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Recruiting Tip#1: Use Your Website To Have A Constant Flow Of Canditates

Furniture World News Desk on 6/17/2013

by Bill O'Malley, Connector Team 

With the advancement of technology, we find ourselves in a world of information overload and the 24 hour news cycle. With all of these distractions and infinite options at our fingertips; how do we not only compete, but repeatedly draw consumers and potential employees or team members to our website? The answer, “Is it Sticky?”

“Sticky content” refers to content published on a website, which has the purpose of getting a user to return to that particular website or hold their attention and get them to spend longer periods of time at that site” (www.wikipedia.com). As a recruiter, I am constantly connecting with companies and reviewing their websites on a daily basis. With the hundreds of sites I view every month, I am always evaluating the “Stickiness” of their websites based on my personal experience navigating each site. Therefore, I have gained tremendous insight as to what potential employees would experience and the need to keep websites relevant and up-to-date with the most current technology.

Chauncey Archer, Owner/Founder of Sticky IT, a full service web design company, follows the philosophy of “Don’t make me think” when designing websites. His inspiration was inspired by the book with the same title by author, Steve Krug, who writes about communicating information in the digital age. The following are some key points that Sticky IT keeps in mind as they help clients maneuver through the digital realm with great success.

First and foremost, Sticky IT suggests, “be clear and concise when you’re thinking about how to title your job site, for example: Career Opportunities vs. Jobs”. If you are not promoting a Career Center on your website, you are missing a great opportunity to have a constant stream of candidates seeking out your company as a potential employer. In Archer’s view, he tells his clients to “think of a website like you’re reading a billboard at 65 mph”. As further proof, Simply Hired found in a study that there is now evidence of a 5 second rule or window of engagement for job seekers when viewing a page (www.simplyhired.com). This metric reinforces that you have little time to get and keep one’s attention. The other key piece to a successful website that attracts job seekers is mobile optimization.

The mobile device market is already here! The majority of people today use items such as smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, to not only browse the internet, but as their main source of staying connected. A mistake many companies make is they think a website needs to be detailed and the length of a novel. In actuality, the answer is simplicity. According to Ryan Wilson, “One of the biggest pet peeves when it comes for mobile users browsing the internet on their device is slow, bloated websites that are only optimized for a desktop. These types of websites are normally filled with tons of content, hard to click links because they are too small, and pages filled with ads that slow down the device” (www.business2community.com /published 12/28/12). Any or all of these components hinders your website from being “Sticky”.

As the communication and technology landscapes continue to evolve, on-the-go devices are here to stay. As a recruiter, I work with vibrant companies who have embraced technology and responded to the ever-changing landscapes with a focus on “Sticky” websites that embra ce a vast array of device optimization. Sadly, I also come across companies I refer to as “dinosaurs.” This includes companies who are afraid to change how they’ve always done things and are being left behind and less competitive. In my experience, adaptation is the key to success. It’s never too late to ask yourself, “Is our website Sticky?”

So here are some recommendations for making your website relevant and fresh for Job Seekers:

  • Does your website pop! Is it bold; colorful and fun in other words…is it relevant, sticky with great content.

  • Test your website to see if it’s Mobile Optimized (test it on your IPAD, Samsung Galaxy and Smartphone) - If it’s slow and the pages aren’t in line with the mobile device screen call a web design firm skilled at creating a Mobile friendly site: there are (3) most common types of design typically used to optimize a site for mobile use and they include: Responsive web design, Dedicated mobile site and RESS.

  • Does your website design incorporate the three-click rule in the design of website navigation? Can the user of a website find any information for example (Careers with Job Postings) or (Contact Us including an address and phone #) with no more than three mouse clicks. Think of the site from a user perspective and not based on providing every detail about your company or operation.

  • Can a Job Seeker find information including: About Us, Mission/Culture, Job Postings (including location), How to apply, Plus Benefits summary overview

Bill O’Malley is Managing Partner of Connector Team a Recruiting firm for Home Furnishings and Retail headquartered in Salt Lake City. We always want to hear your thoughts about TALENT. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact Bill at bill@connectorteamrecruiting.com. Look for his next article on Talent Acquisition.

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