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Mail America Launches New Marketing Technology

Furniture World News Desk on 3/11/2023

Turn any mailer into a variable data digital catalog with Mail America's new technology.
Turn any mailer into a variable data digital catalog with Mail America's new technology.

Mail America recently announced the release of a new software technology that expands a retailer’s direct mail merchandising ability while adding customer-level tracking to mailings. Utilizing Mail America’s proprietary Variable QR Codes and Personalized Digital Catalog technology, retailers can deliver offers on multiple products to each customer.

Because the QR Codes are unique to each mail recipient, the content of the digital catalog is tailored to each consumer. For example, when “Mary Smith” scans her QR Code, it will open a multiple page digital catalog that is personalized throughout with her name, special pricing, and potentially other customer-specific information. The digital catalog could convey her Open to Buy amount she has on the store credit card. It could show a mystery discount, or give her a code to bring to the store to see if she’s won an insured shopping spree. And there are links in the catalog to hand the consumer off to the retailer’s website.

“The real beauty in this technology is the tracking that is gained when adding this to any direct mail campaign”, said Richard Dlesk, President of Mail America. “The instant a consumer scans their QR Code, we capture that lead real time, and present it to the retailer in an easy-to-understand reporting suite. This adds a whole new component to lead delivery and gives the retailer a huge advantage for proactive selling.”

According to Dlesk, one more advantage to adding this technology is the ability to mail a less expensive format like a 6x9 postcard or a letter in envelope, while giving the consumer an 8 or 12 page digital catalog. A traditional printed and mailed catalog is much more expensive to produce and mail than many other formats, but has a unique ability to showcase a wide array of merchandise. Adding the Digital Catalog to smaller formats with less real estate is the best of both worlds: lower cost, expanded merchandising and higher return on investment.

“Adding this technology to your mailing is inexpensive.” said Dlesk. “And while the cost is low, the lift to your ROI is high. We’ve already seen many of our retailers integrate this new technology into their first quarter campaigns.”



Contact Mail America at 800-421-2150, or email sales@mailamerica.com to receive detailed information on their Variable QR Codes and Personalized Digital Catalogs.