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Spring Air International Introduces Last Mattress by Spring Air collection at Las Vegas Market

Furniture World News Desk on 1/22/2023

Bedding manufacturer Spring Air International will introduce Last Mattress by Spring Air, a mattress collection specifically designed for consumers looking for ultra-durable mattresses.

Crafted using super-durable components, Last Mattress is a heavy-duty performance brand built to last, aimed at shoppers who are concerned about mattress durability. The mattresses have been tested to ensure that a consumer will never experience sag or set throughout the years.

 “We have created Last Mattress by Spring Air to address the needs of consumers across the country who have experienced mattresses that have broken down and failed them in the past,” said Nick Bates, president of Spring Air. “The time is right to introduce these products not just because the population overall is getting heavier and needs more durable options. As we see continue to see costs rise in our industry, many suppliers will look for ways to value-engineer their mattresses, and that will only exacerbate the issue. Consumers of every body type need quality mattresses that will stand the test of time and the timing could not be better for dealers searching for a solution.”

The collection is differentiated with a striking red label, symbolizing the strength of the mattress and brand, and is contrasted on top with a dark tufting, giving the mattress its own recognizable look and personality. The three mattresses in the collection—the Spartan, Ultra Firm, and Spartan Euro-Top—all combine layers of Gel Quilt Foam, latex, and an 8-inch 961 Combi-Zone Unit. Retails range from $1,699 to $2,199 in queen at retail.

Specifically designed for consumers looking for a mattress that has been rigorously tested to ensure they will experience no sag or set throughout the years, Last Mattress is set to be touted on its own website, allowing both consumers and sales professionals to explore its unique specifications and understand the testing results.

The collection will be on display at Spring Air International’s Las Vegas showroom, A701, at the World Market Center.



Spring Air International
Founded in 1926, Woburn, Massachusetts-based Spring Air International is a Top 20 U.S. bedding manufacturer and widely recognized consumer brand. The company boasts its ability to service retail customers from north to south and coast to coast in the U.S. and is produced in nearly 50 countries through its international network. The company is committed to helping retailers drive business while leveraging its reputation for trust and integrity inspired by its name. For more information, visit www.springair.com.