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Easy Furniture Web Tip #334: Shortening Navigation Titles

Furniture World News Desk on 10/4/2022

Some web designs don’t have a lot of room for navigation / menu titles. This can be a problem if you really want to have an item, you consider important, in your top navigation as opposed to a dropdown.

One of the ways I resolve this is to simply shorten navigation item titles, when I can.

Typically, it can just be a matter of dropping one word. For example,

About Us > About

Contact Us > Contact

Sometimes just this tiny bit of editing will give you the room you need.

If you need more room, you can try …

About Us > Us

Recently, one of my clients complimented me on how I had made his website sound more youthful with an item in the menu called Brags.

Actually, I wasn’t trying to be youthful, I was just cutting down the long word Testimonials.

On other sites, I have shortened Testimonials to Applause and Raves.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 334: Shorten longish navigation items to make more room and to add interest to your navigation.

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