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Resource Furniture Unveils Direct-To-Consumer E-Commerce Platform

Furniture World News Desk on 8/30/2022

Resource Furniture recently unveiled its new website and e-commerce store, resourcefurniture.com. With the launch of the new e-commerce website, Resource Furniture opens an entirely digital avenue to connect with clients and allow for immediate purchasing action. 


“As the leader in transformable furniture, it is important for us to always meet the changing needs of our clients. With the onset of the pandemic, we were not able to conduct business in person like we had done in years prior,” says Steve Spett, CEO and Co-Founder of Resource Furniture. “Thanks to the updated interface and engaging new features, such as the 360° product visualizer and enhanced virtual showroom tour, our clients can now experience and purchase our products from anywhere with an internet connection.”


Now, 35 of the best-selling wall beds and transforming tables will be available for purchase online with enhanced shopping features such as 360° views and 4K quality zoom. With the 360° views, customers can now open and close wall beds and lift and expand tables with just one click. Customers can also explore the different furniture positionings, configurations, and fabric options as well as receive real-time pricing. Visitors can also request custom quotes on the entire Resource Furniture collection, with over 200 products to explore. The new, design-forward website also makes it convenient to access spec sheets, assembly instructions, and in-depth product information.


This access to a comprehensive collection of cutting-edge, multifunctional, and transforming furniture allows for new and returning clients to design a space with furniture that improves livability, however large or small. With instant access to explore and purchase in-stock Resource Furniture products, the new website caters to those who want a holistic experience without the need to visit a physical showroom. 




About Resource Furniture

Since 2000, Resource Furniture has defined multi-functional design. It specializes in transforming, multi-purpose, and space-maximizing furniture that solves some of the most common and intimately felt problems in the home — limited room for a family to grow, a lack of storage, no space to entertain, or work from home, and a need for greater functionality overall. Resource Furniture carefully selects, imports, and distributes innovative furniture from the finest European manufacturers, including its world-renowned line of transforming wall beds designed and made in Italy by Clei, S.r.l. These transforming furniture systems do more than maximize square footage; they unfold all of the possibilities of your space. Each of the wall beds, transforming tables, seating, and storage solutions offer unmatched flexibility, aesthetic beauty, and longevity — and all with minimal environmental impact. For more information, visit resourcefurniture.com