustable bed can provide the functionality that men are looking for in their master suites. Women, on the other hand, are more interested in creating home environments – typically a safe and calming atmosphere more resort or retreat-like. Both also cited clutter and disorganization as obstacles when creating a tranquil haven with nearly half of women (49%) claiming their bedrooms required better organization.

By investing in an adjustable bed base, both sexes have the freedom to enjoy the master space on an even playing field. With a Leggett & Platt adjustable bed base, it not only provides the functionality and practicality that men are looking for, but its calming style and sleek design allows women to feel like they’ve been transported to an oasis. Understanding the changing needs of both men and women and demonstrating how their preferences can be combined to fit into the lifestyle they desire is key.
  • During conversations with customers, offer product suggestions that suit the lifestyle needs of both genders.

  • Design point-of-sale materials that show how an adjustable bed can cater to both men and women.

  • Create a product display that distinguishes between the interests of men and women
    • Incorporate things like specific colors and texture

While the age-old battle of the sexes debate might not disappear from the landscape, there is an opportunity to capitalize on this piece of data to help consumers focus on the bedroom. Outside of our work within the bedding industry, it can be easy to forget that, we too are consumers. Being able to decipher and understand the needs of the average shopper while also tapping into the changing trends of the bedroom space is a crucial tool. We must remember that while every man or woman has different needs, it ultimately comes down to personalization. As long as this remains true, there will always be a place for adjustable beds.

About Leggett & Platt® Adjustable Bed Group: The Leggett & Platt® Adjustable Bed Group is a division of the global diversified manufacturer Leggett & Platt®, Incorporated (NYSE: LEG), and the premier provider of adjustable bed bases to the retail community. Based in Carthage, Missouri, the Adjustable Bed Group is committed to delivering innovative, high-performance products and offers a complete range of adjustable bases under the Leggett & Platt® brand, including its Premier SeriesTM, Designer SeriesTM and Comfort SeriesTM lines. These products are available in retail furniture, department and bedding stores nationwide as well as through online retailers. For additional information, please visit www.LPadjustablebeds.com.
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