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Kaleidoscope Project to Announce Third Showhouse at High Point Market

Furniture World News Desk on 10/19/2022

The Kaleidoscope Project (TKP), is coming to October High Point Market to announce the location for their third showhouse edition, debuting Spring 2023.

Weaving a narrative of diversity, equity, and inclusion, The Kaleidoscope Project aims to showcase the diverse talent within the creative design industry. As they partner with and give a voice to talented designers of color from all across the country, who make over each showhouse project’s interiors. 

The Kaleidoscope Project will make their public announcement on the location for their third showhouse project, during their High Point Market panel on Saturday, October 22, 2022 at 2pm @  The Point (on Commerce Ave, High Point, NC). 

Amy Lynn Schwartzbard, founder of The Kaleidoscope Project shares, “With each new showhouse The Kaleidoscope Project creates, we help to empower the larger BIPOC [Black, Indigenous, and people of color] design community while providing a multi-channel platform to showcase their beautiful designs.” 

The Kaleidoscope Project’s discussion at 2pm @ The Point will feature panelists Everick Brown, Rasheeda Gray, Marilyn Lavergne, David Santiago, and Virginia Toledo, alongside Amy Lynn Schartzbard. Together they will discuss “Embracing a Mission-Minded Approach with The Kaleidoscope Project”, including details on the success from their recently completed showhouse, The Firehouse Project, and the value of a mission-minded approach for impacting change. 

“As a designer and mentor, I have had hands-on experience, seeing how the showhouse platform has changed,” David Santiago, Casa Santi, LLC shared, “It's a game changer - that is paving the future of design. The Kaleidoscope Project gives us opportunity, growth and a voice that resonates and unites the design community in becoming a collaborative mission for diversity, education and change.”

Schwartzbard, the current driving force behind The Kaleidoscope Project’s incredible success over the last two years, whose previously completed showhouse projects in 2021 and 2022 were located in the Berkshires region of western Massachusetts. This diverse and liberal region has been known since the late 1800s as a travel destination for northeasterners to escape from the city, with stunning landscapes and picturesque countryside panoramas, which are merely the backdrop for a thriving community that cultivates theater, artists + artisans while delivering rich cultural experiences.

Schwartzbard, who is also the principal of the hospitality-focused multiline Life Designs Group, shares. “ The Kaleidoscope Project’s third edition, will be the first of its kind and deliver a new level of high design style to a modern hospitality setting. Together the inspirational work of TKP’s BIPOC designers will create public and private spaces, exquisite bedroom suites, mixed used lounges, offices and exquisitely designed kitchens and luxurious baths - all with the help of their generous brand sponsors. For a truly awe-inspiring showhouse within an exquisite boutique hotel.”

Marilyn LaVergne, who partnered with the Austin Gray Design Group in the two previous Kaleidoscope Projects shared, "With this third showcase edition, visitors and industry observers can expect a truly different experience from previous Kaleidoscope Projects. We (the designers) were selected for our effusive penchant for and talent in residential and hospitality design.  To create a boutique property that amplifies our creativity and broadens visibility for the project sponsors.”

Marilyn LaVergne, further shared, “Designing exquisite guest suites and elegant public spaces provides us, designers, the opportunity to work with extraordinary brands and to demonstrate our highest standard of creativity. This is also a rare moment during which we get to present our design talent in hospitality spaces that will be enjoyed by our peers in the design and home furnishings industries.  The broad scope of designable spaces illuminates the designers and our sponsors in ways not seen in previous Kaleidoscope Project endeavors.”

The third edition of The Kaleidoscope Project 2023 Showhouse will bring together 19 designers coming together to innovate one extremely stunning and curated design. This will be the largest project The Kaleidoscope Project has designed and the first time their showhouse project will become on permanent public display, while it incorporates the revamping and reimaging of a new mixed-use hospitality project launching in Spring 2023. The project’s debut will align with the Spring 2023 High Point Market dates, April 22-26.

All with the support of their sponsors consisting of national furniture, lighting and appliance brands, textile and fabric manufacturers and leading smart home technology companies. For brands interested in becoming a sponsor and for BIPOC designers who are interested in working with The Kaleidoscope Project visit www.thekaleidoscopeproject.com  to learn more.



About The Kaleidoscope Project
The Kaleidoscope Project is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to showcasing the diverse talent within our creative design industry and to providing opportunities and a multi-channel platform to designers and artists in the black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) communities through the creation of Designer Showhouse ventures all across the country. 

“We intend to amplify the voice of those who rarely if ever, have been given an opportunity to be heard. We seek to show the true colors present within our community and create welcoming and inclusive spaces that reflect a broader design narrative.” - Amy Schwartzbard, founder of The Kaleidoscope Project.

The Kaleidoscope Project combines design and opportunity with art, style, culture, sustainability, and restoration, with national media exposure to engage the interests of a wide range of community groups, consumers, and industry manufacturers.