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Purple Launches Premium and Luxe Collections Featuring Nine New Mattresses

Furniture World News Desk on 5/15/2023

Purple Innovation, Inc., the inventor of GelFlex® Grid Technology, has announced the launch and availability of the Premium and Luxe Collections featuring nine all-new mattresses. The new Premium and Luxe Collections feature the brand’s proprietary GelFlex Grid technology that is engineered to alleviate aches and balance temperature. This new launch is the latest growth initiative for Purple since acquiring Intellibed in late 2022.

“We are on a mission to make deep, restorative sleep effortless for everyone, and with the launch of our Premium and Luxe Collections, we now offer more beds to match almost every comfort profile and every type of sleeper,” said Rob DeMartini, CEO at Purple. “In recent laboratory tests, the Premium Collection was proven to be 2x to 4x cooler when compared to competitive mattress brands. We also executed a third-party clinical study where respondents fell asleep 20% faster when sleeping on the GelFlex Grid. Whether you’re one of the 98% of Purple owners who would consider buying from us again, or you’ve never experienced the magic of sleeping on Purple’s GelFlex Grid, I invite you to check out the new Restore and Rejuvenate Collections and experience how good you can feel after a great night’s sleep.”

The Premium Collection featuring the new Purple Restore™ Mattresses Purple's Premium Collection made up of the Purple Restore mattresses provide all the moves-with-you, joint-cradling benefits of the GelFlex Grid, enhanced with additional comfort foam layers to isolate motion, plus a responsive coil core for dynamic support and temperature-balancing. Each of the Restore Mattresses comes in two distinct feels – soft or firm – and includes a moisture-wicking cover with an antimicrobial cover.

Features of the individual Restore Mattresses:


  • 2” layer of the GelFlex Grid instantly adapts to your body, cradles pressure points, and draws excess heat away.
  • Adaptive Comfort Foam layer conforms to your body and helps isolate motion.
  • Responsive coils offer targeted support and improve temperature balance.


  • Thicker, 3" layer of GelFlex Grid paired with an Ultra Comfort Foam layer provides increased cooling and upgraded pressure relief.
  • Edge-to-edge responsive coils arranged in 3 zones, delivers targeted support throughout the night.
  • Edge Support System ensures long lasting shape and support, makes getting in and out of bed even easier and decreases sagging or falling towards the edge while sleeping.


  • Added Ultra Comfort Foam-topped responsive coil for advanced support, plus 3” layer of GelFlex Grid.
  • An independent coil and foam system for unparalleled temperature balance.
  • An Edge Support System ensures long-lasting shape and support to make getting in and out of bed even easier, and decreases sagging or falling toward the edge while sleeping.

The Restore, RestorePlus and RestorePremier come in two comfort profiles: Soft and Firm and various sizes depending on model. Queen-sized mattress pricing ranges from $2295-$3495.

The Luxe Collection featuring the new Rejuvenate™ Mattresses

The pinnacle of Purple innovation meets the luxurious feel of a Quilted Comfort Cover. Layer upon layer of ultra-responsive comfort foam rests on reinforced GelFex Grid Plus, to provide maximum support without sacrificing temperature balance.

Benefits of the individual Rejuvenate Mattresses:


  • Features the GelFlex Grid Plus, a higher-density version of Purple's proprietary technology that provides responsive stability and support beneath increased comfort layers.
  • Luxurious layers of comfort foam surround the GelFlex Grid Plus to conform to your body for instantly adaptive pressure relief.
  • Three Zone Responsive Coil System offers focused support where you need it.
  • Cooling cover and GelFlex Grid Plus paired with a coil core ensure a comfortable sleeping temperature.
  • Firm supportive comfort wrapped up with a luxurious Quilted Comfort Cover.


  • Active Response Comfort Foam quickly adapts to cradle pressure points.
  • Dual-layer of Ultra Comfort Foam provides enhanced body cradling and breathability.
  • Reinforced GelFlex Grid Plus maximizes support.
  • Cooling cover and GelFlex Grid Plus paired with a coil core ensure a comfortable sleeping temperature.
  • Soft luxurious comfort wrapped up with a Quilted Comfort Cover.


  • Dual layers of GelFlex Grid Plus combined with a layer of Talalay Latex for incredible combination of responsive comfort and bolstered support.
  • Five Zone Responsive Coil core provides targeted support to keep your body aligned.
  • Cooling cover and GelFlex Grid Plus paired with a coil core ensure a comfortable sleeping temperature.
  • Medium feel wrapped up with a Quilted Comfort Cover.

Each of the models is available in sizes Twin XL, Queen, King, and Cal King. Queen-sized mattress pricing ranges from $5,495-$7,495.

The GelFlex® Grid Every Purple mattress features the GelFlex Grid which provides four key benefits:

  • INSTANTLY ADAPTS. Proven to reduce night awakenings by 21%**, this proprietary hyper-elastic gel instantly flexes to support all sleep positions for blissful, uninterrupted rest.

  • BALANCES TEMPERATURE. Up to 4x more effective at removing excess heat than major competitors, the column design is made from proprietary temperature-neutral material that naturally draws excess heat away from the body.

  • RELIEVES PRESSURE. The GelFlex Grid molds to the body, perfectly relieving pressure from hips and shoulders so you wake up refreshed with less aches and pains.

  • SUPPORTS. The column structure of the GelFlex Grid holds up to broad areas of weight to support the back and legs for ideal body alignment, reducing aches and pains by 40%**.


Scientific Study**

Last year, Purple conducted a study in conjunction with world renowned sleep scientists including “The Sleep Doctor” Dr. Michael Breus, PhD, which revealed Purple mattresses improved Sleep quality/quantity, perceived pain, productivity, mood, and daytime fatigue over an eight week period. The study, whose purpose was to examine the effectiveness of the Purple mattress on sleep and health outcomes of adults with occasional sleeplessness, was conducted over an eight week time frame with 39 adult participants, median age 45. The participants slept on the Purple 3” GelFlex Grid for eight weeks. Sleep quality/quantity, perceived pain, productivity, mood, and daytime fatigue improved significantly from Baseline to Week 8, p’s < .05.

“Many manufacturers claim health benefits with a particular mattress, however, insufficient research exists to support these claims. The study purpose was to examine the effectiveness of a Purple mattress on sleep and health outcomes in otherwise healthy adults with occasional sleeplessness”, said Dr. Breus. “Compared to baseline, sleeping on the Purple mattress resulted in significant improvements in nighttime sleep quality/quantity and pain, as well as corresponding improvements in daytime mood (i.e., tension, anger, vigor, fatigue, and confusion), perceived stress, daytime fatigue, and pain.”

Purple’s new Restore and Rejuvenate mattresses are available nationwide at Purple Showrooms and select furniture stores.



* Thermal Test and Heat Flux Comparison – Purple vs Competition, 2023 ** Wellness Discover Labs Clinical Study using Hybrid Premier 3 Mattresses. Effectiveness of a Purple Mattress on Adult's Sleep Quality and Health Outcomes: An Open-label Intervention, Michael Breus, PhD et al. 



About Purple
Purple, the leading premium mattress company with the #1 Gel Grid technology in the world, GelFlex® Grid, thoughtfully engineers products that make restorative sleep effortless for every kind of sleeper. The result of over 30 years of innovation and in comfort technologies, Purple’s GelFlex Grid is the most significant advancement in mattresses in decades and is proven to reduce aches and pains. It instantly adapts as you move, balances temperature, relieves pressure, and offer supports in all the right places. Purple products, including mattresses, pillows, cushions, frames, sheets and more, can be found online at Purple.com, in over 57 Purple stores and over 3,000 retailers nationwide. Sleep Better. Live Purple. For more information, visit  www.Purple.com.