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Furniture Retailers Moving Faster Toward Responsible Wood Sourcing

Furniture World News Desk on 10/17/2022

The National Wildlife Federation (NWF) and the Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC) have released the 2022 Wood Furniture Scorecard, a joint initiative that assesses North American furniture retailers on their wood sourcing policies. The Scorecard, now in its fifth year, features retailers that are highly engaged in demonstrating a willingness to help protect forests and contribute to a more sustainable future.

This year, of the 127 companies assessed, 14 earned Top Scores, 26 earned High Scores, and one company earned Most Improved.  A newcomer to the Wood Furniture Scorecard, Urban Natural Home topped the list with a score of 31 out of a possible 35 points. Cisco Home and Model No. Furniture tied for second place, with both companies scoring 30 points.

The High Scorers are led by Loose Parts, followed by Badcock Home Furniture & More and Chairish. The Most Improved retailer is American Freight, a company that increased its 2021 score by 13 points.

The methodology of the Wood Furniture Scorecard focuses on information available in the public domain on corporate websites regarding wood sourcing policies, goals, and practices. In addition, the Scoring Committee reaches out individually to each scored retailer to ensure all relevant scoring information has been considered. Through this outreach, we offer recommendations and resources for developing and implementing robust wood-sourcing policies, including the elements necessary to ensure that the company addresses the problem of deforestation and forest degradation. 

“A significant number of furniture retailers are showing how responsible harvest of wood can support healthy, thriving forests and sustainability. These examples show the critical role consumers and retailers alike can play in addressing the persistent problem of irresponsible logging, which continues to threaten woodlands worldwide,” said Barbara Bramble, vice president of international conservation and corporate strategies at the National Wildlife Federation. “The National Wildlife Federation promotes responsible sourcing of wood by the furnishings industry because it is the third largest user of wood after construction and paper.  We are proud that so many companies recognize the value of responsible sourcing — to their consumers and to the natural world — and are building it into their businesses from the get-go.”

SFC Executive Director Scarlette Tapp explains, “The impact of the Wood Furniture Scorecard can be felt industry-wide with this initiative becoming a standard for responsible wood sourcing. We’ve noticed that many companies want to be scored or seek ways to increase their scores to publicly showcase their substantive corporate changes.”

The Wood Furniture Scorecard website provides consumers with sustainability information on their favorite retailers and offers guidance and tools for companies to improve and implement their wood sourcing policies. To learn more, visit: https://furniturescorecard.nwf.org/



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About Sustainable Furnishings Council 
The Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC) is a coalition of manufacturers, retailers and designers dedicated to raising awareness and expanding the adoption of environmentally sustainable practices across the home and furnishings industry. SFC works with individual members to increase knowledge in the development of more sustainable options in environmentally safe furnishings, providing education, guidance, promotion, and networking opportunities to build a brighter and greener future.